Saturday, March 31, 2007

Twisted ! though still hella amusing

Well things been kinda serious and i needed a break from that so yeah this will do just that.
I didn't know how to react after I saw this last night, I was laughing, nauseous, depressed.

Oh well its freaking Dofda3 kamel after all, i wonder why the hell is kermit called kamel in arabic.

ps. be back to the other topic soon
Listening to NIN - Hurt

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Palajordanian view (spoken with a P B accent) Part DOS

In part UNO I Discussed the first scenario, so Today we will hit the second one !

the Second type: The current situation in Jordan is heading for the better, just give it time and it will be better. The monarchy is a better system than the democracy and we must bond with whatever makes us Jordanian, and put Jordan as the first priority on our agenda!
(Oh) and if we adopt democracy the people that will be in power will not have Jordan's interest in their hearts and will ruin the country.

So in order to really appreciate were we are going a visit to were we have been in recent history is required.
Since The Inauguration of King Abdullah the Second in February 7, 1999 The main focus for Jordan was on 3 fronts:
  • Political Reform
  • Economical Reform
  • Social & Educational Reform
Which are encompassed in an illusive illusion called the National Agenda, which keeps on popping up intermittently.
In terms of political reform, no seismic movements occurred. The natural flow of here comes a new cabinet and here goes a new cabinet remained.
Major questionable decision were made (e.g. the insurance policy for the cars comes to mind), and the underlying belief of the population of highly spread corruption in the political organism got re-enforced. So all in all not much occurred on this level.
The Social & Educational Reform has moved forwarded successfully, since Mr. Touqan has been appointed as the head of the ministry he has been able to establish a long-term plan to improve the local schools.
With the increased inflation there has been an influx of students moving to public schools, This has put more pressure on the ministry.
Plagued with a choke corded budget, lack of resources, a head strong mentality of the educational body, and logistic complications have slowed the process considerably.
Although some people have been pessimistic about the progress, what The minister set out to achieve is a Herculean task. Great strides have been achieved and the program will be implemented in the near future.
One side effect to the complete implementation is the controversy that will arise due to the curricula.
On the social side, although the actual effects have not been felt yet but the status of Queen Rania on the philanthropic end has been enormous, the work she has been doing in that area focused a spotlight on the country again. Gave Jordan and iconic status in that area, but at the end of the day the actual effect that filtered to the population has not been as visible.

The major focus during this era has been the economic reform in 2002 the IMF program was finished, and managed to Join TWO(2000) and secure a free trade accord with the US(2001) and an association agreement with the EU(2001). Due to this the privatization of Jordan began, and Jordan became a free trade country. Aqaba became a special economic zone which was one of the major pillars in the economical reform plan.

At this point you might be wondering why the focus is so much on the social and economical sides rather than the political side. The reason is simple, for the current system to maintain the status-quo, the commons need to live comfortably again they will eventually forgot about the internal political side. If the economical and social pressures keep erking the populous that will reflect on their political activism.

Some background number the official estimate for the population is 5,906,760 (UN July 2006 est ) , with a GDP of $28.89 billion (2006 est.) at a growth of 6% (2006 est.). The distribution of income lowest 10%: 3.3% highest 10%: 29.8% (1997). while the unemployment rates officially stand at 15.4% official rate; while the unofficial rate is approximately 30% (2006 est.)
The national debt is 72.2% of GDP (30 September 2006 est.) down from 105.1% of GDP in 1999. finally the percent of the population under the poverty line is 30% (2001 est.) (i need to verify a source but according to what i can recall the poverty line was set at 500JOD salary for a 6.8 member family)

These numbers show that the government reform plan is succeeding on the macroeconomical level, and Jordan is promising investors to be a haven, so the investments constitute 24.8% of GDP (2006 est.). On the micro societal side it shows that the lower class is tightning their belts, with the unemployment rates increasing during this period in the official and non official numbers.
With the inflation rates increasing at a 2% per year average every year since 2001 the effects are very visible to their everyday life, this has drove the commons into a corner. Eventually it might prompt them to take action if driven any further. With the wealth distribution being typically capitalistic it will be nature effect to witness an increase in crimes and unrest.

In order to avert the situation the government will need to move on a number of layers;

First the localization of population in the capitol, highly localized people will tend to bond together and stand for their rights. So incentive must be utilized for the population to spread.
the incentive should aim at localizing the population in the ASEZA, to provide the work force for the development.
That means a creation of the suburb notion in Jordan, and to market the area as a long term establishment rather than a leisure spot for the rich
with investments topping $540 million (Tala bay, saraya, Aila Bay, AIIE ceramics factory) and a major ADC capital investment plan estimated at $2,600 million will provide the employment to the population (projected to hit almost 50000 new jobs in 2009) these numbers are according to the AZEM report
the only other incentive required to dissipate the population cluster is to provide free schooling in that area, and raise the level of education in the current schools. Also providing special grants for relocation will aid the process considerably.

