Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Make up your own title

Well a whole bunch of ideas flowing through my head as usual but since i haven't posted in a while i feel like just flooding them in a single post. since they are non coherent to say the least (well other than just jumbling brain waves in my head) its pick ur own title post.
Helical Governance:

Economical & social ideals seem to be always at schism with reality. It has been pretty much established that communism is not a workable system (Am not gonna go push some Marxist's buttons now) it has been able to last for barely 50 years which by any standard is a short time.
While capitalism and its make-up kit "democracy" have been just able to make inroads in the global sphere and through that process the mask is starting to peel-off.
The current problem that is starting to be faced with a "I want" society is that the "I's" are really
looking out for them selves and through that process the "we" are collectively loosing power.
i.e. while you are out looking to make more money, and establishing an easier life while delegating the governance to someone else, that person is also looking out for the same thing hence collectively the government is not longer concerned about what is best for the people.

The other side of the equation is that during our pursuit of "happyness" we forgot what the value of money was. It was never a goal but a mean, so when you are being enslaved to the means of some body else it will make you a disposable tool once a better and cheaper one comes along, that drives people into a competition of forgoing quality of living just to live.

so why am I talking about all this barely legible nonsense there ( i did warn that this is barely coherent and just brewing).

the idea is not novel by any standard, the short coming of communism that it didn't allow people have the little extra things that makes life a little colorful so it made the people too gray but on the other hand it provided some sense of stability and security (please tell me you want to argue that point) .

On the other hand capitalism allows you to have the world, but the catch is that you have to afford it.

The problem with both is that there is little tie in between the country and the people, we as the people are still the sheep that need the herder to mobilize us.

What is happening currently is that regardless of protesting or civil disobedience the government and the people are not aligning their views. After the election of a representative, which takes all of 1 hour normally, you kick back into you lazy routine and keep getting droned by the monotonousness of daily life. In the meanwhile there is someone that is taking your future and microwaving into into rubble, but it's alright for you are living well right now.

Well that all needs to change, the government needs to subsidize and take control of the essentials. Medical care, education, basic commodity agriculture, utilities need to be under governmental control. those services need to be to essential to make the general population focus on "life" rather than living. when the population is under less of a stress and not worrying about securing the essentials they will have more time on their hands to establish a participatory democracy, no that doesn't mean waiting from election cycle to the next and hoping for the best. Participatory democracy means having the people involved in the governance, in the sense that issue that affect a wide segment of society don't only get passed by the vote of the elected officials but they need the consent of the people.

The connectivity today is what will facilitate the system, for right now we have the ability, education of the masses and tools to accomplish what the Greek democracy set out to achieve. Hence a marriage between democracy and governmental control, with the wisdom of the crowds having the highest level of oversight.

ok that took longer than it should and ate away from the space for other things and its not even detailing what I want.

Some other fliers:

The ever disappearing boundary between the internet and my life; the way things that are happening online are leaving their ripples on my life and vice versa. still undecided whether its a good thing, for i did gain a lot compared to what i could consider that i lost. This idea was brought on by the entertaining scuffles going around which i did find amusing although i abstained from participating.

Eagerly watching the stock market, the currency markets, oil and general global economy is so much fun. i hope my predictions come out right, only a couple of months left and so far everything seems to be on schedule. Bear Stearns bailed ship on the sub-prime titanic , but the CDOs and all that landfill "new age" financial instruments are moving their zeros to the left quicker than investors can drop their pants and bend over. i was looking forward for todays performance after Fridays slippery slump but i think the Plungers are back at it again will see what the reserve meeting will issue tomorrow.

Foreign movies are so much more entertaining that american ones these days. Finally got to watch Nightwatch (a russian sci-fi movie), transformers, and the science of sleep (especially surreal) they were all exceptionally well done. On the other hand been trying to watch Zodiac and black snake moan for a while.

I do feel bad since i haven't updated my playlist, haven't posted much on arabexpats, and haven't done the weekly playlist for the music blog. need to get on top of that as soon as i have the energy.

Also University of Aqaba(yes we are going to have our very own university of las vegas in jordan YAY!!!) is holding off a design contest for their logo with a grand prize of JOD4000. This is open to everyone all you have to do is design a logo (up to 3) jpg (800x600min, and max 250k) have it done by August 21st and send it to us(at)adc(dot)jo
it should be nice to see if people like moey, 360, roba or all the other designer/bloggers give it a shot since it sounds interesting.

and final header......

