Monday, August 27, 2007

The one and only truth

Well in light of reading about Mother Theresa being a total hypocrite (now before you start flaming me, I am just quoting her own words)
So since every religion is the one and only truth, and they all seem to be geographically centralized am going to play on an idea that was just ricocheting in my head for a while.

So lets see since they are all "the one and only truth", I am going to try to separate them using other metrics.

For the sure the one with the biggest number of followers stands the highest chance of being right ?

That should be fairly easy then I would be a Christian (2.1 billion), a roman catholic(1.05billion) in specific though being a Sunni Muslim(940 million) comes at a very close second. So the one with the largest number should do it, but how did it get to be so that they have the largest number of followers since it is really intriguing that it seemed like the missed a spot on the world map.
So it seems the major catalyst to the spread can be traced to the roman empire and Constantine's conversion, and having similarities to already established and popular religions (Mithraism, The cult of Dionysus to name a few) to help in the slow spread of the religion among the populace. During the persecution of the Christians they had to blend in and adopt a lot of the pagan holidays as their own in order to celebrate their religion unnoticed (Christmas and Easter to name a few). then came the establishment of the catholicism which centralized the governance and aided in the spread of the religion utilizing missionaries (with some not so "godly" practices).

So it seems that it took alot based on what is established in older religions, so ....

The oldest religion that is still recognizably followed today must be the truth, since it withstood the test of time.
Hmm so that would be Hinduism (1500 BC or 2500BC according to references compared to 1300BC for Judaism) , with 900 million that is certainly respectable. A long and established list of dualism of the matter and self, about a dozen deities and the longest running mythology of superheroes in pre-existing literature.
All that is dandy except for from previous interactions with Hindus they seem to be pretty private and unwelcoming about letting anyone into their sects , so I guess they are not that welcoming of newcomers. this evident that although it is one of the oldest religions it has remained well anchored around its birth place and not expanded beyond its local population.

Maybe the youngest religion will be more welcoming lets give that a shot. I'll make sure to thank them for exporting yoga along the way.

So the youngest most recognizable religion that would be ...
Baha'i faith (19th centurty), nope. Cai Dao (1926) don't know what that is but it doesn't qualify.
There we go Scientology (1952) , now lets see what it is about.... OK seems interesting, positive and negative energy, they are always on the look out for new members, hmmm i have to pay to move along their levels, thats fine sounds like donations to me. So far so goo..... wait xenu ? intergalactic confederacy, body thetans, am orginally the tortured spirit of an alien prisoner.
Aight i'll pass, but seriously even for a religion that is bloody weird.

So too many ppl didn't work, oldest didn't work youngest is just loony, what is left ... I could go by what is the fastest growing one but these seem to be either pure propoganda (Falun Gong), birth rates (Islam), or just because it became more socially acceptable (non-religious) . could go for the most complicated(Etruscan religion) but whats the point they are all dead and archaic.

Honestly coming back to reality it seems there is really little choice, as a matter of fact rarely it is when you ask an adherent to any religion do you get an answer that they choose it. the majority revert to what they are familiar with originally or some denomination to it. this is never truer than it is in Islam, the idea is that everyone is born "Muslim" so they are not converting but reverting. So since there is little choice and we frown about discrimination regarding things we have little choice about ( skin color, language, sexual orientation ... etc) why do we still consider religion out of that context and we vehemently despise others in opposing faction ?

In the end it is a solitary journey, so journey on ...


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If you consider yourself to be creative then read this

I hate "linking to post" posts but this is too long but just about the best advice I have read regarding how to go about dealing with creativity. This is not talking about art or writing it is about being creative in what you do the passion firing up inside of you whether its in photography, programming anything that you consider yourself to be passionate about, "your own brain-child".

My favorite 2 points
6. Everyone is born creative; everyone is given a box of crayons in kindergarten.Then when you hit puberty they take the crayons away and replace them with books on algebra etc. Being suddenly hit years later with the creative bug is just a wee voice telling you, "I�d like my crayons back, please."

So you've got the itch to do something. Write a screenplay, start a painting, write a book, turn your recipe for fudge brownies into a proper business, whatever. You don't know where the itch came from, it's almost like it just arrived on your doorstep, uninvited. Until now you were quite happy holding down a real job, being a regular person...

Until now.

