Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What do you do with 18 minutes left to your work day ?

look at stupid junk emails, so i came across this nutty illusion
Can you see the person in the picture there ?
Can't ?
step back a bit from the screen ?
Can you see it now ?


Why not take the bus ?

Been highly disenchanted lately with saying what i have to say, so i've been back on poking and antagonizing hoping it would be impetus enough for me to react. Maybe it's what I have been reading around here in the community and especially what I have not being seeing reflecting an anemic state of thought ...

So short and quote is how it's going to be

This is a nice social experiment documented in this picture on the contrast in our choice of conveyance

Till then ENJOY !


Monday, November 26, 2007

Consumerism at its best

For every single person walking through that door I see a Debt tag
Until you rive you cranium from your maximus you will succumb to
Conniving institutions instilling false righteousness
Killing individuality for the dream of acceptance
Tumescent shells trying to fill the void
Hallowing this mythology of
Evanescent Identities
Simulacrum chimeras of "As seen on TV"
Youthanasia of the mind
Stifling antithetical expectations
Trifling generation sucked up in the system
Enough of this debauchery
Mount the PixelatedRevolution


but remember ...

ps. puzzles are back

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Friday, November 16, 2007

A Poem by Anon

To Be ME

so many years in denial
its hard to see what is mine
peeking through the mental cloud
of what it means to be ME
seeing a glimpse here and there
ever denying what is there
It just can't be ME
for that can't be right
been brought up to be the same
just another rightous man
some who does and talks
just like others might
but that just can't be ME
So i took strides
ignoring demeaning eyes
and it hurt inside
just to be ME
looking and glaring
here and there
for a bright spot
that is already there
to rediscover ME
to heal ME
to find out what it means



Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rules of engagement

I'm your friendly neighborhood commentator, seriously am the first to clap along to any
mainstream idea. I love to just express my accolades to all the conservative thoughts and posts that manage to come my way through the Jordanian blogosphere. For i think progress is just a trend that will pass and the idea and traditions that we have are not well known and adhered to enough so a smile is drawn upon my face every time i read some idea or post that reiterates what I have been hearing for the past two decades of my existence...

Since I try to be so nice when I comment and be perfectly PC with everyone, and I even comment with my name to help link to my blog and promote my ideas i thought to let you on some of the rules i don't adhere to when i actually get into a discussion. Not that i like to do that at all...

  • I think it is well known by now religiously where I stand, so unless I am talking about religion (not something that religion has a view on since thats just about everything really) please don't bless your position with credibility based on your religious views. That usually bestows your logic with as much credibility as someone telling me that the reason we see thunder is that Zeus had a bad day and is angry so he's just throwing his anger spears down at us.

  • When am discussing religion my main intent is to learn, so i will try to not do comparative examination of religions or trying to debunk it by quoting another religion that claims its the one and only truth. surprisingly theology is an interest of mine, and i like to always learn more about all Abrahamic religions so when am discussing a certain aspect of a religion am trying to see if my understanding matches that of a practitioner of that religion. don't attack me because of my other religious views

  • As soon as you throw a personal insult or you try to undermine my logic in an utterly illogical manner to me that just means you lost the argument and i will usually not bother arguing any further or I might rarely throw it back at you
do i need to quote trolly here ??

  • If I write a hearty & beefy comment that is not militant or aggressive and I don't get a reply that will translate to more than usual snide and Snarky remarks in the future

  • I don't write fortune cookies' fortunes and i don't understand them. so gibberish talk that makes little to no sense to anyone but your self and claiming that you trumpeted me and doing your celebration is your right. I hold mine to LMAO
Case file: the existance of god
have the courage to answer in a logical way instead of just turning roles, I always discuss with you the E=MC2 theory, and I proof to you that if mass reached light speed then the time effect will be 0, and the mass will be infinite, keep this theory in mind, and you will know you and all other bloggers and posters, that Allah is faster that light speed, and then there is no impact for time over him, and he is infinite.