With the bases for the political movement fragmented, opposition from the people of the lower class will be reduced. Further development in the northern border, and establishing a trade city on the Iraqi borders will help further relocation to that area, and will establish a very flourishable service area for travellers on that route and to the neighbouring Gulf country.

At this point you have dealt with the problems of over-population and unemployment, but that leaves the upper class which has been demanding political representation. To deal with this class the economical incentives will prove tempting, and their natural gluttony will help take care of the rest if we are optimistic. A readjustment of the representation based on the population spread will manage to develop a faux representation in the political system.

To deal with the refugee problem, a new special worker standing can be introduced to accommodate better living standard for them, this way they will contribute more to the economical growth. Also this will prove as a stepping stone on the international scene, and will prove rewarding in terms of grants and aids. One importance for that worker status is to not be called temporary or worker, maybe special standing would be fitting, and dilute the purpose.

The inflation will be regulated by the national debt, an increase in the upper class tax can be utilized to ease the effect on the lower class in terms of special privileges (free education, food stamps al)

The major point to gain the public support is to extract visible elements of corruption, the media will be of a great tool in this area. the zealous nature of station akin to Al-Jazeera may be abused to inadvertly highlight this issue with a few public cases. Since they have the commons trust than can be utilized the adjust the psyche of the nation.
That would require taking a few major hits, and scandals that might cause certain scares in the society but if controlled they will be able to garner much affection and economical effect than collateral. scape goats is the word.

With the economical and social tensions relaxed that will naturally reduce the spiritual escaping and secular hemorrhage that is being observed. As for the Iraqis, governmental grants with association with local banks could be used as an incentive to drive them into acquiring the a special status akin to the refugees' suggested status, this will ease up the inflation since it will drive up the GDP and increase the market liquidity.

OH well this daydreaming cycle has proved to be more challenging that I imagined, and I believe I lost focus towards the end. The general idea here is that it is achievable and for the short term. It will reflect well on the general population. The requirements is that the regional situation doesn't deteriorate any further, and the USA economy to not collapse since that will prove to be catastrophic.

Summary: points to achieve;
  • Dissipate the population cluster through incentive for relocation to rural areas
  • Providing a special status to the residing Iraqis and refugees
  • Seriously fight corruption in a manner that is more visibly exposed to the media so it will register with the society
  • readjust the political system by giving more weight to the newly populated areas in order to reduce the seat count for the capitol, and at the same time provide faux representation for the upper class
third part coming tomorrow :D
Ps. please do comment since I was scatter brained when i wrote it and the only way to get a more fractal view is to discuss it

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Palajordanian view (spoken with a P B accent) Part UNO

Well I don't know whats the cause of all those debates on Qwaidar's, black iris, or the every present in those thread muhanned was, but its nice to see them talk.
Then again it is also amusing in the morning to read some of the comments.

So we currently have 3 different type of people in Jordan with regard to what should be done, and each one is quite zealous as usual:

The First Type: No matter how painful and bloody the change is it needs to be taken, democracy is a great system and highly beneficial to the country. It will provide the mechanism to resolve alot of the social and economical issue currently faced here. Plus its going to take the power out of the hands of the few and give it back to the people.

the Second type: The current situation in Jordan is heading for the better, just give it time and it will be better. The monarchy is a better system than the democracy and we must bond with whatever makes us Jordanian, and put Jordan as the first priority on our agenda!
(Oh) and if we adopt democracy the people that will be in power will not have Jordan's interest in their hearts and will ruin the country.

The Third and Final Type: Currently things are not all that great, but if the opposition ever gets the chance to implement things their way, and the current system is disturbed the effects on the people will be devastating. This will reflect poorly on the people of this country. hence its better to maintain what we currently have rather than abolishing it completely and starting anew.

From what I see is the following; the current situation in Jordan is on a critical point.
  • The current over-population of the capitol
  • The sudden spike of multi ethnicity
  • the disparity of classes increasing
  • the stupendous amount of foreign investments and acquisitions
  • the erosion of complacency among the population
  • The inflation of the economy

All these factors contribute to social unrest if left to their own course. Jordan for the past 30 years has been balanced delicately in its social interaction.

Palestinians learned their boundaries quite harshly, while the Jordanian grew cautious and were consumed in their pride.
That all changed 17 years ago, when the second gulf war started, it was the wave of immigrants from Kuwait and Iraq that disturbed the balance.
This came at a point when Jordan was still dizzy from the effect of the 1989 collapse. So when They cam & stimulated the economy, and due to the emotional connection we felt to the cause we embraced, and welcomed the extra fabric to our society.

Though the side effect has been enormous, our culture got exposed to many things that we were not accustomed to, and it invoked the Palestinian/Jordanian issue but on a triad rather than it being bi-polar.
It also was the first societal interaction we had with a different ethnic group to than the Levant.
Now adays we are faced with an ever stronger influx of Iraqis which is putting alot of pressure points on our social structure.

