Thursday, December 28, 2006

Some good quality reading !

Well I wanted to write my 2bit 2cents about those pieces but since it seems I would never come around to getting it done here they are with a simple explanation/opinion.

Psychology/Human Nature

Unskilled & Unaware of it

this paper was a jewel to stumble upon it proves through a series of tests how people over estimate their abilities and are too inexperienced(retarded) to realize what they are doing. Helpful as a trump card in any argument


America Has Left The Building
A Truly poetic wrap-up of the political, environmental situation facing the world due to the consumption habits of Americans. Interesting read just for the unorthodox use of language and vocabulary

Politics/ Economics
Plunging dollar will set world markets reeling
An overlook of the current world market situation with regard to the US Dollar, and why the world is hanging by the balance of a feather, some ulterior motives for the collapse and possible future scenarios.

I hope you find those good reading materials, and i hope I get around to talk about them later. though i doubt anything i add will me more meaningful


God Dammit F@&% ............etc and then play again

Highly Frustrating, Crack addicting, 100% FUN
Enjoy this Game !

Monday, December 25, 2006

Ho Ho Ho

Boondocks Rule that comic strip is funny as hell, its up there with calvin and hobbes & I love it.

there is also an animated series that was on showtime and cartoon network a while back .

and since we are in season enjoy those 2 clips :)
(hope no one gets mad at me for the first one cause its true)

the context for last one is riley was pissed of how santa never came to hood and how he's now at the mall in the urbs



Sunday, December 24, 2006

Best of wishes

AM A FORGETFUL person when it comes to date so I just had to say
& a happy new year and eid adha mubarak and any other seasonal occasional I might forget about in the next year (carde blanche)

and special wishes for summer and her family !

ENJOY ----- aint gonna say peace on earth but peace of heart & mind cause thats where all the real good starts :)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Z ..... well for the Zodiacs of course "sheesh"

(mental note about 4 days before this post i would have been the first to comment on this as absurd, end note)

Well I like reading about alot of topics, mostly skimming and taking foot notes kinda reading. I might start with reading a movie review and end up reading about the Algerian war of independence mind you the movie might be animated (actually its GITS:innocence a good movie). mind you there is always a bread crumb trail that ties all this reading together (HINT:Fanon)
on the other hand whenever it got to the topic of astrology (the pseudo science) and horoscope i would always dismiss it as absurd and never even bother reading.

Until I got to meet a very sweet fri
end of mine that somehow managed to peak my interest enough to give it a shot and just read up on the next day while i was bored at work.
went through a bunch of sites -- yare yare --
when you are stargazing this weekend in the middle of the field you will see an asteriod and at that instance you will fall in love with the love of your life
-- just in case ur wondering thats made up to hyperbole the fact that it was utter BS --
that is until i came across a site, weird this has a very long page structure am used to seeing like silly 3 liners to describe my whole existence. wait it looks different there are no lucky numbers or days, and no love or romance section. sounds very interesting lets give it a shot aint got nothing better to do anyways.

so I start reading and boy was I hooked, I was smirking at some points, gigilling at others, and down right saying "WTF" at some others.
what really intrigued me about this site is if I would have sat down to describe my self with as much honesty as I could possibly it wouldn't be half as accurate.

non of it was about the future or luck, non of it was bounding. on the other hand it wasn't vague or the conditions that could apply to anything depending on the way you interpret them. non of the cheap tricks. actually it was down right scary the more i read the more i felt my individualism being shredded to pieces and my deepest secret about how i behave exposed to the public to catch on to !
on occassion i would smirk to myself and think "now if we could only get together, me and my doppleganger(s). gather in one location we could gather enough shrewdness to take over the world MWAHAHAHAA"

anyways to take it short i think i read most of that website by now, had the same feeling on my mom, dad and sister. brother was the only one non conforming really.

without further a due here is the website

and hope you have as much fun as me, tho even after saying all of this I still think horoscopes are silly ! so no checking my luck today anytime soon.

Hence the reason I included cancer in the Header.


Vista launch .... "It's a new day" or is it

Today there was a big event here in Jordan, the launch of the new Windows OS and Office. I was not thrilled to go to the event but for the lack of anything better to do and the nice venue (Hyatt's Zara center) I just went with it.

As soon as I parked my car and made my way to the elevator, I noticed a very interesting thing there were signs guiding you to get to the event. That was sweet since the customary thing is to either ask or work on hearsay.

Now I don't have many events to compare this to but it was refreshing to see this sort of organization in Jordan, according to the person at the front desk they were expecting 1500 people to attend now thats alot of people for a non public event :)

the track for the event is as follows:
  • you register online to attend the event and pick a track of interest to follow; the options where IT professionals, Developers, and executives. this was nice since it offers a sort of a customization to what you are about to hear and limits branching in the topics discussed.
  • you show up on the front desk and you provide your information; they print and ID card for you and offer you a package that includes a synopsis manual, a pen, and the schedule for the track you picked (they offered offline registration too). this was sweet since it offers you a kind of identity and importance, it also breaks the norm of having an online registration as just a PR scheme with no other value.
Now this is something am used to but am so enthralled that am seeing it in Jordan, and being implemented correctly ! to my surprise the front desk was efficient (they had 5 people I believe but seemed like double that), they were very curtious. surprisingly people didn't cut the line and where very orderly.