  • Clappers and lets be friendly and peaceful crowd. I understand your stance, you are generic moderates and i actually like you, but when 2 people or more are discussing something its because they are trying to run their ideas (which they are generally proud off) against the wall and see if they break. It is not an act of aggression at all and shouldn't be taken personally so don't jump in and say why can't you all be friends and why are you arguing. face it life is not fair or friendly deal with it on your own time.

  • When I spend time to write down some questions or inquiries I am actually interested in how you reply to them, I take personal insult when you overlook them totally am move on to other points without heeding them as much as a notice. It is even worse when you track back to a previous premise just because after reading that you found out that you might have been mistaken about your logic.

  • I try as often as I can to admit my mistakes, so i would appreciate the same from the other party. don't hop over them or throw me some tinfoil theory about how the world is ruled by immoral scientist just to not admit that you made a mistake.

  • Talking about conspiracy theories, I like to entertain them personally but i check in my tinfoil hat when i enter a discussion. so skip a lot of the common place theories that are holy in our region (yes am speaking of that one too, they are not behind every bad thing that ever happened to us)

  • An apology might be just words but it can go a long way, apologize when you hurt someone wrongfully or without intention. It's not going to pop one of your balls, and I testify that mine are still intact.

  • When discussing a specific point and when we have both agreed that there was an error about the initial premise of the argument, don't go about expanding the argument or digressing to a related topic. that always reminds me of when i used to play consoles and whenever I would lose a lot of games i would keep on asking for one more chance...

  • I try to make my definitions clear(i know i mostly circumlocate normally hence the bold i try) so that there will be little doubt about what i am talking about, and i take care about what word i use to describe something since i believe in the nuances of a language. In this situation it is a capitol sin in my eyes to use an English word and an established western ideology and tell me that this specific English word has a localized meaning in Jordan that Arabs use that is in total contrast to the original definition.
Case File: definition of NeoLiberalism
In the Arab world, neo-liberal means fake liberal, the complementary political movement in the Arab world that exists to service the American neo-conservatism agenda..

  • If i find an idea so ludicrous and unbelievably wrong, then yes am going to be sarcastic and a bit harsh. you have the right to hate me i can live with that.
Case File: consequences of drinking
How pretty is it to wake up and find that you've killed your own kids by driving while drunk? That you may put your country at risk by what you mouthed while drunk? That you may have gone to bed with your own sister while both of you were drunk?! And all of that does happen, a lot.

  • If I disagree with you it doesn't mean I don't like you personally, i like to believe that i am a nice person contrary to what others say. you might hold a different perspective than might it doesn't detract from you as a person and neither should my position detract from my humanity the world is a colorful and vibrant place it would be too boring without that gradient so learn to appreciate it with an open mind.

  • I don't believe in trends and am not a trendster, if some of my ideas are trendy i don't hold them to gloat their popularity and i won't drop them when they cease to be so. My ideas are who i am, they are a mirror to what i see in mind, just the same way i don't see my self getting chin implants because my chin isn't appealing to others i won't bandwagon on an idea to be popular with others. That doesn't mean that i won't change my position, it just means that the idea evolved based on new evidence.
Case File: lack of religion
Many are “Atheists as a fashion” ESPECIALLY in Jordan .
  • I Am not a scholar, I don't hold degrees in half a dozen fields. when i want to have real life evidence I turn to statistic (and i am really careful to pick the least bias ones), now i understand the reality that statistic can be used to prove anything so i take care to see how these statistics where collected and that they are of a well established and recognized source. So you have no right to discredit scholars and experts with either your smudged case studies or *aghast* personal observation and experiences. I respect your personal observations and experience but they are personal and you can't generalize based solely on those especially when they contradict every scientifically accepted opinion or study. they hold peer reviews in statistics for a reason.
Case File: relevance of genetics in psychological disorders
Now explain something to me. If something is Genetic, how come a psychologist is making the claim that it's inherited! I haven't heard anyone inheriting depression so why this? Wouldn't this be actually Outside the psychological realm?
explanation of mine:
since one of the most common causes of psychological disorders is genetics, and that is the bases for the diathesis-stress, and genetics is the cause for the predisposition you have been talking about earlier but that is triggered by the environment and experience in the case of alcoholism.... [with alot more following that]