The people have always been used to use old wisdom to figure out the origin of the person, so to an external observer we were indistinguishable.

Currently although we got used to the segregation of tasks & roles it is becoming very challenging to maintain that. With the Iraqis having been part of our society for over seventeen years by now. I think it is very naive of us to keep ignoring their existence as a part of the community.

The current system has been able to maintain stability through out this period, due to careful positioning of international standing, international aid, local development, and reform prospects(or i should say "the ever elusive carrot technique").
What is putting more pressure on the people now is the inflation that is denting their routine. the people got used to getting by on day to day bases and making ends meet that they didn't have time to worry about social issues. Now that their routine life has been challenged they are getting irked to find a way out.

As it stands, The majority of the Jordanian population is of Palestinian origin(about 70% I believe) that includes the one that claim that they are Jordanian since they migrated here before the Nakse7 (that is 1948) and e.g for this is the city of Al - Salt. The current benefactors of the system are predominately of aboriginal Jordanian origins .
The poverty lines are also skewed, the major poverty areas are to the eastern and northern parts of Jordan (which is a predominately of indigenous Jordanian population)

If a major flip of scales occurs, it is only natural for the majority to obtain more rights and for the system's benefits be distributed equally among the populace.
That will not suite the current Jordanian mentality, since it is considered their birth right to have that privilege and its not the right for the guests(which the Palestinian are still considered as, and add to that the Iraqis now) to abuse their hospitality, so they will decide to react to it.

It is inevitable that it boil down to violence in this stage, the military is loyal to the status-quo, the gun ownership ratios are very skewed. All it would take is a single bullet to reestablish martial law which has been relaxed only in the past few years (less than a decade).
In this mix, I believe our currently considerable Iraqi population will benefit from fueling both sides, and then giving allegiance to the winner. which will only prolong the process.

a few final notes, politics requires actual experience. With that i don't mean the counter punch experience of the arab's opposition, I mean actually experience in foreign affairs and political involvement on a national/international level. So our political movement in Jordan is nothing more than a 2-D carton model that will be decimated under pressure. They have not delegated on behalf of people, they are just representative of their support. So they will unable to plan a longterm vision, and be able to achieve.
Most important for a sudden switch is an icon or Hero of the revolution, Che Guevara, Abdullah I, George Washington & the founding fathers, Ghandi, Lennin, Nasser, Chavez PBUH Mohammed. A person that is able to unite the masses regardless for a cause regardless of their differences. After all this time in complacency am sorry to say that the population is spineless and unable to produce anyone of such caliber. Every herd need a shepherd, a revolution without a leader is just a bunch of sheep up for mischief.

This is the projection for a sudden shift in power. Some say this is the way to go, and the only way to establish democracy, well if the interest of the poor is the reason you advocate this style then democracy will literally reduce them to slave workers, since all democracies adopt a capitalistic system. Which is closer to a tape worm than a symbiote. it will absorb everything available to grow, while making its host (the population in this case) weaker.

It is running late now, please bear with me here since i will also discuss the other 2 sides and how i view them, so please if ur gonna flame me and its regarding the other 2 wait till i talk about them tom :D

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Marionettes .... Alive kicking, and bigger than ever !!

This was definetly a jaw dropping video, definetly a "rub my eyes" moment.

Its just amazing how it is conducted, the interesting thing is that you disregard the conductors and all the people around it and focus only on her.

Hope it brings a smile to your day
ps. glad i stumbled upong on it here, 3quarks daily

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Arab Bank in trouble ?

Today I read the newspaper which I don't do very often nowadays (mainly cause the substance of the daily newspaper here is ads) , and was surprised at this ;

(translation : the social security has acquired two million shares of the Arab Bank stock at the sum of 53 million Jordanian Dinars)
نفذ الضمان الاجتماعي أمس شراء مليوني سهم من أسهم خزينة البنك العربي بحجم بلغ 53 مليون دينار

on a different note that one deal compromised more than 50% of the total trading on that day, what a pitiful market !

Move a couple more pages and you see that their prize is now up to 10000 stock shares, up from a 1000 and up from the initial 100 shares.

move some more pages, HUH ?! , is that an ARM's I see, for two weeks they offer up to 90% financing on a million JD loan with no commission. certainly looks like one.

that people in Jordan are dropping the myth about the Arab Bank being the "only" reliable and trustworthy bank in Jordan, having a customer service that whips customers doesn't help really.
Plus the generally high foreclosure rates in Jordan (i wish i can get my hands on some numbers for this)

looking at all those in relation to each other and its not that far fetched that the great Arab Bank is either faced with a liquidity problem that is forcing him to drop his rigid regulations in loans and stocks, OR they need the liquidity and brace themselves for a shock that is inevitably coming.

The fact is that the Arab Bank has built its reputation on being archaic, as rigid as a mountain. never really bothers to give out reasonable loans, they have been plagued with bad upper management in their recent history, and they sure as hell never offered prizes.
Plus them limited offers for two weeks is a bit out of character.