as soon as you made your way to the main hall, they scanned in your ID. that was intriguing. though it brought bad memories from O'Hare, the line "even here!" was running in my mind. the upside to this is it will allow them, I believe, to get some measurement about the way people attended the launch.
the scans where done on every entrance and exit of the halls, so naturlly you could account for what was of interest and what wasn't.
The speakers that where doing the main presentation did a very good job, they kept the attention of the crowd and were very focused. now the guest speakers where a different story, looked like they were told about this a couple pf hours before the event, hence people seemed to leave when they came on :D
They had a bunch of companies and partners in the coffee break area.
to not too carried away in a post that will probably never be read i'll wrap it up that overall i was really excited by the organisation of the event, it was top notch! the speakers in my track were slightly below par but that is forgiven, since in the end they achieved what they were set out to prove
they are offering a new, improved, and a superior product that will manage to enhance things on a bunch of levels and you should seriously think about adapting it as soon as possible
The only times that things went hay wire were on two occasions;
  1. the presenters allowed too many questions to be asked hence they ran late, very late. the questions were mostly either something that common sense would have answered or were too specific to be asked to garner any interest from the public
  2. They offered give aways ! well the objective was to get people to participate i understand that part. as soon as the session finished they had a mad crowd of about 200 people swarming those 2 poor souls, and no calls for order and patience were heeded. THEY WERE ALMOST MOBBED .

Job well done by M$ middle east, and congrats on what looks like a very successful marketting plan. Vista, office, and exchange have been launched, with the product available to comsumers in january. longhorn will follow by the end of next year, and it looks really interesting .


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Looky Looky !

ya i finally managed to get the template up tell me what you think*Summer*
still needs some fixing up but I'll get around that later.

As for the two weeks absence I'll try to get to that in a bit, but I got some biz to take care off.
a slew of posts will follow soon I promise

Monday, December 04, 2006

Anata was kurosu

AM FUMING, not the thing to share with nice people like you. forgive me since drawing didn't offer much of a venting I just hope this helps.

In order to not F@#$ up this posts i'll let lyrics speak for me

What is life?
Life is like a big obstacle
put in front of your optical to slow you down
And everytime you think you gotten past it
it's gonna come back around and tackle you to the damn ground
What are friends?
Friends are people that you think are your friends
But they really your enemies, with secret indentities
and disguises, to hide they true colors
So just when you think you close enough to be brothers
they wanna come back and cut your throat when you ain't lookin
What is money?
Money is what makes a man act funny
Money is the root of all evil
Money'll make them same friends come back around
swearing that they was always down
What is life?
I'm tired of life
I'm tired of backstabbing ass snakes with friendly grins
I'm tired of committing so many sins
Eminem - If I had

I'll finish up with this
everyone has
their own centre to this universe
but it stops right there
and kids who try and see it all
writing graffiti on the wall
but it stops right there
and we're all in the know
from one television show
but it stops right there
and take care of yourself
cos it's all about ourselves
and it stops right there
I'm lost looking in a sea of faces everywhere
now where did she go ?
I need to find her quickly
to immerse my insecurity
I'm lonely amongst these people
and I need to feel love
and I need to feel part of something
is that strange ?
and why are they reluctant to talk and why do they look alone when they walk ?
I see a face but no names
but despite my confusion
I've come to the conclusion
that people
need people
it's something I forget
but I've come to accept
that people
need people
and I'm alright
and I'm ok
I'm surviving well
without you
and what did you want
and what did you expect
did you want me to still talk about you?
no way
I'm on my own now
and doing fine
no way
I'm on my own now
and doing fine
and anyone can give
money to a good cause
but it stops right there
and anyone can sign
a petition to change the law
but it stops right there
and we can believe in socialism
or any theorism
but it stops right there
and take care of yourself
cos it's all about yourself
and it stops right there
but I'm not part of this
I'm not seeing what they're seeing
I'm staring at the ceiling to the world
to see what is lying
on the horizon
maybe I'll see you again someday girl
but despite my raw deal
I still feel
that people
need people
it's something we forget
but we must accept
that people
need people
and I'm alright
and I'm ok
I'm surviving well without you
and what did you want
and what did you expect
did you want me to still talk about you?
no way
I'm on my own now
and doing fine
no way
I'm on my own now
and doing fine

Day one - I'm doing Fine

p.s. if u need those songs tell me :)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Golly I been Tagged

While I have been peacefully doodling my silly header i have been Tagged by Summer . I thought they banned this game in the US ! (turns out its just Jersey Dammit !)
Will I get the Scabs ??

Oh well can't help but follow the rules, which are ;
Grab the book closest to you-Open to page 123-Scroll down to the 5th sentence-Post the text of next 3 sentences on your blog-Name of the book and the author-Tag 3 people.

(why do i always complicate things, most of what I read is online ! so what defines closest ??)
--router manual def. doesn't have 123 pages NEXT
--manga hmm nope doesn't qualify as a book either
--dammit I gotta go to the end of the room to find me a BOOK

--After 15 minutes of looking I found two things that could loosly qualify as books , a Japanese book, and a learn hebrew (min '3air mu3alem) الدكثور ربحي كمال
so i guess I'll pick the later :P

*Shivers with excitement*

חדר הזה לא מצא חך בעיני

هحيدير هزي لو متسا حين بيعيناي

هذه الغرقة لم تعجبني

Phew done, and i think i did enough work for the next 3 so am gonna relief them.
thanks summer for reminding me that i haven't read a book in a ages
ps. Hebrew is read the same way as Arabic from right to left and this was the most tiresome tag ever, thanks for the exercise :)

no clue what the last word is b/c i can only read i dont understand much though am much better with japanese lol