Thursday, August 09, 2007

An outlook on things

Lately my ideas have been jumbled and I can't really write clear cut and focused posts so bear with me :D

Have been occupied with quite a few things and hopping that they go well. Actually for the first time yesterday I got to hang out with some bloggers, that turned out pretty nicely I would say(bad movie tho). With everything that has been going on here it has become really annoying reading the same vanity from a lot of people. I vow if i see another poll coming on, am really going to do something cynical about it. That following the previous childishness really are leaving a bitter taste in my mouth, am not gonna go psychoanalyzing people cause honestly it stops at the childish attribute in my humble opinion.

phew thats off my chest now, moving on.

Came across a nice documentary that deals with the Palestinian issue, it is called Occupation 101 .

Now it didn't offer anything new, but i like the way they put it together and what they choose to put in it, a lot of ancient clips of the refugees were included which was interesting to watch. Now that watching got me started on thinking of why do I look at the whole issue in such vane. When I was younger (yes I can get younger and still spout out my mouth politically) I was a believer in that if we try to bridge the understanding and think logically on a solution that helps to compromise the difference and try to keep our emotions at bay.

Well after more than a few run ins with both sides I found that this idea will never gain traction when both sides are conquered by fear they are unable to detach from their immediate emotions so as long as there is fears in their hearts they will run to the first exit. Hence we got our lovely Oslo agreement (or maybe cause they have just ran out of countries willing to have the PLO run amok) . So at that point I was hoping that there will be an honest and credible leadership on either side that is able to rally the masses into a solution....

Yeah that lasted long, and looking at how things are now I can only feel vane towards the case. We have lost every ounce of respect for ourselves, we have two inexperienced ego megalomaniacs dealing with the most delicate political & idealogical situation in the world, and boy are they giving us a good show.

Now what is even more bleak is that the level of the education of my generation is so dismal that there is little hope for any worthy leadership to be born and that is one of the major reason why we are where we are (yes Arafat is not a counter example) so am at loss of what could be done. I won't go to touch on the Israeli side but what i don't understand is that cocooning that Arabs do whenever there is a chance to gain first hand experience in talking to an Israeli or a Jew. I still believe in talking if not to meet on common ground at least to learn their point of view, without doing at least that there is no way to be able to negotiate and we will have to negotiate.

The only solution I see in the horizon is to level the playing field and that could only be achieved if the funding they receive from the US is cut off, and that could only happen if the economy goes down the drain which brings me to this ...

OK, maybe something is wrong with me but I am getting really aroused by all the news I have been tuning to ....
Dow down 300 points again after French bank freezing 3 funds that invested in U.S. sub-prime loans, now that places the Dow at 88 points up from the last week's scare. The real catch is the unprecedented move by the European central bank to inject $130 billion to banks at the very low 4% rate, and on the federal reserve side they added $24 billion in temporary reserves to the U.S. banking system.
Simply saying while hedge funds already are sinking one after the other, now this is all spreading like a cancer in the financial circles and this is promising to be bloody. Treasury bill investment is the hot ticket with people banking on the Fed reserve will have no option but to cut the rates.
With all this mess we have china telling the US to its face that you either do what we want you to do or we just sink your stick man of a currency into the pages of history, the nice thing is they can do very little about it since china has the largest reserve currency (due to them financing the American wars by proxy) and can be pretty loony and do just that !

So Dow U've been doing great just 1200 more points to go, "U CAN DO IT ! ". September here we come (dammit i wish i had some money am missing a cash cow).

On a more entertaining, we had one of the secretaries from the front desk (the person that greets people who walk into the building) now she got promoted recently to what is effectively head of HR. It never fails, they start wearing different cloth, the new achieved power starts corrupting them. They get snappy and bossy and that got the cynical me grinding and the decision was .... Give her HELL!
So you need tech support, well you will have to wait really long. Can't understand the new policies ? oops read the email ain't gonna explain them again.
Enjoying your new responsibility ? believe me am going to take a sweet spot to that, means I can chug more work your direction, and if you ignore me I will highlight it at every meeting.
Why am being so mean, because I fully know that she incapable of filling the job but usually that doesn't make me behave that way. The real reason is that she is going to dismantle a perfectly good HR system that i was looking forward to be implemented into a broken piece of crap !

So the crusades are on and it's giving me some lighthearted daily entertainment, poor new workers that have been hired the atmosphere is "ElEcTrIfYiNg" at the office.

Anyways over an out...

ps. people if you listen to my playlist i reduced the quality of the music so that the streaming is smoother, so is it good enough or should i go back to the original better quality ?

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  • Hey, I think you missed your first year blogaversary :) .


    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 12/8/07 21:51  

  • LOL 7aki thanks.
    yes i did miss it but i don't even celebrate my bday to celebrate my anniversary poor future wifey...
    now that reminds me i better start hassling the new HR to refund my social committee money cause they didn't even celebrate my bday for the second year dammit

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 12/8/07 21:58  

  • Bambam, I never fail to learn something from your blog. King of Diversity!

    Happy blogoversary and birthday, whenever it was!

    By Anonymous kinzi, At 13/8/07 11:07  

  • Another long post !!! have mercy on us ..
    Sorry,couldn't go through the whole documentary..Having lived and witnessed something similar,the feeling of injustice is unberable to relive it again...
    I hope all conflicts will be solved one way or another in our life time ...

    As for the playlist,I don't think there anything wrong with the quality, it just needs an update :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 14/8/07 07:35  

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