Monday, February 25, 2008

Why japanese people are more likely to commit suicide

Well Japanese boys grow up with amazing stories of the normal high, middle , grade school kid who some how became "super" preferably by being associated with a mecha. So they think that is the norm and they grow up with delusions of grandeur.
If I don't have my Mecha, I am a failure as a human being and I should cease to exist

So they commit suicide.

As for girls, they dream of wider eyes and wish that when they are older their eyes will grow wider. Manga style wide .... so they die too.

Since we are on the subject of Anime, I am going to so make my kid watch this cartoon.... he is sooooo cute
I introduce you to the word Manko !

ps. With the last discussion here I needed to throw a curve ball and lighten up

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

An example of where Quranic Science might get you ?

OK, maybe its a bit uncalled for there, but the fact that he found a podium to honestly discuss things is what makes me more sure that not all voices/ideas should be entertained equally.
It's making me grind my teeth that am linking to a memri video, one of the most ultra zionistic unprofessional organizations that translate selectively for the only purpose of shedding light on Arabic ignorance and twisting things in Israeli favors but this video was just too much of a WTF moment to let it go unposted
I bet Galileo is turning like a maniac in his grave at the thought of people in the 21st century still arguing for the earth is flat idea. although I kind like having earth on a big giant turtle, it's cute eh ?

Just to be fair... he's not the only one to be arguing for such a hellish idea


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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Microsoft marketing at its best, when you can't fight the parodies join them ...

OK I had to pinch my self to make sure that am not seeing a parody of MS products...
people meet the source fource

My favourite is the SQL server gal;

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello, in person, in my own voice. I'm positively thrilled to be asked back for another round. You like me. You really like me!

Yup I do, atleast more than the visual studio guy whose reply to the question of his favourite TV show is ;

TV? He killed his TV long ago. In fact, he'd probably be more than happy to come over and kill yours too.

wouldn't let him close to my TV for sho.

Now how the hell is that supposed to be a marketing campaign that doesn't make feel like am dealing with bambinos in grown ups clothes is beyond me.



Quantam philosphy - Implications

Out of the window is the law of noncontradiction, simply we have a physical proof that something can be in two states at the same time that are contradicting. it is evident not just from the this experiment of particle and waves but from others including quantum spin.

This staple of a premise being logically impossible to be true or false, right or wrong, dead or alive removed from any subjective view does dent universal logics (there are universal truths in our world philosophically) since it says that we each "create" our world rather than participate in it.

Secondly that our subjective influence on one such system influences other systems that are entangled with it. In quantum physics there are entangled particles, particles that have made contact with each other, think of it like 2 billiard balls hitting each other. When a measurement is made on one of the particles the other particle is exhibiting the opposite. So this spooky action states makes fertile ground for some new age ideas, think telepathy of particles or perhaps evidence for remote viewing.

Being the subjective interpretation that it is, in essence it is inferring that rather than the universe is being, it is becoming. To an extent it is alluding to the fact that our consciousness is shaping our universe into what we perceive as reality. Dare i say that it tells us that we might have a soul ...

Need I say that absolute determinism is out of the question at this point, since the idea that the universe is like a big machine where everything has been set in motion from day one with no influence that a person can have on his past, present or future. Since simply that holds out to be false experimentally :P It is the more of a free-will universe where to some extend determinism deals with out past but holds little influence on our future and doesn't predict our future .

In fear of making this post more disjointed than it already is, I'll stop this series at this in hope of expanding on it later on, sorry for making it long but I tried to cut it up as much as possible. I tried to limit my explanation as much as possible too, so I don't know if i made any leaps of logic.

Thanks to Observer for serving as the inspiration to these posts based on you post about determinism and the view that you can build a computer big enough to map out the paths of all humans if given enough information, and I hope I made you re-think that possibility. Sorry it took so long to write this too.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Quantum philosophy - What it means

In the previous post, I mentioned the double slit experiment. In that experiment the Results are determined by the subjective outlook of the observer. If he wants to see light as waves it will be waves and if he wants it to be particles it will act as such. but never both at the same time.

The results of that different experiments were replicated in several more complex ones, that address any other possibility of experimental error, the mathematical models correspond to the results.

So What does this all mean ?

Interpreting the experimental findings has been the unorthodox part of quantum, since it threw determinism and the mechanistic view of the universe out of the window. It is the attempt to bridge the gap between what happens at the subatomic level and why it isn't observed in our universe at a larger scales.

The most widely supported view is that of the Copenhagen's interpretation which simply says that every particle is described by its wavefuntion that dictates its probability to be found in any place, and upon measurement that wave collapses placing the particle into what the subject is expecting of it with that measurement and that every measurement influences the end result. wave function in this interpretation means more of a non-committal mode rather than an actual wave like movement of particles.