I think its a combination of those two factors, is that the beginning of the end for the greatest financial establishment in the region ?

I wanna dig in deeper and look more into it. cause it smells like trouble already
ps. logo is from

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Seriously ! seriously .......

Image Hosted by

Well I came across this -----------> Roba's blog (and far Away)

I couldn't help but remember this

For anyone who answered no to the question, SERIOUSLY ?!

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Samui ---- Utsukushii no Yuki

I like the weather today !
It is snowy and am warm, the only down side is am still at work
but the snow is so nice, been a while since we had white snow instead of slushy filth :P

Oh well there better be some interesting topics to come across today since work will be slow.

Let me leave !

Well weekend is ruined SO .....

Hope you ENJOY the Day

Ps. if ur wondering what it means, the title that is.. "Cold --- beautiful Snow"


Where I stand ?

Well am incognito by nature but recently the current controversy on
made me voice my opinion, though I didn't like having to explain where I stand with comment replies anymore, so ya It had to be a post. I wish this wouldn't be posted on qwaider for a reason I dont want to share in the preview ..... I apologize for a rong(not a mispelling so figure it out) and for the most part a badly composed post

So A guy from Jordan wants to join Qwaider planet, oh well lets check what he has to say.
3 lines and a couple of minutes later ...... epht 2o ba3dein ma3a 5alas wislat 2il ma3lome7 i figured it out from the first second already. Close the window and move on, not worthy checking it out again. That was/is my opinion, came back to the original thread a while later and things blew up literally. By then I was intrigued enough to join in (put my gloves on and digged in -_-').
So I commented Here & Here, I usually use my nick bambam if I don't have an account so you will find it under that name too.

So thats the story so far, that got me started on a lot of issues, one of them is where I stand towards the gay issues, and of course religion since we are in Jordan after all.

To make one thing clear, I said I was not in favour of the blog being added to the planet due to its content, and I solidified my opinion when I was reminded that no everyone there is an adult(18+) so that was a no brainer.

Regarding the gay issue; I don't think it is the most important issue in our region, far from it.
I don't think it is the most important issue globally even.
I didn't think that we had so many republicans in Jordan (anyone get this joke or am i being too patronizing here)
The problem as I see it is that we are in denial and always been, not just about it but about a lot of similar issues (prostitution, ideals, religion, politics, drugs, racism, discrimination ...etc)
As Arabs we got used to looking the other way, we fail to notice titanics in the room so elephants are a non-issue.

So the idea that western ideals, and behaviors are corrupting our chastised youth is so overplayed.
Out of my knowledge, currently we are a lot more conservative than we were in the 1950's and 60's. film in that era is an indication, but am talking about life in the cities (i.e. larger population and upscale society) they were downright liberal !
Also to my knowledge gays were dealt with "its not my business " attitude, hell if i recollect correctly they were preferred over straights (men prefer their wives go to a gay hairdresser rather than a straight one ).
So I never thought that westernization affected this region just a bunch of PR talk. The gay/pederasty issue was always there albeit ignored and not really visible to cause any fuss. It was there through out our history from Andalusia to Sufism(although this is way different and I didn't want to put it here).

Religion does forbid it, so it makes me cringe when someone tries to twist religion to his own mold, one thing I admire about a religious person is an ability to differentiate his interpretation from religion, alas but I don't think there are many. On the other hand you better not condemn anyone to hell, it seriously is not your business. So thats why I feel its not the correct path to take on this argument, since I hope that it is clear that it is a sin. Just another note here the punishment for it is the same as any out of marriage relationship given that the person is not involved in a marriage not more or less otherwise i believe the punishment is death if he is married again same as for all parties committing adultery (thats what i remember reading so if someone has a reference please share it)
On the other side of the religion basis is the fact that some people are not religious period, so telling god said that and that is like blowing in a ruptured balloon, i don't understand why people like wedz find it their personal vendetta to coerce people into their religious beliefs, is that an insecurity they feel that if no one was on the same page as they were they will not achieve salvation ? Hell better be filled with some people ??!!

So that leaves the last thing the social base, in that i can't argue that its accepted anywhere ! so fact is that we barely discuss any taboo (more like taught not to think about even) but with the internet nowadays our ugly behind is rearing its end on our faces, we see and hear things that got limited exposure in the past,
We are nurtured to be racist, sexist al to anything we consider foreign (taken as different)
That is one of our major issues, we have a superiority complex when it comes to all things Arab, and that attitude will get us no where !
We have the us Vs. them mentality.
I am going to be a hypocrite here and come out, I don't like falaheen :D, not to take it the wrong way what i mean is that am a city so i can't relate to their issues, my best friend could be considered one. So at least i try to appreciate where they are coming from, and its one of the first things I would tell them so that they either blow in my face or avoid the subject