You don't know if you're any good or not, but you'd think you could be. And the idea terrifies you. The problem is, even if you are good, you know nothing about this kind of business. You don't know any publishers or agents or all these fancy-shmancy kind of folk. You have a friend who's got a cousin in California who's into this kind of stuff, but you haven't talked to your friend for over two years...

Besides, if you write a book, what if you can't find a publisher? If you write a screenplay, what if you can't find a producer? And what if the producer turns out to be a crook? You've always worked hard your whole life, you'll be damned if you'll put all that effort into something if there ain't no pot of gold at the end of this dumb-ass rainbow...

Heh. That's not your wee voice asking for the crayons back. That's your outer voice, your adult voice, your boring & tedious voice trying to find a way to get the wee crayon voice to shut the hell up.

Your wee voice doesn't want you to sell something. Your wee voice wants you to make something. There's a big difference. Your wee voice doesn't give a damn about publishers or Hollywood producers.

Go ahead and make something. Make something really special. Make something amazing that will really blow the mind of anybody who sees it.

If you try to make something just to fit your uninformed view of some hypothetical market, you will fail. If you make something special and powerful and honest and true, you will succeed.

The wee voice didn't show up because it decided you need more money or you need to hang out with movie stars. Your wee voice came back because your soul somehow depends on it. There's something you haven't said, something you haven't done, some light that needs to be switched on, and it needs to be taken care of. Now.

So you have to listen to the wee voice or it will die... taking a big chunk of you along with it.

They're only crayons. You didn't fear them in kindergarten, why fear them now?


27. The best way to get approval is not to need it.

This is equally true in art and business. And love. And sex. And just about everything else worth having.

About 15 years ago I was hanging out in the offices of Punch, the famous London humor magazine. I was just a kid at the time, for some reason the cartoon editor (who was a famous cartoonist in his own right) was tolerating having me around that day.

I was asking him questions about the biz. He was answering them as best he could while he sorted through a large stack of mail.

"Take a look at this, Sunshine," he said, handing a piece of paper over to me.

I gave it a look. Some cartoonist whose name I recognised had written him a rather sad and desperate letter, begging to be published.

"Another whiney letter from another whiney cartoonist who used to be famous 20 years ago," he said, rolling his eyeballs. "I get at least fifty of them a week from other whiney formerly-famous cartoonists."

He paused. Then he smiled an wicked grin.

"How not to get published," he said. "Write me a frickin' letter like that one."

So here is the link of the post by Hugh Macleod on "How to be creative"

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Guys & Dolls.... I am scared for life now

bored, and not doing so good and I just had to stumble upon this. Am disturbed, really really disturbed now. Has it become so hard to live life that there are people that resort to this :S

absolutely and utterly speechless. I just hope one of those dolls pulls a Cherry 2000 on them.


Fall Season Roundup

Summer is over and regardless of how ironic it is that am doing a roundup of the Fall season while am in Jordan ( I love my torrents) this season so far seems to pack a big punch and there are quite a few new shows to look out for. So here is the round-up per day

Green is a new series - Red is a returning one
Monday (translates to Tuesday nights in our Case)

Battle Star Galactica
(October 1st) - The final season and probably the best well around series, I hope it goes out with a BANG! me wants smashed toasters...

Prison Break (September 17th) - should be remained to break in & out & back in again & hopefully out or something but will keep me tuned

Heroes (September 24th) - well the more Hiro I get to see the happier i'll be. The best new show of last season is back for another run of the best super hero sweetness on TV !

Weeds (August 13th) - that is if you were waiting and didn't see the Pre-Air episodes

Chuck (September 24th) - now this quirky drama laced with witty humor according to the previews is a flip-flop. the premise is a geeky twenty something downloads goverment secrets into his brain is seeked out by the CIA to lead a double life as a sales man and secret agent. the download to brain part is the only things worth mentioning about an otherwise pretty cliche plot so will check out the first episode and see how it goes from there.

Honorable mention - K-Ville(September 17th) - a drama about a bunch of cops in post Katrina New Orleans worth flipping through when commercials are on ...

Tuesday (translates to Wednesday nights in our Case)
House (September 25th) - Dr. Gregory House is back again, rude crude and always so for us he always keeps us coming back for more.

Carpoolers (October 2nd) - a comedy about Four men ranting about life, relationships, money & work for 30 minutes on their way to work. might be a good time waster after a long day at work.