Just in terms of reference to other interpretations in case you are saying that what this suggests is way too woo like and way too far fetched that it can't make sense (who said the universe should make sense). I won't discuss Hidden variable interpretation since it is old, and mostly a discarded attempt to hold on to classical mechanistic view of the world

Many World interpretation
this is the interesting interpretation that explains that instead of what happens after something is observed and all the other possibilities are discarded to form the current reality. It says that all those probabilities actually occur and we are only able to perceive one of those realities.
Those realities (universes) are part of a bigger multiverse which encompasses all those universes. If it happens that any 2 universes happen to intersect then they would end up merging into a single universe. It helps remove the fact that we are participants in shaping the universe (atleast the one that we live in) and back to participants... Do you remember Sliders.

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Quantum Philosophy - Prologue

My knowledge of the subject is rudimentary, from my perspective, so I'll try to explain to the best of my abilities. Plus I'll try to place my tendency to go to the moon and back when discussing something on a leash.

To start the subject up, I'd like to quote something that was said in the course "introduction to quantum mechanics". The professor started the class by saying this (paraphrase):

Look, if you teach an introductory course on quantum mechanics, and the students don't have nightmares for weeks, tear their hair out, wander around with bloodshot eyes, etc., then you probably didn't get the point across.

A lot of great thinkers in the past had a tough time swallowing what quantum mechanics indicated about our reality, Einstein was quoted on the subject saying "God doesn't play dice with the universe".

Essentially while classical Newtonian physics can predict every fall of the sparrow, quantum mechanics can only leave us with possibilities. The real trouble with quantum mechanics doesn't arise from the fact that we can't predict the future in it ala classical physics. The real trouble arises from the fact that not only is that the future is indeterministic, the past is also indeterministic. Also that the probabilistic nature of quantum mechanics doesn't arise from our own ignorance like statistical probabilities it is an inherent attribute of the system .

Still reading ?? REALLY ?

Since the days of Democritus it was thought that everything tangible in this universe is made up of atoms that form the building blocks of our reality, Well quantum mechanics is the study of subatomic particles, the building blocks of all the universe.

So lets look at a simple experiment. you remember the science experiment where you have a tank of water and u place and object with two slits and turn on the wave generator to see how waves interfere with each other ? And do you remember them referring to light as both wave and particle in nature.
Well that experiment can be done with light.

double-slit experiments reveal that photons,
the quantum entities giving rise to light and other
forms of electromagnetic radiation, act both like
particles and like waves. A single photon will
strike the screen in a particular place,
like a particle (left)- But as more photons strike
the screen, they begin to create an interference pattern
(center). Such a pattern could occur only if each photon
had actually gone through both slits, like a wave (right).

If that isn't baffling enough, if you only permit one photon to pass through the slits. The interference pattern is still observed suggesting that wave went through. But when you add an apparatus that can detect which slit the photon passed through the interference pattern disappears. This experiment can be replicated on electrons, neutrons, atoms, and theoretically to other bigger things.

It is as if what we are experementing on is making future predictions and providing us with the answers that we want to see.

I'll stop here for this post, and let you think about what implications such result can have.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hey muslims are Making headlines ...... AGAIN !!!

So Muslims are in the headlines of the Herald Tribune (shame seems we are moving down the scale now in media haute couture) . This time it is to remove a depiction of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) ... either go to Wiki or here (Close your eyes now I wouldn't want you to be "offended")

Can somebody please explain this to me ? we never went around banning and petitioning Britannica as far as I remember. Look if you ever want to be genuinely accepted in better light stop being so antagonistic about every single little thing. You want to recreate your image then recognize that you have to play according to the rules, it's like the 12th player on a football field cursing his mates for not passing the ball sheesh.

If there is anyone offended by seeing a picture that was drawn in the 13th century please tell me how you are offended by it. Now I draw, and I have always drawn characters and people thats what I enjoy drawing. So I remember the issue being brought up to me back when I was in school early on. For one, even as a child I thought it was absurd and irrelevant to our day and age. I am not gonna end up idolizing my drawings and praying to them ...

So here are the hadiths and the futwa on depictions , since Quran doesn't mention the issue;
الرسم له معنيان :
أحدهما رسم الصور ذوات الأرواح ، وهذا جاءت السنة بتحريمه ، فلا يجوز الرسم الذي هو رسم ذوات الأرواح ، لقول النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم في الحديث الصحيح : " كل مصوّر في النار " وقوله صلى الله عليه وسلم : " أشد الناس عذاباً يوم القيامة المصورون ، الذين يضاهئون بخلق الله " ، ولقوله صلى الله عليه وسلم : " إن أصحاب هذه الصور يعذبون يوم القيامة ويقال لهم : أحيوا ما خلقتم "

ولأنه صلى الله عليه وسلم لعن آكل الربا وموكله ، ولعن المصور ، فدل ذلك على تحريم التصوير ، وفسر العلماء ذلك بأنه تصوير ذوات الأرواح من الدواب والإنسان والطيور .