What I despised is the manner people carried them selves, one person tried to out another based on speculation. others were comparing them to pedophiles, necrophiliacs which I think is baseless.
My argument to that is that in those cases they and other examples put through (including incest) they are predators, whether they want to be understood or not, am not gonna argue "made that way" or "choice" but lets put it that way, why would someone want to ostracized ?
he must gain something of value, predators (according to research, will edit to reference it) get stimulated by the physical side the violence, not the thought of it.
So in that lies the difference between the two sides. a
there were the neo liberals, and even goat lovers. yes i was lumped under the former.
then there was tolerance ... if you are not tolerant of me am not tolerant of you kinda crap.
The funny thing is the original post asked for a simple yes, no answer. Everyone ended up shoving their lewd ideas into each other.
Although I held a similar position to theirs (I voted no) i guess i was not very welcome in my comments due to me not joining the "sheep"(I'll give some the benefit of the doubt) in their bashing . one common trait between most of the bashing one is that they were pseudo, almost as thin as their ideas. I really wanted to answer some but they didn't really have anything i could dig into (then again i just recalled that my bambam falls in that category too :D )

nyways in any case we run to the moral high ground in a discussion you are not helping it go your way at all, I know am stubborn enough to play the devil's advocate. The thing that bothers me the most is that some really like the attention they get out of issues like these.
that was a total "hey looky here AM GAY" moment, being gay should not really garner any special treatment in my opinion under any circumstances. I might see it their way with regards to rights, but I don't see it as the governing attribute of a person. so i don't like the in your face "i am gay sticker" that the popular gay culture adopts, i think feminine guys are amusing in short dosages. I think that among gays there are some that are confused (not the majority thought) AND THOSE DON'T REALLY RESPOND TO BEING ATTACKED WELL THAT WILL CONFUSE THEM EVEN MORE. Just try to listen nothing more, that will be the best help you can do to anyone faced with the dilemma, the less you talk the less damage will be done.
What was unexpected to me is that only Tala
was able to argue decently on the point that was of intrigue since in my view i would see a lot of parallels between gay rights and women rights, especially in the way they are viewed. She argued th1e case of leadership and their inability to fit in such a demanding position that was a job well done.
That is what I got out of the situation, and I still want to learn more about people. all shapes and colors. maybe someday I can tolerate being around Indians :P

Best comment I could relate to was by
Honestly, I didn't like the guy's blog, and i wouldn't think of reading it again.

But not adding it because of the blogger's sexual orientation, or because sex is a taboo or the disacceptance of ppl is in my opinion poor..

If I were you I would find another "good homosexual" blog and add it.

If I were homosexual, I wouldn't choose that blog to represent me! Shulli sareeran dafi2an u 7aki fadi !!

gay ppl can talk about themselves and their problems in a much better way, and they have interests in life other that sex

on the other hand It blow my mind when I read this reply to my comment

"gods sake what what would have happened if u met that [gay] person face to face."

we meet them all the time, like at Books@Cafe and nothing happens because they don't shove it down our throat. that's the point you keep refusing to understand because it's your way or the highway, right? you want us to line up for your sho sho train before you call us tolerant. well, that will never happen. so learn to accept that others will not agree with you and they have the right not to agree with you. learn tolerance before you preach it.
First of all i was not preaching tolerance, I don't give a flying (bleep) if people are more tolerant or not. I don't go to books@cafe for that exact reason, I don't like the atmosphere. So who is trying to shove words in my mouth. Such a hypocrite. Trust me, my stomach turns if I see any sexual perversion in public, but i learned to avoid getting to worked out about it.
U on the other hand got a long way on the learning ladder my friend so shut up and read more variety. MIGHT ENLIGHTEN U A BIT

WOWZY Kudos to anyone that got past the 2nd paragraph, looks like an abu shreek post

Appropriately listening to Eminem - criminal please listen to it you'll get the point quicker than reading

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Can I really Use PMSing ?

LOL summer I wish I could use such a convenient excuse, nope just mood swings.
Though I did display similar symptoms so its not that far off. Yes, the best advice would be to stay away from me when am in that mood.

So recently I was with a friend and he reminded me of someone that was (in my heart is) very special to me.

He was like:
"I know someone who had a big crush on you !"

I already knew who she was, he just affirmed something that at the time I was too young or too shy to confront.

She made me feel like no one else did, thankfully now she met a very nice guy and hopefully they will tie it down in the future inshallah. I am truly happy for her she deserves the best.

I don't think what I felt was jealousy, maybe a bit of regret for not staying in touch, also some fear.Fear of I will never feel that way again :(

To put things in perspective that was over 7 years ago by now :(
I don't really talk to as many girls as I used to, and the reality is that the only option available for me if I ever want to get married is the traditional way. THAT WON'T BE EASY.

So that idea, plus remembering what I was missing weighed down on me.
Am I ever going to find some one SPECIAL, or since i am a hopless case in that area I hope SOME ONE SPECIAL FINDS ME ! !
For now I sit and wait. Sorry if that was irrelevant to any of you, I just had to get it off my chest

Enjoy !