Reaper (September 25th) - A 21 year old whose parents sold his soul to the devil has to pay up and be a bounty hunter for Beelzebub. Oh and thats a comedy by the way so also worth a glance.

SouthPark (October 3rd) - Well I personally can't get enough of 'em

Bionic Women (September 26th) - Those who remember the show from the 70's will be surprised that other than an accident and bionic parts there is little else left of the series. from The preview of the first episode it was entertaining enough and had the feeling of watching a hybrid of Buffy the Vampire hunter and Dark Angel so far so good. Oh and the first bionic women is the nemesis this time.

Honorable mention - Dirty Sexy Money (September 26th) - Cluedo meets falcon crest, a drama thriller.

The office (september 27th) - one word... SCHRUTE ! I wonder how long they'll keep Pam and Jim playing footsy.

Supernatural (October 4th) - Sam & Dean at it again, both have already died for god's sake what will it take to kill them off ? Armageddon that might do it, so we'll get to see the writers try that out

Honorable Mention - Drawn Together (October 4th) - quirky comedy of a "not so super" heroes, never checked it out so this might be the year.

Nothing! Enough TV all wee,k go out and have some fun. If you stay in there isn't anything worth the time, so go open up a book or something. Though Real Time with Bill Maher(August 24th) might be worth checking but on a different day.

Saturday & Sunday
Dexter (September 30th) - can't say more than what I said here.

Never got around to enjoy Simpsons(September 23rd), Family Guy (September 23rd one-hour premiere special) , or American Dad(September 30th) since I got too used to just flipping channels and stumbeling upon them but those got their fans. Now if I get to see more Stewie then i might tune in to Family Guy. I never really understood what's so great about Desperate Housewives (September 30th) either.

Lost (3 more seasons till it's over), 24, Jericho, one-tree hill, lipstick jungle(think ala sex and the City) and a bunch of other shows will not premier until early 2008.
One hottest new comers is 'Sarah Conor chronicles', yes if that name rings a bell am sure you have grin on your face right about now, thats the post terminator 2 story should be interesting to say the least.
Also lest I forget, The IT Crowd(January 1st) is coming state side which is based on the British comedy that you can watch here , if you are slightly involved in IT then its a must watch !

Over & out.
ENJOY the season!


We all Want the US out Iraq but...

I never was very clear on this, so what do you people think should the US get out of Iraq and if so what do you think will happen afterwards ?

So the general idea based on Bilal's and mohanned's comments ( thanks for contributing) is that it would be better for them to leave Iraq and it will sort it's own mess out but that will never happen.
The way i see it is as someone who is living in Jordan I am against the United states cutting and running out of Iraq the same way it did in Vietnam, there needs to be a negotiated agreement with some international forces to take control from the united states and through all of that a deposition of the method of governance and renegotiation between the Iraqi sects that aim at maintaining the country as a single entity and at the same time allowing some Independent governance of the different areas. otherwise instead of a endemic warfare its going to be a pandemic warfare.

If they do leave, and yes mohanned it is the most likely scenario by 2009 if not earlier, and the situation in Iraq is not contained. that will mean trouble for the whole region that is far greater than what we are facing now. The country to take the majority of the damage due to that will be Jordan.
so if they cut and run out of, the killings in Iraq due to sectarian violence is bound to increase in order to secure power. Now those sects will establish ties with the neighboring countries in order for them to contain the carnage within Iraq in exchange for supplies. Or they might rely on the bases in their country.
Now the more you rely on American aid the more prone you are to a terrorist attack and the more refugees you take in the more prone that sectarian violence will resurges with the tensions rising between those refugees in their host country.
So it is a lose-lose situation either way, if you lean too much toward either side you are inviting violence.

Whose the country that is most willing to accept Iraqi refugees ?
So as it stands currently ironically although am totally against the war in Iraq, i feel its far better for the whole region if the United states stays there since it acts a buffer so far. The weird thing about Iraq that the violence is discriminatory, you are never too sure if it foreigners, liberators, terrorists, fanatics, sectarian or just blood lust. Some how reminds me of conflicts in Africa, Rwanda style.

see why that wasn't a comment :P
what do u guys think ?
ps. mohannad the US can't maintain the war in its current form neither economically or politically.