أما رسم ما لا روح فيه ـ وهو المعنى الثاني ـ فهذا لا حرج فيه كرسم الجبل والشجر والطائرة والسيارة وأشباه ذلك ، لا حرج فيه عند أهل العلم .

ويستثني من الرسم المحرم ما تدعو الضرورة إليه ، كرسم صور المجرمين حتى يعرفوا وحتى يمسكوا ، أو الصورة في حفيظة النفوس التي لا بد منها ولا يستطيع الحصول عليها إلا بذلك ، وهكذا ما تدعو الضرورة من سوى ذلك ، فإذا رأى ولي الأمر أن هذا الشيء مما تدعو الضرورة إلى تصويره ، لخطورته ، ولقصد سلامة المسلمين من شره حتى يعرف ، أو لأسباب أخرى فلا باس ، قال الله عز وجل : ( وَقَدْ فَصَّلَ لَكُمْ مَا حَرَّمَ عَلَيْكُمْ إِلَّا مَا اضْطُرِرْتُمْ إِلَيْهِ ) الأنعام 19/ 1

visual depictions refers to two types:
The first type is referring to depictions of creatures with souls(all living creatures except for trees) and that is forbidden because of the prophet's(PBUH) saying "every depicter is in hell" , also quoted saying "[one of] the people most severely punished on judgment day are depicters, those who compete with god's creation". finally adding "the authors of those depictions are tortured on judgment day and are told: give life to your creations"

And because the prophet (PBUH) cursed the usury, her agents, and depicters. that points out that it is haram (forbidden). The people of knowledge explained that this prohibition applies to depictions of anything with a soul.

Depictions of the soulless is the second, that includes trees, mountains and other inanimate objects. There are no issues in this regard and it is permissible.

The exception to the depiction of creatures with souls is in cases where it is deemed necessary and helps in protecting the muslims from harm.

Reading the above, it is not particularly depictions of the prophet per se, although those are deemed extremely offensive. It is anything and everything that has a soul. (I wonder do viruses and bacteria have one ? and poor trees are singled out ... dammit, sunflowers look happy in the sun to me, they even lean forward to greet it )

So there you go, for anyone that ever took a photograph of his friends, drew a cartoon character or did anything that is loosely related to illustrating anything that would have a soul. I'll see you in hell for the remix !

ps. i picked depiction so it will include sculptures, drawings and photographs. even though its not a proper noun, so if anyone has a better word for it am welcoming suggestions. plus the translation is my own so if there are any mistakes please do point them out(I omitted some because i got bored).


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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Why would they cut the internet --- a tinfoil theory

Internet underwater cable don't just get cut by themselves, nothing short of an attack by a militant nessy would cause four of them to be cut off in the span of a few days. All in our lovely region of stability.
The first rule of modern warfare is to disrupt the communication, which raises the question of foul play. So that makes you ponder who could possibly do it and why ? then a light bulb just burns bright in your head .... IRAN !

So why now ? Mr. bushy was here at a peculiar time in his presidency and surely it was to instigate a new botched up peace process you know, in the last year of his second term. For me it was all about embezzling some friends at gun point to front up some money (20$ billion you might say sounds like a nice sum) and more importantly to bitch slap some sense into them into forgetting about ever dreaming about removing their pegs from the dollar, like that idiotic folly of broadcasting a private meeting of OPEC discussing just that. Also to get their mouth pieces working to reassure the people that sticking with the peg is for the best. All you have to do is tape your eyes, plug your ears and stuff your mouth shut and bend over for some kinky time with big bro inflation which is at a two decade high in most countries. that should do the economy some good.

All that occurs at a time when Iran is about to launch "Iranian Oil Bourse", which is the first bourse in the world that will deal petrol in non dollar currency and undermining the last crotch to the Dollar. The petrodollar would be under even more pressure, as if it wasn't already. So when was it launching you ask ? well during the period of February 1-11th, interesting eh ? now you would think you want to delay that, dontcha ?

It gets even better, who just happens to be holding war games around this month. well non other than the Russians , the french, the emiratis and qataris. Really now ? you don't say the Russians will hold exercises for the first time in 15 years in the area for nothing.

Now I remember another country that messed with the petro-dollar before and within the span of 6 months it was kaboomed back to the mongrel invasion. So you don't say he would ? It must have been god speaking to him again you know. It is funny how when normal people start hearing voices we place them in mental institutions but when its a bushy they make him a president.
Alas for after all its just seems like am the one hallucinating since there is no way in hell no one would have been talking about it by now ? meh, either way welcome to our fun filled '08 strap you safety belt tight for it's gonna be one hell of a ride.


h/t : Mike Whitney ICH


Monday, February 04, 2008

Disterbia p.III

Been a while since I did those ... so here we go again.