Ps. Qweider if you ever read this can you please check why when I post a draft on my blog it aggregates it on Qweidar ?

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Are we feeling silly again ?


Well usually when am thinking about alot of different things at once i turn into a bipolar personality so this post is along that line :

These emoticons are sooo CUTE

"hehe 2im7adirlak 2im9ibe7"

"show me the money ! "


"le7 ya rabi "

"shnoo bigool ?! "

"bidi al3an.....$#$#$"

"YAi habbibi (3othri that is :P)"

"F'n computer "


"biddi CIGY "

"ma 7azart"

So on the other hand i feel burnt out and i need a break !
no seriously i need a break from life and thinking ............... So depending on the mood cycle am going to be UBER silly or A manic depressive and crabby

thoughts are along the lines of what does being special mean ? ? ??

so till i figure out how to write about what am thinking of u'll keep on seeing silly


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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Talk About a Niche Society XD

Pink KKK !!! Tolerance, understanding with the hood ?!
(courtesy of dailyirrelevant)


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

If you like what they are doing to YOUR media ....

Hey that was an interesting flyer !
(off The daily irrelevant)

Funny thing is soon enough they are gonna charge you for minute consumption of media, for instance the new HD & Blu-rays players need to ask permition from the record industry before it plays a media.

So yes if the only way to curb being treated as thieves is to become one then so be it.



Emotional Disconnect

One of the major distraughts I have with the media these days is that they fuel the emotional disconnect between humans and the event.
(by the way Babel draw a very immaculate image of this)

They talk in labels, general themes, and they simplify things. Plus the fact that their reporting style of "Bad Vs. Good", "Us Vs. Them" mentally numbs the audience.

Whats even more heart wrenching is that people take their world for the world we live in. they take their talk as holy, that in turn makes anyone that questions it a heretic. Some of you might think am talking about the western media, though this might apply to them but to a greater extent this applies to our region.

Since the conception of the Internet it has been a well of information dissipation, it reinforced a humans ability, and taught him to distinguish for himself the accuracy of any data he stumbles upon. Most importantly it enforces questioning. The media doesn't !

Its so much easier to put people under a label, when they are placed under a label they are lump summed under that label with no emotional attachment, individuality or core. That makes it so much easier to move the commons in which ever direction the head moves.
We as humans need to tackle issues as humans first, then think about conflicting ideologies, personal convictions and vendettas. As humans we are define by our behaviour and emotions we should never judge a person as part of a group, and we should retain the individuality of that person. We must revive the person to person interaction to overcome the hegemony that absorbs us today.

No more terrorists, Sunnis, Americans, Shiites, Europeans, Jordanians, Palestinians, Muslims, and Christians. More Moh'd, Steve, Ali, Asma, Jean, and Mary's. Lets reconnect back to a personal level, what better tool to do that than the Internet, and what better epitome to who you are than a Blog.

Well that was actually just the introduction, am not the best mover of the crowds and am too much of a dreamer and pessimist to make this go anywhere. I just wish SOMEONE moves this forward. Toward connecting on a personal level here is a great report from the other side of things, I just felt my heart skip a beat after reading it. Regardless of what we have been told to think the soldiers shouldn't be treated that way, in no way should be used to drive the masses depending on how bad of a shape they are in.
The manner that their sacrifice has been demeaned just touch you on a persona level. Now I am gonna get flamed saying that they choose to invade as Americans, but let me put it this way they were programmed to do so.
Same way a rat reacts when faced with a carrot and stick experiment, they where put in a situation where the imputes was given to resurrect patriotism (9/11), the current environment they were in wasn't sustainable and they were presented with dreams of shangri-la if they join (most of the new recruits are from the poorest neighbourhoods, and most of them were in a dire economical situation so being recruited was the only option they had or to struggle with poverty. too bad that ideals don't put bread on the table).
They were simply fooled on a person to person level, and on a national level. Now I'll leave the projection of that scenario to you as to how it pertains to our region.

Read this article Please ! (

As Always ENJOY

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Things That stuck with me

Well this is just a jabber blabber

"Just like water a human heart sinks to the lowest depth"

Faced with a refugee problem, and economic depression the goverment set out to establish a matial law state to enforce a military-industrial complex economy.

To maintain a sustainable military-industrial complex you need an unvincible enemy that is under your control.

Without a leadership figure to guide the masses the commons will create chaos, so all that is required to create chaos is to jam communication channels between the top and the commons.

If you can switch bodies what constitutes you ? is that what we call a soul ?

The UN will always be a tool of delay imployed by goverments.

A person can strive to achieve an ideal, but he will lose touch of reality.

a puppet can do a reversal of control if he chooses to do nothing when provoked.