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Priemiership 07/08 season & the Anfield robbery

Well I was planning this post before the season starts but I only managed to get it through now. The latest installment of the battle of the 5 poles started and their have been alot of shake-ups that happened during the summer break. So lets look at who's in and who's out.

Arsenal - Arsenal probably took the biggest hit out of the big 4. They lost their leader, their snipper and their star. Thierry Henry is out, and boy am I glad when I heard that he is off to Braca.
So Arsene Wenger as usual proffered to go after anonymous young players and their is no mentionable addition to the team but considerable loses. I think their chances of earning much this season is slim to non, especially that they are pretty thin on quality reserves and have already been hit by the injury of Galas. Did I forget that the promising Reyes and the staple Ljungberg are out too ?

IN - Eduardo da Silva ; Lukasz Fabianski ; Havard Nordtveit ; Bacary Sagna
OUT - Thierry Henry; Jose Antonio Reyes ; Fredrik Ljungberg ; Fabrice Muamba ; Jeremie Aliadiere ; Mart Poom; Arturo Lupoli ; Matthew Connolly ; Kerrea Gilbert ; Johan Djourou

Chelsea - Well they didn't spend much at all, the main squad is slightly weaker on the defensive end this season which might cause them trouble as the season goes on.

two mentionable additions to the team, Florent Malouda from Lyon for 13.5mill (now thats not much compared to how much they spend usually) and Tal Ben Haim in defense to alleviate the loss of a couple major defensive players Geremi and Boulahrouz . couple of ongoing rumors are they are interested in acquiring the services of Daniel Alves from Sevilla and Arjen Robben is heading out to Real. It is still a solid team and definitely a major contender but I think it's starting to crack.

IN - Alex; Florent Malouda ; Steve Sidwell; Claudio Pizarro; Tal Ben Haim ; Danny Philliskirk ; Stuart Searle
OUT - Nuno Morais ; Yves Makabu-Ma-Kalamby ; Geremi ; Khalid Boulahrouz; Michael Mancienne ; Ben Sahar ; Scott Sinclair

Manchester United - The champions seem well poised to maintain their title, with the addition of Anderson, Hargreaves & Tevez they added even more depth to a team that seemed to be a bit of the tired end last season and boy did they spend some quids. Since they are the Manc am not gonna say much else other than Give up Gabriel Heinze already and you can go get Renato Augusto from Flamingo.

IN - Owen Hargreaves ; Nani ; Anderson ; Tomasz Kuszczak ; Carlos Tevez
OUT - Tim Howard ; Kieran Richardson ; Giuseppe Rossi; Alan Smith

Liverpool - Can you say a reshuffle ? A lot of quality additions solidifying offense and mid-field hopefully defense soon (with the acquisition of Hienze) and that might finally be the year !
On offense Bellamy & G9d (robbie fowler) are out, Fernando Torres and Voronin are in who promise to be a lethal combo in addition to Kyut and Crouch. At mid-field we have Benayoun and Babel who hopefully will adjust pretty quickly to the Anfield vibe. On paper this promises to be the most coherent and solid team we had in years and it's gonna be a blast watching it

IN - Fernando Torres ; Andriy Voronin ; Ryan Babel ; Yossi Benayoun; Lucas Leiva ; Sebastien Leto ; Nikolay Mihaylov ; Mikel San Jose ; Krisztian Nemeth; Andras Simon ; Charles Itandje
OUT - Robbie Fowler; Jerzy Dudek; Danny Guthrie ; Florent Sinama-Pongolle ; Luis Garcia ; Craig Bellamy ; Djibril Cisse ; Boudewijn Zenden ; Adam Hammill; Mark Gonzalez ; Scott Carson ; Lee Peltier; Miki Roque

Last night was Liverpool - chelsea clash in which the reds decimated the mercs but we had to be robbed of our 3 points by a stupid card happy referee who gave 2 yellow cards to a player but no reds, and with a line right out of genesis he created a penalty out of nothing !

ENJOY the season !


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Phil Rockstroh .... a philo-political bard of the empire.

I love reading for this guy, his style and sarcasm are sharp and insightful it is a pleasure reading anything that he write so I felt like sharing a few quotes.

