Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In case you were in the market for a new car ...

Don't buy one of those :D

This is the certification crash test for the Cherry A15, which are available in Jordan. There is little surprise in the results, for after all they are Chinese made. (by the way this is the 40mph/64kmh test)

Now the real question is why they are allowed on the streets?? oh wait, now I get this IT! it is our out-o'-da-box solution to solve our congestion problem.

ps. for other brilliant Chinese car crash tests click here & here & here ..... you get the idea.

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  • If this is true... It's a national threat... and I'm not kidding :(

    Someone should know about this...

    By Blogger M Kilany, At 15/8/07 17:44  

  • yup thats the EuroNCAP test so it's real, and they are taking the cars off the European market as far as i know

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 15/8/07 18:55  

  • WoW, BTW who buys chinese cars? In the US the latest chinese disaster was baby toys that contained lead! I wonder what jordanian kids are playing with these days!

    And they Ask where the IQ is so low in jordan!

    By Blogger Mohanned, At 16/8/07 20:43  

  • YIKES!

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 17/8/07 21:03  

  • yeh yikes!

    By Blogger Sam, At 19/8/07 15:28  

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