Genetics are becoming every one's coat hanger these days. Even Aids turned out to be genetic with some people having higher tendencies to have it more than other.
I think for modern science. Anything we can't explain, we attribute it back to genetics

  • To all the gadflies and Galileo's, having an opinion against the mainstream or getting under people's skin and annoying them doesn't automatically translate into you being a genius with a brilliant and right idea. It just means you are a woo. so do your homework and stop being so stubborn and if you value your science then try reviewing the scientific method. As history has proven there aren't as many Galileo as is commonly claimed. plus its shameless boasting too.

Happy discussions everyone and I'll try my best to follow my rules am not asking anyone else to, just saying thats all

ps. it was tougher than i thought to collect the case files, and don't object to me including them here since they are things that are available and a lot of us have passed by. If you don't like it don't claim it then.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

I hope they speak Norwegian in Hell !

One of the most recurring arguments against people who distance themselves from religion is that religion is the guiding post for living a peaceful and righteous life. A light house of morality.

Without the moral compass of religion, society will fall into chaos and immorality. Also that it will give a proper fostering ground for totalitarian regimes that will abuse the people and will enact genocide on the population, and more often than not the examples sited to back that argument is that of Stalin's USSR, Mao's china, and to a lesser extent Hitler's Germany (not that the country was anything but religious, although his personal religious belief do draw some question marks)

Now that is all fine and dandy, and ignoring the separation between a dogma and state systems since they view them as one and the same from a religious point of view. The biggest elephant they overlook is that atheism unlike religions for instance has no set and predefined dogmatic rules its essentially the lack of those that makes it what it is so you can't draw a 1-1 relationship based on that label to throw a blanket statement to encompass all what is atheistic.

so the argument is Mao, Stalin, & Hitler were evil and atheists so atheism is evil

Lets look at a country of heathens and disbelievers who boast a population of about 26% to 71% of atheists depending on your definition of the word. Where regular church service's attendance is about 10%. this is a place where the church has been reduced to a place were you hold some cycle of life(read birth, death, & marriage) events and has little to no relevance in the day to day life of people in the classical sense.

According to that argument you would expect such a country to have a rampant crime rate, since if there is no divine punishment there is no inhibitor for people's evil deeds. essentially we would expect it to be what we call a hell on earth *wink* *wink*

So what do we have here then, Norway (in case you missed what we have been talking about) is
The most peaceful nation on earth(the economist global peace index) ! with the top honors in a quality of life that is environmentally friendly and one of the best places to raise a family in terms of quality of living for women and children. It's also a given that they have exceptional press freedoms and rights movements. Also it just happens that due to this environment they have the second highest GDP per capita in the world. So at this point someone might jump and mention that Norway is an evangelical lutheran country with 83% of the population affiliated to the church of Norway but the reason behind that is simple. registration to the church is done at birth so the statistics are not representational of personal belief.

In no case is that an anomaly, there is a high correlation between how secular a country is to how high it ranks on these indexes that measure the quality of living. You notice that the more a country tries to adopt a religious inline political & economic legislations the further it drops in that scale (take the United states in the past 6 years and compare its rankings) . Nordic countries, Canada, New Zealand, Slovenia and other similar countries always rank consistently high on those indexes.

That just goes on to prove that slogans like "fill in the blank religion is the solution" or "without religion you can't have a moral and prosperous society" are bunked.
Or the alternative you can hope that Norwegian will be the official language of hell, and the prince of darkness is brushing up on his Norwegian.