This one made my jaws drop to the floor, not that I have never seen kids smoking before (i've seen them on the streets a bunch of times). What was totally flabbergasting about it is the fact that he is genuinely enjoying it ! I wonder what is troubling him

If this was made for kids as it is claimed to be (even though I highly doubt it and more along the lines are all animations appropriate for kids), the that kid will definitely be damaged for life if he comprehends fully what is being portrayed here... it even made me scared just thinking about what was being said here.

This is funny and offensive at the same time, the disturbing thing is that they didn't have to go too far in their framing of it to make it that way.

"Saudi Arabia's religious police stopped schoolgirls from leaving a blazing building because they were not wearing correct Islamic dress, according to Saudi newspapers.

In a rare criticism of the kingdom's powerful "mutaween" police, the Saudi media has accused them of hindering attempts to save 15 girls who died in the fire on Monday."

"beating young girls to prevent them from leaving the school because they were not wearing the abaya".

You know public decency has priority over human lives, since you know how poeple might start humping at the first sight of female hair ...... aya caramba ! link to the full story

Fianlly, some exotic delicacies of the world. In case you were wondering what you are looking at. the pictures above are of Cuitlacoche . "Cuitlacoche is a black fungus that infects corn fields, making the kernels bulbous and swollen as they fill with spores." a delicacy from Mexico. now that is food worth indulging in wouldn't u think ? for more yumminess click this link for some pupas and snot beans "natto"

Enjoy ! really I hope you did ...


A Knowledge Vertigo

It was always fascinating for me to read up on how in the past people were very observant of their nature and their surrounding. How they have been able to pin down the equinox, calculate the ages(epochs) map the star and a plethora of other scientific discoveries that sound almost alien influenced for the sheer complexity of achieving that level without what we consider as the basics empirical science.

It even boils down into a much closer perspective of how fast science has progressed in the past century to the extent that if you sit down with your parents (if they are old enough) of how life was back in the 30's and what where the normal household utilities available to them you would be shell shocked by the amount of indispensable innovation that occurred.

The other day I was chatting with a friend of mine and it came down to this question "why did humans lose their hair?", I was like WTH ! Beats me if I know. Maybe metrosexuals aren't a new thing and our ape grandfathers were the first metrosexuals of all. So just like anyone that is faced with a question they can't answer they fire up their trust worthy google window and dig into the answers available there . So I reached the following article, and in a matter of minutes I got the gist of what possible answers are there for that question.

Then I moved on, but it got me thinking. One thing the people in the past had a lot of is time. Nowadays we barely have enough time to do anything. work hours are longer, leisure time is less, personal time is stretched too thin and personally speaking I found the only way to "create" more time to do the things that I want is to condition myself for less sleep time.

Never before have it even crossed my mind that nowadays more than ever before it seems that we don't even have the time for independent thought. A seemingly complex idea like why would be loose our hair through evolution was resolved in a matter of minutes rather than the life time it would have taken in the past.

The fact that the cost of acquiring an answer to a question became so cheap made the information more valuable than the journey and prerequisites that were classically required to obtain it. In a way our whole education system has been structured on the answer and providing answers rather than encouraging critical thinking and independent thought regardless of the result reached.

In that manner a fairly infantile technology such as the internet(late 90's is when it started having a global impact) that is only a decade old had such a profound impact on our chain of thought that it offered a limitation to the amount of time we are willing to spend pondering an answer. At least we knew a time before the internet so we didn't lose all our abilities to let our creative energies loose.

The current generation who never knew the world before google or the internet, they will be less willing to sit down and ponder on an issue and more time trying to find the quickest and shortest path to the solution. That would mean that the whole process of innovation will have a slow down when it is their turn to take the wheel of progression of science. It is already evident from the statistics in the developed nations that less and less people are willing to go down the scientific path, and more and more people are facing difficulties in subjects that require critical thinking.

All is not lost, while vertical innovations (making new things out of already available objects) seems to be slowing down. Horizontal innovation is really picking up pace, things that are fundamentally the same since their inception are becoming better at a maddening pace. So without readjusting our educational expectations and total reconstruction of the institutes to place more value on the journey rather than the "holy" truth, we will be living among a society that is gullible and crippled in their independent thought. For they see the cost of attaining knowledge rather than information as too high of a cost to pay.

The funny thing is that deep down inside i didn't want to write this post, and i felt it was pointless because after all, there are definitely hundreds and hundreds of others that thought along the same lines. So why waste my time ? I wonder how many kids will rather drop down their console controllers to go outside and gaze at the stars and ponder ? I bet not many at all.