Monday, August 27, 2007

The one and only truth

Well in light of reading about Mother Theresa being a total hypocrite (now before you start flaming me, I am just quoting her own words)
So since every religion is the one and only truth, and they all seem to be geographically centralized am going to play on an idea that was just ricocheting in my head for a while.

So lets see since they are all "the one and only truth", I am going to try to separate them using other metrics.

For the sure the one with the biggest number of followers stands the highest chance of being right ?

That should be fairly easy then I would be a Christian (2.1 billion), a roman catholic(1.05billion) in specific though being a Sunni Muslim(940 million) comes at a very close second. So the one with the largest number should do it, but how did it get to be so that they have the largest number of followers since it is really intriguing that it seemed like the missed a spot on the world map.
So it seems the major catalyst to the spread can be traced to the roman empire and Constantine's conversion, and having similarities to already established and popular religions (Mithraism, The cult of Dionysus to name a few) to help in the slow spread of the religion among the populace. During the persecution of the Christians they had to blend in and adopt a lot of the pagan holidays as their own in order to celebrate their religion unnoticed (Christmas and Easter to name a few). then came the establishment of the catholicism which centralized the governance and aided in the spread of the religion utilizing missionaries (with some not so "godly" practices).

So it seems that it took alot based on what is established in older religions, so ....

The oldest religion that is still recognizably followed today must be the truth, since it withstood the test of time.
Hmm so that would be Hinduism (1500 BC or 2500BC according to references compared to 1300BC for Judaism) , with 900 million that is certainly respectable. A long and established list of dualism of the matter and self, about a dozen deities and the longest running mythology of superheroes in pre-existing literature.
All that is dandy except for from previous interactions with Hindus they seem to be pretty private and unwelcoming about letting anyone into their sects , so I guess they are not that welcoming of newcomers. this evident that although it is one of the oldest religions it has remained well anchored around its birth place and not expanded beyond its local population.

Maybe the youngest religion will be more welcoming lets give that a shot. I'll make sure to thank them for exporting yoga along the way.

So the youngest most recognizable religion that would be ...
Baha'i faith (19th centurty), nope. Cai Dao (1926) don't know what that is but it doesn't qualify.
There we go Scientology (1952) , now lets see what it is about.... OK seems interesting, positive and negative energy, they are always on the look out for new members, hmmm i have to pay to move along their levels, thats fine sounds like donations to me. So far so goo..... wait xenu ? intergalactic confederacy, body thetans, am orginally the tortured spirit of an alien prisoner.
Aight i'll pass, but seriously even for a religion that is bloody weird.

So too many ppl didn't work, oldest didn't work youngest is just loony, what is left ... I could go by what is the fastest growing one but these seem to be either pure propoganda (Falun Gong), birth rates (Islam), or just because it became more socially acceptable (non-religious) . could go for the most complicated(Etruscan religion) but whats the point they are all dead and archaic.

Honestly coming back to reality it seems there is really little choice, as a matter of fact rarely it is when you ask an adherent to any religion do you get an answer that they choose it. the majority revert to what they are familiar with originally or some denomination to it. this is never truer than it is in Islam, the idea is that everyone is born "Muslim" so they are not converting but reverting. So since there is little choice and we frown about discrimination regarding things we have little choice about ( skin color, language, sexual orientation ... etc) why do we still consider religion out of that context and we vehemently despise others in opposing faction ?

In the end it is a solitary journey, so journey on ...


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  • I lost you at the last paragraph. I am not sure i understood that right.

    By Blogger Bilalٍ, At 27/8/07 18:00  

  • sorry belal i'll try to rewrite it so it'll be clear, what i was trying to do in the beggining is choose as i would go about picking any item i would buy so in the end "coming back to reality" we don't really have much choice in what religion we follow.
    the religious that say they did choose their religion are mostly people who rediscovered their faith in their original religion. so what am saying is religious belief is something in the personal realm and it no longer should be in the public realm, and people should not be prosecuted based on their religion since the person has little choice in that matter in the general sense.

    Rivalry based on religion is empty and has no positive outcome only carnage.

    eh ... did i complicate it even more ?
    simply did you choose your religion ? or were you born into your religion and can you differentiate between the 2 ? the answers to those questions is what i was talking about.

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 27/8/07 19:29  

  • These are the CIA worldfactbook 2007 percentages:

    Christians 33.03% (of which Roman Catholics 17.33%, Protestants 5.8%, Orthodox 3.42%, Anglicans 1.23%), Muslims 20.12%, Hindus 13.34%, Buddhists 5.89%, Sikhs 0.39%, Jews 0.23%, other religions 12.61%, non-religious 12.03%, atheists 2.36% (2004 est.)

    So the top 5 are:
    1. Christian
    2. Muslim
    3. None-religous / atheist
    4. hindu
    5. Buddhists

    Jews are under 1% ! I always marvel at that fact. Think what that 1% accomplished.