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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

How deep is the abyss

Really week after week the USians seems to out do themselves in their quest for the boor's holy grail, A while ago when someone told me a person could change so drastically in the span of 5 years i would've been atleast skeptical. After witnessing a whole population and country change so drastically during the span I can no longer believe in that things remain the way they are even if they managed to last unchanged at the core for 230 years.

Really has contempt for the document that single handedly defined the US's course through history for more than two centuries that we are witnessing a surreal discussion right out of the world of idiocracy of whether water boarding is torture or not ? and we are not referencing a philistine here but the candidate for the highest judicial position in the US. What is even more sorry that we have a spineless chairman of the democratic committee going against the consensus of his party to endorse such a partisan candidate that has been a long time supporter of the republican party. What we have here is a wide open eye of justice looking only one way and that is up to god" and his mouth piece. The scary part is that he seems much more capable of obscuring his lawlessness than Mr."i don't recall", and during the session that proofed anything but evident.
Let that go through and we may be heralding the age of King George the VI, on his empire of theocracy with his trusty side kick, I know its unfair to make it look like he's harmless, the guy that even google couldn't dare to display his residence, that set up just has such an uncanny resemblance to one Louis the XVI.
So we have King george playing the same 6 year old broken record of war, and upping it up a notch with the fear mongering term of World War III, promising to deliver us from the great satan just like he promised to deliver us from him and show us the scary WMD's he had stashed up.
Of course the situation is nothing like six years ago, never mind that his approval rating is similar to that of the spice girl's reunion. The US economy ran out of bubbles to run on, the housing went bust, the national debt and trade deficit is just gargantuan, consumer spending is bleeding, and manufacturing jobs have rotted away in favor of outsourcing.
After all that we have Bernanke dropping the interest rate again seemingly oblivious to what even a super blond model managed to realize, you are obliterating the confidence in the DollaR$ Foo.
He seems still trying to wish on a star and give the banking industry a piggy back to the financial institutes hoping that they fair their injuries instead of letting the system correct itself. Even with that they manage to be knee deep in shit , and the big cojones are dropping like it half off mutt's nutts sunday !
All that and boy does the next presidential term get much better than that ! We have the bonified '911 every other word' cross dresser, the women of the race is trying her best to reduce the differences between her and the men (damn she's hot tho.. ) , and what sounded like the sanest one of the bunch, if you can put aside the fact that you might be voting for a leprechaun, has gone coo coo saying he saw a UFO during a presidential debate. Hell, when a reference to november the 5th is the motto for a fundraising run that manages to raise more than 4 million dollars in 24 hours you know that sheeple are shaking from their slumber.

Hey and the lovely thing is that i haven't even stepped on whats happening within states or even the quagmire that is US foreign policy.

Now i'll go back to my fypigs watching for am certain am bound to catch one soon given the reality am in right now.

ps. for the uninitiated fypigs is the most recently discovered species of flying pigs, they are to be observed under the afternoon stars of the peaceful part of iraq .

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Monday, November 05, 2007

Music at the movies - Greatest moments

As I was making my way to work today Mama Mia was on the radio the funny thing is that while listening to the song parts of that video was flashing through my head and thats how the idea for this was born :)

Movie: Grease
Song: Cast of Grease - Your the one that I want
if only the bloody drama class didn't tarnish that wonderful image in my head of the movie...

Movie: Aladdin
Song: Peter Andre and Katie Price Jordan - A Whole New World
this songs holds a special place cause it reminds me of a time when my voice wouldn't shatter glass, oh well a whole new world ...

Movie: Mary Poppins
If I only had a penny for every time I heard that world ! nuf said

Movie: Almost Famous
Song: Elton John - Tiny dancer
Am not a big fan of the movie, but when it came to this scene i was just flabbergasted. nothing sums up the live in the moment feel of the movie like this, after all the shit they have been through ...
"You Are Home !"

Movie: Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
Song: CeCe Peniston - Finally
*munch* *munch* y-y yeah-eah, yeah-eah Uh-uh-oh-oh yeah-yeah-ow cracks me up every time, actually there are a bunch of nutty moments in this one.