"Beware of Ophra-palaver such as "attitude of gratitude"-- these platitudes connote nothing. Rilke taught us: The language of soul is a terrifying angel: it does not comfort-- it decimates our daily concerns because its vocabulary consists of the eternal; it's grammar and syntax connects the narrative of all things. It speaks: Star, Ocean, Storm. It does not say: "Good Boy: You've been so well behaved, so filled with dignity and decorum, so utterly appropriate for your age and era. Good boy. Now: Here's your reward: A life free of doubt and uncertainty. Are you feeling better now? Good-- Now back to work!"
- Unknown work

to be viable as commander-in-chief, Hillary must prove her toughness, preferably, in some he-man display of resolute stupidity. Since the flight-suit on the deck of an aircraft carrier gambit has been played-out, perhaps her handlers could set-up a photo-op involving the masculine iconography of the World Wrestling Federation. It should be arranged that she wrestle and then body slam two midget wrestlers portraying Dennis Kusinich and Ron Paul. Such an act of political stagecraft could prove to be Hillary Clinton's so-called "Sister Souljah moment."
-The U.S. Normalization of Mass Murder, A Disneyland of Militant Ignorance.

These streams of inspiration and renewal silently flow between those who have glimpsed this: That each generation must struggle against the soulless seekers of absolute power, that each era is a wasteland, that every person learns life is unfair, yet must seek to drink from the waters of hope -- so that our tongues will not wither to cynical dust.
- America Has Left the Building: An Open Missive of Anger and Hope

We're devouring the life-sustaining resources of the earth as if it were a bag of Doritos.
- Expanding Markets and Dying Oceans: Eating the Planet Like a Bag of Doritos for Jesus

Hence, it might be instructive to look at the mode of being evinced by the pioneers of Punk Rock ... Tired of endless guitar solos and of Arena Rock and Roll's egomaniacal inanities, they learned to play three cords -- real fast -- and would play for little or no money in shot-out downtown clubs -- thereby reintroducing the danger and allure of the subversive intimacy of early Rock and Roll to a new generation -- and forever establishing the enduring principle that being an imbecilic Rock and Roll egoist should be a democratic process -- not limited to only corporate, guitar technocrats (or even those individuals possessed of the tyranny of talent).
- Prisoners of Envy: Wal*Mart Nihilism Versus the Punk Rock of Blogging

Meanwhile, online, we struggle in a Jack in the Beanstalk Insurgency, hoping that from things as tiny and seemingly trivial as mere beans -- our postings, exchanges and periodic meet-ups -- the fall of tyrannical giants might begin.
- Mcmansions, SUVs, Mega-Churches and the Baghdad Embassy: Life Among Dim and Brutal Giants
His articles are not the most accessible but they are (to me) the most voraciously read literal songs.

you can read the entire articles at his blog Phil Rockstoch

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In case you were in the market for a new car ...

Don't buy one of those :D

This is the certification crash test for the Cherry A15, which are available in Jordan. There is little surprise in the results, for after all they are Chinese made. (by the way this is the 40mph/64kmh test)

Now the real question is why they are allowed on the streets?? oh wait, now I get this IT! it is our out-o'-da-box solution to solve our congestion problem.

ps. for other brilliant Chinese car crash tests click here & here & here ..... you get the idea.

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

An outlook on things

Lately my ideas have been jumbled and I can't really write clear cut and focused posts so bear with me :D

Have been occupied with quite a few things and hopping that they go well. Actually for the first time yesterday I got to hang out with some bloggers, that turned out pretty nicely I would say(bad movie tho). With everything that has been going on here it has become really annoying reading the same vanity from a lot of people. I vow if i see another poll coming on, am really going to do something cynical about it. That following the previous childishness really are leaving a bitter taste in my mouth, am not gonna go psychoanalyzing people cause honestly it stops at the childish attribute in my humble opinion.

phew thats off my chest now, moving on.

Came across a nice documentary that deals with the Palestinian issue, it is called Occupation 101 .

Now it didn't offer anything new, but i like the way they put it together and what they choose to put in it, a lot of ancient clips of the refugees were included which was interesting to watch. Now that watching got me started on thinking of why do I look at the whole issue in such vane. When I was younger (yes I can get younger and still spout out my mouth politically) I was a believer in that if we try to bridge the understanding and think logically on a solution that helps to compromise the difference and try to keep our emotions at bay.

