Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stuff to Steal

stole this from 7aki, so thought to fill it up...

I am: Always trying to learn a new thing.
I think: Its about time to get off my ass after being lethargic for more than two years.
I know: that i am doing better now than 6 months ago.
I have: been away from this blog and the internet for a long time
I wish: That I can figure out how things are going to be 2 years from now. Since by then a lot should have changed by then.
I hate:
how I had been lied to, spied on, manipulated, and generally not being myself.
I miss: my partner of 4 years it will never be the same at work without him
I fear: Disclosure and the mayhem it might bring, oh and going back to Yemen.
I hear:
that you can shoot someone 4 times and get off with close to nothing if your last name is birdy (asfour), but i guess the same can't be said about being a pedo those birdies get caught on camera and go to jail. so birdies shoot away.
I smell:
little to nothing, pretty much lost it at a young age.
I crave:
A cordon bleu.
I search:
to grasp an rope's end.
I wonder:
what others that are close to me are thinking, especially the ones that i can't ask directly.
I regret:
what ? me ? nah !
I love:
the fact that I wore a skirt this morning, soooo comfy (me3waz, wizra whatever you wanna call it .... this thing in case you people start thinking I'm more of a pervert than i already am...) I ache: sometimes when I think too much and end up not sleeping at night.
I am not:
a lot of things that people think I am, and I'm a lot of things they never think I could be. All without being a liar or a hypocrite, and just by capitalizing on peoples ability to be in denial
I believe:
that I need to be less of an asshole to people, regardless of the fact that i think they totally deserve whats coming to them ... that's why i never am nicer ;)
I dance:
atleast once a week, to get the jitterbugs out of my system
I sing:
at the top of my lungs while I'm driving (and dancing too)
I cry:
rarely now, i think i dried my ducts as a kid (Big boys do cry!)
I fight:
with myself quite a lot ...
I win:
at losing ? does that qualify ?
I lose:
when I feel that it would make others happy while I could careless about it, that's quite often. competitive sports aint my thing
almost never: fully comprehend anything, there is always more to learn about it.
I always:
try to keep the people i care about close to me, closer than most and it sometimes spreads me thin
I confuse:
others by my unwillingness to fit in one of two polar camps
I listen:
to others and genuinely enjoy.
I can usually be found:
at my home(s) .... or online ...
I am scared:
of being in my thirties and its totally unrelated to my age.
I need: To be complimented every once in a while (even though i act contrary to that and might bitch at you for doing it)
I am happy about: A lot
I imagine:
my area if specialization will be drasticly different than what i studied years ago.

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