Movie: Wayne's world
Song: Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
rockage and stupidity, Schwing!

Movie: Dirty dancing
Song: Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes - The Time of My Life
I swear back in the 80's they had the highly infectious dancing bug, whenever someone starts dancing some how there are a dozen others who follow his suite shortly for no apparent reason, plus that "I can impregnate the crowd with my eyes" look at around 2:10 is the mutt's nuts !

Movie:Flash dance
Song: Michael Sembello - Maniac & Irene Cara - What a feeling
I wonder how many twisted ankles those 2 routines caused ... that bloody panel is a classic especially the one trying to hide her excitement. Random fact of the day you know that part where she is spinning on the floor (2:11) thats a guy by the way, sorry if I damaged any fantasies out there

Movie: 8 Mile
Song: B-Rabbit vs. papa doc freestyle

1, 2, 3 and to the 4
1 pac , 2 pac, 3 pac, 4
4 pac, 3 pac, 2 pac, 1
You're pac, he's pac, no pacs, none
It's all been said there is lil left to be done


Thursday, November 01, 2007

observers, lions, helpers and goats... a look through the kaleidoscope

I was going to name this post perceptions but I have been posting too many single word titled posts, so I went with something more bamboozled.

It's really fascinating the faculty of our brains to fill in the gaps of what we think we see. Whenever we meet someone for the first time, we already have a grid in our brains for the things that we look for in people that we would like to know.
So as soon as we see as much as a shadow we blistery start forming and filling up that grid of ours, whether we like it or not (we try to not like it since its prejudiced and judgmental) all of us start churning our gears as soon as we something eye catching :)

It's always a challenge (atleast personally speaking) to put that grid and try to match it to the reality and see how you did. Lets face it, do we really want to spend the time to get to really know everyone we meet ? I'd like to think not, so that ability is fundamental social filter and being PC about it is just faking civility which is worse in my book that being blunt. (god there is this co worker that always start a conversation with "keefak sadeeqi (tr. how are you comrade)" while she definitely doesn't stand dealing with me"

The way others perceive us is a very important gauge to who we really are to the world. So for the past few years I started doing something that was fairly weird to people around, I'll go asking them "who am I?" with a series of question to highlight good points, faults, eccentricities whatever they are willing to share and for as long as they can bear me.

To not come off as a total boltless nutjob i limit it to a once a year fiasco. One thing I explain to them is that no matter what they decide to share I will not be offended and I will not hold their honesty against them (alas that is rarely enough reassurance) and some of the things you find out about your self are really interesting. especially the motifs they see in you, and some of the disinformation that you can't help but emanate which requires a bit of working on your self to clear up, call it tightening up you character bolts.

The main reason i do this is that, for the people I care about atleast, I would like the person that I know I am at this point to be as perfectly aligned with the person that other people see.

So while I was writing the last post about people who I interact with here I felt like doing that, I just thought it would be fun but on the other hand I am worried that people will get offended. So whoever might be offended or they just don't feel like sharing what am about to write please tell me and I'll remove it :)

The challenge is that moving online we lose facial expression which are usually more honest than the person would like to be, but words and especially the adjectives used are a huge indication to what type of personality an individual holds, well read ? inbred ? sociopath ? emo ? blond? you know what am talking about. factoring in some info, and the ideas they hold and you can connecting the dots... so shall we experiment ?
(the order is chronological btw and its of the people that I interacted with the most)

Zodiac according to bambam: Leo
Summer is definitely a unique breed, if am going to assign a personality type it would be a type 3 Achievers, Performers, Succeeders. a very healthy one at that, she is highly adaptable to whatever environment she is placed in and a social chameleon, and through it all she hasn't lost her own unique personality and has her priorities straight. the proof of her adaptability and courage in confronting the unknown is the mere fact that she is here ! its not an easy thing to tread the generations as easily as she does.