All previous lines are from or inspired from a 30 minutes(22 to be exact) cartoon

A person can get than 3 months of jail time for killing somebody in Jordan all you have to provide is that he is blood related and that he fucked somebody (you can claim that part, so go kill your most hated blood relative or next of kin :D)

Liverpool LOST YAY, but we certainly handed these barca's asses on a platter to their fans.
I call for public lynchings to be reinstituted.

These are part of the thoughts from last night


Sunday, March 04, 2007

As you Say your Highness (more like get of the F***n pedestal)

Pardon my French, but i feel like cussing more than normal in this post so bare with me.
For all the F**kwads in this world that think its a blessing for us that they exist to enlighten us, and lonely since they find no par to their excellence.
Please oh pretty please Drop Dead, or just f@#^ing crawl back in to the womb that brought you into this world.
Humanity is better off without you !

I learned to not argue with people online, since there is a syndrome of inflated hyper reality with people when they come online that they are going to enlighten the masses with their intellect, and that they are the messiahs of the "cyberage"
Since I always carry the observer point of view I don't bother discussing much of the issues that carry interest to me, hence I don't comment.
There is something with people online that makes them think that they are unfalsifiable.
That behavior boils my blood when it is mixed with a patronizing and condescending attitude.

What I can't understand is the idea that you might be wrong that frightening, or is it that you are oppressed in reality and it allows you to have a venting space.

Rules of discussion:
  • Never dismiss an opinion on your grounds ! always try to see things in a different eye
  • Never use an absolute truth in your terminology (for example; says so)
  • Always ask before jumping to conclusion
  • Never think that the personal in front of you is of a lesser knowledgeable or intellectual level that you are
  • Being nice and polite is optional in my book so that serves as a privilege not a requirement

on a funny note here is an example of such kn**heads that pollute our existence, the t^@t thinks he's better than the rest of us sa$#ni&&ers

So yeah ENJOY that is if you have been able to stomache my potty mouth !
I Introduce the Delusional Amir Saffar, though this is an old post from "The Dubai Life" it fitted the jumping to conclusions that a certain kisama exhibited

From: Amir Saffar
Sent: 02 December 2006 01:22
To: Amir Saffar
Subject: multimediator/web designer position
Amir Saffar

To Whom It May Concern:
I am a web developer/designer with experience in designing corporate, commercial, retail, and business web systems. With more than 6 years experience designing Internet/multimedia systems professionally in a production environment, I could be a valuable asset to your web design and multimedia team.
Managing projects, task delegation, and client relations have been necessary skills at my previous employment positions. These have always been tasks that I excel at and enjoy.
My experience in web site consultation critiquing usability, functionality, aesthetics, and search engine placement can help clients with their existing web content by introducing them to innovative and cost-effective solutions.

My enthusiasm, creativity, communication skills and ability to work without supervision are my strong points. I have extensive design experience using Flash, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, VB, C#, SQL, Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, 3dsMax, and other programs. I would be able to create a dynamic company presence for you on the Internet.

I am currently on vacation for two months in the region. Since I have a Canadian passport, traveling to the UAE would not be an issue for me at all. I also have to mention that since I have lived in a multicultural country and because of my background, I have been trained to work with people who have different cultures and backgrounds. Therefore I hope my experience in this field could be a valuable asset to your company.
I would welcome an opportunity to discuss my qualifications and experience in greater detail. I am available for an interview at your convenience.


Mike Platts wrote:
Hi Amir
Thanks for sending us your CV - we’d certainly be interested in speaking with you. Just to clarify, are you planning to visit Dubai during your vacation? If not, perhaps we can arrange to speak over the phone.
Mike Platts
Creative Partner, North55 Dubai


From: Amir Saffar
Sent: 11 December 2006 00:18
To: Mike Platts
Subject: RE: hi again
Hi again,
I guess people work for free in Dubai. Am I correct!??

take care


Mike Platts wrote:

Sorry, you’ve completely lost me there…how did I imply that people ‘work for free’ in Dubai?


From: Amir Saffar
To: Mike Platts
Sent: Friday, December 15, 2006 9:11 PM
Subject: RE: hi again

it’s very simple Mike. You are interested in my profile and i wanted to know how much you were able to pay. no response means: you either can’t pay that much,
or you only hire indians and pakistanis who don’t ask for a good salary.
but dude, i am neither indian or paki and i have never worked for less than
2000 usd/month. You got it now!?



Mike Platts wrote:

Jesus, that’s some chip you’ve got on your shoulder there pal. Before the email I received on 11th December, I’d only gotten one from you - the first, which included your CV. As far as I can see, it didn’t mention money. If you sent another after that, then sorry, but I didn’t get it, which is why I didn’t reply.
Anyway, it’s all worked out well. I wouldn’t want a bigotted arsehole like you working with us, and I’m sure that the Indians and Pakis who work at North55 - most of whom earn more than US$2,000 a month, some by a factor of three - are glad that they won’t have to put up with your small-minded bullshit either. The Brits, South Africans and Canadians will probably be pretty cock-a-hoop too.
Best of luck finding a job in Dubai - I’m sure you’ll get exactly the kind of position you deserve.