Well after more than a few run ins with both sides I found that this idea will never gain traction when both sides are conquered by fear they are unable to detach from their immediate emotions so as long as there is fears in their hearts they will run to the first exit. Hence we got our lovely Oslo agreement (or maybe cause they have just ran out of countries willing to have the PLO run amok) . So at that point I was hoping that there will be an honest and credible leadership on either side that is able to rally the masses into a solution....

Yeah that lasted long, and looking at how things are now I can only feel vane towards the case. We have lost every ounce of respect for ourselves, we have two inexperienced ego megalomaniacs dealing with the most delicate political & idealogical situation in the world, and boy are they giving us a good show.

Now what is even more bleak is that the level of the education of my generation is so dismal that there is little hope for any worthy leadership to be born and that is one of the major reason why we are where we are (yes Arafat is not a counter example) so am at loss of what could be done. I won't go to touch on the Israeli side but what i don't understand is that cocooning that Arabs do whenever there is a chance to gain first hand experience in talking to an Israeli or a Jew. I still believe in talking if not to meet on common ground at least to learn their point of view, without doing at least that there is no way to be able to negotiate and we will have to negotiate.

The only solution I see in the horizon is to level the playing field and that could only be achieved if the funding they receive from the US is cut off, and that could only happen if the economy goes down the drain which brings me to this ...

OK, maybe something is wrong with me but I am getting really aroused by all the news I have been tuning to ....
Dow down 300 points again after French bank freezing 3 funds that invested in U.S. sub-prime loans, now that places the Dow at 88 points up from the last week's scare. The real catch is the unprecedented move by the European central bank to inject $130 billion to banks at the very low 4% rate, and on the federal reserve side they added $24 billion in temporary reserves to the U.S. banking system.
Simply saying while hedge funds already are sinking one after the other, now this is all spreading like a cancer in the financial circles and this is promising to be bloody. Treasury bill investment is the hot ticket with people banking on the Fed reserve will have no option but to cut the rates.
With all this mess we have china telling the US to its face that you either do what we want you to do or we just sink your stick man of a currency into the pages of history, the nice thing is they can do very little about it since china has the largest reserve currency (due to them financing the American wars by proxy) and can be pretty loony and do just that !

So Dow U've been doing great just 1200 more points to go, "U CAN DO IT ! ". September here we come (dammit i wish i had some money am missing a cash cow).

On a more entertaining, we had one of the secretaries from the front desk (the person that greets people who walk into the building) now she got promoted recently to what is effectively head of HR. It never fails, they start wearing different cloth, the new achieved power starts corrupting them. They get snappy and bossy and that got the cynical me grinding and the decision was .... Give her HELL!
So you need tech support, well you will have to wait really long. Can't understand the new policies ? oops read the email ain't gonna explain them again.
Enjoying your new responsibility ? believe me am going to take a sweet spot to that, means I can chug more work your direction, and if you ignore me I will highlight it at every meeting.
Why am being so mean, because I fully know that she incapable of filling the job but usually that doesn't make me behave that way. The real reason is that she is going to dismantle a perfectly good HR system that i was looking forward to be implemented into a broken piece of crap !

So the crusades are on and it's giving me some lighthearted daily entertainment, poor new workers that have been hired the atmosphere is "ElEcTrIfYiNg" at the office.

Anyways over an out...

ps. people if you listen to my playlist i reduced the quality of the music so that the streaming is smoother, so is it good enough or should i go back to the original better quality ?

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Make up your own title

Well a whole bunch of ideas flowing through my head as usual but since i haven't posted in a while i feel like just flooding them in a single post. since they are non coherent to say the least (well other than just jumbling brain waves in my head) its pick ur own title post.
Helical Governance:

Economical & social ideals seem to be always at schism with reality. It has been pretty much established that communism is not a workable system (Am not gonna go push some Marxist's buttons now) it has been able to last for barely 50 years which by any standard is a short time.
While capitalism and its make-up kit "democracy" have been just able to make inroads in the global sphere and through that process the mask is starting to peel-off.
The current problem that is starting to be faced with a "I want" society is that the "I's" are really
looking out for them selves and through that process the "we" are collectively loosing power.
i.e. while you are out looking to make more money, and establishing an easier life while delegating the governance to someone else, that person is also looking out for the same thing hence collectively the government is not longer concerned about what is best for the people.