She is an extremely caring individual, and draws a considerable amount of satisfaction out of helping others and especially her family. I think who ever is in her inner circle a lucky person and it would be really hard to fall out of favor with her, not for dependability but because she genuinely cares and will attempt to set them on the course that she thinks is the best one for them with her very own style of gentle persuasion.

Just don't overburden her with bad news and depressing issues all at once, for you might get a glimpse of a total different part of her, not in the confrontational manner but in a longing for solitude attitude.

Through it all I think she can become highly preoccupied with glamor and sparkles, for she certainly likes the pretty things in life and can be highly particular about them. (excellent shopping company if someone else is shouldering the bill if you ask me :P)

finally I think although i didn't notice it at first, but she actually loves being with her family having a quite time at home, and she is certainly bashful or it might be just good old fashioned lady manners that are quite rare these days for me to be able to distinguish.

Zodiac according to bambam: Libra
She is the most pure character two (Helpers, Givers, Caretakers) I know. Now she has the ability to genuinely care about the people around her to the extreme which makes her forget about herself quite a bit. Also being doubtful about she is capable off keeps her from truly trying and attaining her potential. shes susceptible to fall in a spiral of despair & low self esteem, don't be afraid to share your feelings when that happens. Its better to do so rather than bottling them up on the long run.
She undermines the amount of help she provides to others. you have an ability to relate to what other people 's needs and you are a very caring person.

The remedy to all that is reassurance, and if there is any criticism, its a must for it to be delivered in the gentlest of methods.
You have to eventually learn to say "no" sometimes, you have to set your priorities and take steps rather than trying to jump to goals. It's also OK to be selfish sometimes, you need to do things that you like to, otherwise you might risk being overburdened and drain from doing so much for others.

All that matters is to try, Its OK to have failures its not the end of the world and at the end of the day we won't appreciate success unless we can contrast it with out failures!

Zodiac according to bambam: Capricorn
She's an eight (Leaders, Protectors, Challengers)! with a character that refuses to be boxed ...
On the cover she is a life loving easy going person that likes to have fun, she can truly brighten anyones day. The hardworking type but prefers to do so in the shadows, not looking for much reassurance and fiercely independant, I imagine when she was a kid she never really did too good in school but when it came time for her to step up she shocked !
Also on the other hand she has a fierce imagination at certain points i feel like I found a real life calvin, and I bet as a kid she could see a Castle out of a blanket covering the space between two beds.
She's a goal setter and strive to get those milestones, although fleeting moments of hesitation regarding her abilities to tread that road occur from time to time and she will stumble but move on with life for its too short get strung up about such things.
I think she relies on first impressions when interacting which are not always aligned so I guess there were bitter moments due to that. Also sometimes her honesty has a bit of bluntness to it, and being honest i don't think she'll take well to betrayal or someone talking behind her back and if that happens you will forever be in her black book. Curiosity is certainly a driving force to be reckoned with her, and don't to step over some toes but on the other hand it earns her better allies and a more personal connection with people.
Oh and finally give her space to be alone and don't try to control her or she will rebel.

Zodiac according to bambam: Taurus
A vibrant and gentle soul, and is never seen angry. I think you are a character 9 (Mediators, Peacemakers, Preservationists) and I think if anybody has a problem with you will not be satisfied unless you atleast try to talk it through with them. I think at this point in your life after some(...) turbulence you have found peace in your inner circle and that gave you the guts to try to expand that circle. The weapon of choice being edgy and pushing the comfort zone to the brink, given that its not something innate in you even the controversy is laid out in a thoughtful and gentle manner.
Now what i really like about this is that i feel you have a tendency to inaction, and probably the easier path for you to take is to take non and do nothing to not disturb or piss off anyone but you choose otherwise. For you can see the two sides of any coin and you empathetic to both. Alternatively you haven't over come a slightly tendency to delay making big decision especially when you feel pressured to. Don't be too critical of your self and try to sort out what you really want(i think you already did) and go with it without being too pessimistic. I think some external encouragement and reassurance will take you a long way and I hope you genuinely get that

The other thing, which might be weird to me, is that you have an affinity to the physical realm, I think you don't exactly like chatting online for instance and would certainly prefer to meet face to face with people and interact with them there. So you maintaining a blog is different for you and probably you had to take it in steps to actually maintain it regularly.