From: Amir Saffar
To: Mike Platts
Sent: Saturday, December 16, 2006 10:39 PM
Subject: got it?

i’m sending this e-mail twice. i wanna make sure you get it this time!!

2000 USD/month is a joke bro. I got paid that much when I graduated from College/without any exp.
I’m pretty sure most of you guys work at coffee shops when you finish your work at the studio.
What doesn’t make sense to me is, why would a guy from N America or Europe want to work for that amount. Perhaps you’ve had a low paid job back home and you are satisfied with 2000 USD! weren’t you a cleaner/or a security guard…Mike!?


From: Mike Platts
To: Amir Saffar
Sent: Sunday, December 17, 2006 1:41 AM
Subject: Fw: got it?
You really are an irritating little troll aren’t you? You can barely write English, and you seem to have a problem reading it too. So I’ll break it down for you: not. wanted. here.
Now fuck off.
All the best,
PS - I’ve taking the liberty of copying some of my colleagues in the industry here, just in case they too should have the misfortune of hearing from you. I’m sure they’d be kind enough to forward it on to their pals, too, and with any luck you’ll be back fucking moose in time for Christmas. (Oh, and by the way, if you’re such hot shit, why the reluctance to include a link to any of your work in your CV? So you’ve got six years’ experience - big deal. You don’t seem to have been able to hold down a job for too long - or were they short-term cleaner/security guard contracts?)


From: Amir Saffar
To: Mike Platts
Sent: Sunday, December 17, 2006 11:06 AM
Subject: Re:

by the way,
Mike you were either a
1. Security Guard
2. Cleaner
3. On Welfare
4. had a criminal background, so you couldn’t get a job back home
5. a bad designer who never worked for a real company. One of those guys who is a pain in the ass in the production team.

who knows, maybe one day you’ll be working for people like me if you ever decide to return to Europe or N America. * I guess would lose the job within 3 months.

good luck Mike.


[Mike] wrote:

Congratulations - you’re famous:

Much Love,



From Amir Saffar:

Don’t you really have anything else to do, other than forwording useless e-mails to other people and writting a blog. Dude, if you work at a pro company, you don’t even have time to drink coffee. you are not a pro!! that’s it. and your e-mails are going to the garbage bin from now.

take care

Friday, March 02, 2007

Qwaider Planet .......... Thanks

I just felt bad that I did criticize the design of the website before but when it was changed i didn't say anything

So this is just to say I do like it.
the colors are easy on the eye (tho a bit unisex)
there are no more screen hogging by tags and registered blogs, and the headlines and summaries are clear !

ps. i can never find myself using the search :( but since i dont use it for anything else i dont know how well it works

Rehersals for a global economy collapse

Haha the chines and the east Asians are testing the world market stability, and from what it seems the test was a success !
The World market is as stable as two legged table !
400 hundred points drop from a ripple in the Asian market WOW !
It two 2 towers and over a 100 lives to get that kinda effect on wall street, No wonder they got scared shit less and ran for an exit as soon as they heard the Chinese are rocking the boat

The current status of the world market is that the US housing bubble is fizzling very quickly, the US economy was kept afloat by Greenspan's reduction of interest rates and creating a faux demand on housing which kept the economy afloat since 2000.
now that has created a crazy national debt, and a faltering economy, add to that a surge of foreclosures and an overprinting of bonds by the federal reserve to fuel a rogue presidency.

So the current situation is bleak, and the greenback is about to be worth as much as the paper its printed on.
I call end of September early October as the date to go on the epiphany.
Oh yeah if ur living in the states start buying lands and guns !
for everyone else buy silver and gold and save up on euros.

This has been a public service announcement given to you by a rogue & delusional NO Angel (aka Bambam)

pps.this was not gonna be a long or in depth post, but just a reminder for myself so i can say "I told you so "

Bloody Fastlink ..... That is the last straw

Yesterday I receive a message from Fastlink telling me they are deducting 1 JD from my account as an education tax, never mind that i can't find the connection between the two, and that they valued my line for 15 JDs. I Flipped, what kind stupid ass tax is that !
Now i heard that this was on the table for the best part of last year, and the verdict was that fast link was not willing to enforce this tax and the collection fee will not justify the cost.
That makes me wonder, what made Fastlink change its mind and enforce it, cause reality states that if they were against it, they are the market holders, it will not be enforced. Since the license doesn't state such a tax it can't be forced unilaterally, and also its not exactly a tax more like a TV tariff.

So now essentially for letting another tax be enforced in Jordan, yeah we are being taxed close to what Canada taxes without the benefits, being a huge rip off when i go romming, and not answering my call center calls (they placed every prepaid card on a longer queue) my phone line is going to be fastlink no more.


ps. all what i said is what i think happened if some one got some concrete info please let me know
pps. i think am gonna hang a banner for that, just like world peace or end hunger kinda thing :P