    I'm not sure how they calculated the percentages since 95% percent of china is atheist, and they're like 17% of the world population, and probably the oldest surviving civilization.

    By Anonymous Hani Obaid, At 28/8/07 00:38  

  • actually to be non-religious kinda takes u out of the fray and that the fifth most popular according to the same survey is chinese folklore (which is like a big label for alot of loosely bound belief system) and Buddhism being sixth
    u want more interesting less than 1% of the earth religions ? baha'is,shintoists, sikhs, taoists .
    atheisim is a foreign word to the chinese and saying they are 95% something is totally wrong, and no being a communist does not automatically mean ur atheist so in actuality there are over a hundred different religions in china with 10 most significant ones :D
    as for how they calculated it go to here that answers it

    now why did u post those numbers is beyond me ?! but thanks for the input

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 28/8/07 02:57  

  • What prompted me to check the factbook figures was that the different christian denominations weren't grouped together. If lack of faith doesn't count, then I'm not sure how folklore does though.

    By Anonymous Hani Obaid, At 28/8/07 09:08  

  • that goes for all religious denomination, Islam(sunni, shiite, ahmadi, druze) buddhism, hinduisim, all of them are grouped under a single header it is not only the Christian ones.
    define lack of faith for they certainly have faith in something, ok maybe me using folklore was slightly misleading, does Chinese universists sound more faithful ? (the religion draws elements from Confucianist, ancestor veneration, Buddhism and Taoism and they have their own gods to believe in so they are faithful and polytheistic to be exact, their numbers are around 400 million)

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 28/8/07 09:20  

  • Excellent post! There is no real choice in picking one's own religion and thus no need for discirmination!

    I, myself, keep my eyes open to explore people's believes. It is always interesting to discover those mysteries while holding an open mind so that no to adopt anything as the only source and rigid truth.

    By Blogger The Observer, At 28/8/07 10:05  

  • fadi thanks for dropping by, and glad you liked it. thats the gist of the whole thing it is pointless to discriminate against someone based on their religion in most cases

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 28/8/07 17:35  

  • what is common between all of them is the one and only truth, but is there any? you have branches of a tree but do you see the stem? maybe we didn't live enough to see it.

    each one of these religions has its own definition of the ideal state and it teaches you to work your life to it without preferences. its the silent torture that makes you a saint after all, you want to get there, but why??? simply because it grants the peace,, you have the power to grant it for yourself in your actions and in the way you live. it takes boredom to make a sheep, and loneliness to make a wolf.

    whether it was a saint, or the most peaceful person on this planet, or a person who never knew mercy and forgiveness in their heart, they all suffer and sometimes in the same way.. and who tells you because he believes or because he has faith he found a way to ((yirta7)) is lying. nothing is permanent, there is no one solution, believe and all your life will be rosy again.. but believe me its the same for everyone..
    and something i have been asking people often these days, is whether there is a human on earth who knows all of you.. everyone and i mean to say that,, EVERYONE i know said NO. "no one fully knows me." married people, brothers, best friends, couples..
    everyone feels the darkness and im sure of it.. so there is some consolidation is religion. its keeps you going on.. so yes, you are born into religion and you revert to it. how to revert, its for people to articulate :D

    By Blogger Tala, At 29/8/07 01:57  

  • tala am flabbergasted by your reply, I like the "it takes boredom to make a sheep, and loneliness to make a wolf. "
    but actually some of them can find solace and be 3anjad mirta7, that is when they put boundaries to their thought and are closer to death :)

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 29/8/07 08:34  

  • pika pika

    By Blogger Tala, At 29/8/07 11:35  

  • Great post, Bambam.

    I'm actually glad to hear Mother Theresa had her doubts, and she did come through them. Faith that hasn't been tested by doubt isn't real faith to me, and I always wondered if she didnt' feel like her reputation was bigger than her reality.

    By Anonymous kinzi, At 29/8/07 11:57  

  • very interesting "blast" as you tagged it!! you always come up with the most interesting thought, this time it was a huge blast, an explosion! :)
    i always enjoy reading you.

    By Blogger Summer, At 8/9/07 13:54  

  • Kinzi I am actually interested in reading the book since from the quotes i read it sounded more than just trials and doubt but more of a genuine feeling of being forsaken
    summer always so sweet :D

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 10/9/07 16:41  

  • as u have sighted the example of sub division of christanity n islam , in my opinion there is no such division in hinduism.

    By Anonymous gaurav, At 20/11/07 00:57  

  • am not really sure what you are getting at, but even though am not really familiar with hinduisim I recognize that there are atleast 4 major sects in hinduisim that are in competition with each having their own rituals and beliefs those are Shaivism, Shaktism, Vaishnavism, and Smartha
    so they do have those division.
    and if thats not the case then every religion will have an orthodox and progressive sects that are at rift

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 21/11/07 10:11  

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