Now there is a saying "2ihthar 2il 7aleema izza '3adeb" (*tr*beware of a gentle person if he got angry), and i think that describes you. It's not easy to anger you, and you are able to forgive others for their slights but if it happens that someone pushes you beyond your limits all rules fly out of the window. So I can't really imagine you getting angry

Zodiac according to bambam: Gemini
Enthusiast a character 7 without a doubt, a Puella. I would be seriously interested in where she has been and what she did, for am sure she has a volumes full of life experiences and she should seriously start writing a biography like right now !
Still pretty much a part of her, and unlike most people she has faced her past and moved on, now she is no longer chasing after experiences like she used to for she has set her self to be dedicated to one life long experience of following her framework for life based on what she's been through. So the focus is shifting for me & I to the we and us, but sometimes what she wants to do and what she thinks she should do are contradictory. Especially when it comes to self expression, given how I imagine her as a young rebel I admire the commitment that she has to play it safe.
some people fear showing their true intentions so they feign kindness, she is more likely to be more worried about people thinking that of her when her kindness is truly genuine. I think it does weigh heavy on her how people ascribe a lot of Ulterior motives to her behavior when as far as I see it is that she made revise one stereotype I had of a certain group of people or maybe she is an exception.
After searching endless she sees that she has found her purpose, I think even with the slightly tight grip on house rules her home is a warm and welcoming one. she will definitely go the extra mile for what she believes in which is also a departure from her fickle commitment to finish what she started and being spread too thin doing too many different things at once.

Zodiac according to bambam: Virgo
Am split to whether he is a character 5(Observers, Thinkers, Investigators) or 6(Loyalists, Devil's Advocates, Defenders), his pride and fort lies in his knowledge and others wanting that knowledge. On the other hand there is certainly boundaries to which that acquired knowledge can impede on his traditions and belief system. Its a lot harder for him to stretch those boundaries for the single reason that he sees no purpose in that.

He certainly has a considerable amount of knowledge, and always tries to base his remarks based on that. Which to some might seem like he is flaunting it but I think he sees it as it provides his the credibility to say what he did.

He is a person that relishes system, give him a system and he will follow it to a T. Its what provides him security, he is committed and hardworking. On the other hand when confronted with random happenings that are outside the rules he might overreact and be indecisive and procrastinate for the fear of failure. So its not a natural ability for him to gauge his reactions in his relationships, and he might lost some friends along the way but on the other hand the ones that stuck with him he is faithful to them and a source of aid.

Fear for him stems out of insecurities, things that happened aren't forgotten easily and can linger for a while. If any of those are exploited there is no guarantee what might be unleashed on the perpetrator so i will stop there...

Now I tried my best to side step any land minds as much as possible, so there is no reference to any personal history, acts, religious affiliation, or any other thing that might earn a label or be called skeletons, laundry or baggage. Even though i already wrote my perceptions of everyone here am not going to post them without your permission. thats why only summer's is visible cause i already asked her and if there is anything you want me to remove and more than willing to do so.

Oh and yeah i know that its not your zodiac probably and you don't believe in that maybe but I just felt like putting it up there since i like to guess those, a pet peeve of mine (which I suck at btw).

Please am not doing this to start any wars or create rift am just trying to call it as i see it, and no am not a sycophant am just doing what i felt like doing you can call me selfish. so skip the name calling if you please

grr.. hopefully
and no puzzle today since i don't have any in mind after writing this
ps. nour i haven't interacted with you much hence i couldn't come formulate anything :)

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