The other side of the equation is that during our pursuit of "happyness" we forgot what the value of money was. It was never a goal but a mean, so when you are being enslaved to the means of some body else it will make you a disposable tool once a better and cheaper one comes along, that drives people into a competition of forgoing quality of living just to live.

so why am I talking about all this barely legible nonsense there ( i did warn that this is barely coherent and just brewing).

the idea is not novel by any standard, the short coming of communism that it didn't allow people have the little extra things that makes life a little colorful so it made the people too gray but on the other hand it provided some sense of stability and security (please tell me you want to argue that point) .

On the other hand capitalism allows you to have the world, but the catch is that you have to afford it.

The problem with both is that there is little tie in between the country and the people, we as the people are still the sheep that need the herder to mobilize us.

What is happening currently is that regardless of protesting or civil disobedience the government and the people are not aligning their views. After the election of a representative, which takes all of 1 hour normally, you kick back into you lazy routine and keep getting droned by the monotonousness of daily life. In the meanwhile there is someone that is taking your future and microwaving into into rubble, but it's alright for you are living well right now.

Well that all needs to change, the government needs to subsidize and take control of the essentials. Medical care, education, basic commodity agriculture, utilities need to be under governmental control. those services need to be to essential to make the general population focus on "life" rather than living. when the population is under less of a stress and not worrying about securing the essentials they will have more time on their hands to establish a participatory democracy, no that doesn't mean waiting from election cycle to the next and hoping for the best. Participatory democracy means having the people involved in the governance, in the sense that issue that affect a wide segment of society don't only get passed by the vote of the elected officials but they need the consent of the people.

The connectivity today is what will facilitate the system, for right now we have the ability, education of the masses and tools to accomplish what the Greek democracy set out to achieve. Hence a marriage between democracy and governmental control, with the wisdom of the crowds having the highest level of oversight.

ok that took longer than it should and ate away from the space for other things and its not even detailing what I want.

Some other fliers:

The ever disappearing boundary between the internet and my life; the way things that are happening online are leaving their ripples on my life and vice versa. still undecided whether its a good thing, for i did gain a lot compared to what i could consider that i lost. This idea was brought on by the entertaining scuffles going around which i did find amusing although i abstained from participating.

Eagerly watching the stock market, the currency markets, oil and general global economy is so much fun. i hope my predictions come out right, only a couple of months left and so far everything seems to be on schedule. Bear Stearns bailed ship on the sub-prime titanic , but the CDOs and all that landfill "new age" financial instruments are moving their zeros to the left quicker than investors can drop their pants and bend over. i was looking forward for todays performance after Fridays slippery slump but i think the Plungers are back at it again will see what the reserve meeting will issue tomorrow.

Foreign movies are so much more entertaining that american ones these days. Finally got to watch Nightwatch (a russian sci-fi movie), transformers, and the science of sleep (especially surreal) they were all exceptionally well done. On the other hand been trying to watch Zodiac and black snake moan for a while.

I do feel bad since i haven't updated my playlist, haven't posted much on arabexpats, and haven't done the weekly playlist for the music blog. need to get on top of that as soon as i have the energy.

Also University of Aqaba(yes we are going to have our very own university of las vegas in jordan YAY!!!) is holding off a design contest for their logo with a grand prize of JOD4000. This is open to everyone all you have to do is design a logo (up to 3) jpg (800x600min, and max 250k) have it done by August 21st and send it to us(at)adc(dot)jo
it should be nice to see if people like moey, 360, roba or all the other designer/bloggers give it a shot since it sounds interesting.

and final header......

Emotionally attached types are really a peculiar species, they are always in the "I want" and never in the "maybe circumstances got the best of the situation". Need to stay away from them for a while. Please, please, please let the summer be over ! I had enough of the traffic, the visitors, being nice to people, and the eternal 5-12 vocal tornado that goes through the house on daily bases..... need to invent "silencer" milk drops. I'll even offer to teach them sign language if they are really bent on "screaming", wait how do mute people scream ? how inconsiderate of me.

Ramblings of a bored, tired, sleepy, incoherent on the border of sanity bambam hoping that didn't cause you a migraine if you actually managed to read it which i didn't bother to since its not even proof read, but am grateful for even checking here and hope we will be back in bliss soon and sick of the childishness and immaturity that has been tainting our space.

Cheers & Enjoy

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