Emotionally attached types are really a peculiar species, they are always in the "I want" and never in the "maybe circumstances got the best of the situation". Need to stay away from them for a while. Please, please, please let the summer be over ! I had enough of the traffic, the visitors, being nice to people, and the eternal 5-12 vocal tornado that goes through the house on daily bases..... need to invent "silencer" milk drops. I'll even offer to teach them sign language if they are really bent on "screaming", wait how do mute people scream ? how inconsiderate of me.

Ramblings of a bored, tired, sleepy, incoherent on the border of sanity bambam hoping that didn't cause you a migraine if you actually managed to read it which i didn't bother to since its not even proof read, but am grateful for even checking here and hope we will be back in bliss soon and sick of the childishness and immaturity that has been tainting our space.

Cheers & Enjoy

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  • Thank you for a very amusing read!! Have a wonderful day.

    By Blogger Summer, At 7/8/07 08:41  

  • No_Angel, how devoted a reader am I: I read ALL that!! it was worth it, glad you didn't proof it.

    What I came away with to ponder: the "I" and "we" dichotomy. What I have loved about the East is the 'We'and am sad to see it shrinking.

    (Still haven't heard from Raghda, but I have a deadline this week and need to focus --- so why am I blogging? AAAHHH)

    By Anonymous kinzi, At 7/8/07 08:50  

  • First of all you owe me two tylenols..
    **In pursuit of happiness we lost the real meaning of the word ..
    ** So, when I go attend a public hearing here regarding the local gov't need for a change of the make-up of my neighborhood,from streets to traffic lights, it is called "Participatory democracy" ??
    ** I've been always a fan of foreign movies just because the different story lines that touch more on human feelings,and I have recommended a couple of chinese, french and iranian ones on my blog..
    ** Your current playlist is very nice, waiting for a new one..
    ** trust me "vocal tornadoes" are much better than the real ones we face almost everyday here in Florida..
    As for the blunder going around the blogs, it is cooling off..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 7/8/07 18:27  

  • summer always a pleasure to have you come by, glad you liked it.

    kinzi kinzi kudos to u :D
    The way i see it is that for the longest our base was our immediate community (our neighborhood, city) as we started to have a broader outlook we lost the connections to our immediate surrounding that helps in formulating concern for others since we just lack the info we need. thats why the "we" is erroding and the "I" is growing, we need to reconnect on the lower levels.

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 7/8/07 21:00  

  • noura
    I'll mail u some of my spam Tylenol offers will that help ? (cheap pharma has it for free in return for some basic info :P) sorry that i jumped through half a dozen topics there , i apologize

    **thats just poetic the way i see it is that we lost the ideal of content and play the hand you were dealt, we are so drilled on such a high standard and bombarded by extremes that we no longer find the place where we belong. so although we know what makes us happy but in comparison it never is enough.

    *** yes it is but it's is the lite version, the current way politics works is that you don't have a say in legislations, you only elect a representative. you as a citizen don't have a say in legislation so even when the great good is being harmed and you realize that there is little that you can do, that opens the way for the lobbying business which transfers a democracy into a masked elitist fascism, where with money you can get things done.
    i.e the form you talked about has no impact of the population as a whole, think how effective such oversight would have been on the war in iraq, and all the earmarks with every bill (that kind is what am talking about)

    *** i'll make sure to check em out,
    i think i love them because they engage me at a level that the production level bells and whistles movies don't, its beyong entertainment and into the realm of art, best example that comes to mind is bin jip (3 iron)

    *** playlist coming soon, thanks for keeping me in check, u actually helped drag me out of hiatus :)

    *** am sure they are, and hope they are being gentle this year (certainly better than last year). seasonal things are bearable at best.

    phew ... now that was nice of u and i think am going to take my self up on that spam pharma offers

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 7/8/07 21:15  

  • spam tylenol, cheap pharma ??!! ya3ni generic stuff ?? I will take a rain check ;)
    Thank u for taking the time to reply,and no need to apologize,although am not really familiar with the issue ,it was interesting to read and a change from the blunder going around on the blogs, it doesn't hurt to learn..
    Now I got it..then it applies to a current problem here.the new governor was elected on the premise of fixing the insurance companies performance during Hurricane season, now he turned his back on the issue and sided with where the money is.It is like an illusion of a democracy..
    Please check the movies I recommended,the post was in june,titled "I love popcorn" to go with a movie.loool ,and I will check the new music u have.
    Thanks again..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 8/8/07 18:27  

  • Off topic,
    Whats up with CSS, bro it is not worth it to waste your time on such a blog, she and her bunch are brain washed to the degree that your suggestion of enema will bring us more sh!t out of their Asses on the top of the Sh!t that is coming out of their mouths :)

    By Blogger Mohanned, At 9/8/07 21:32  

  • lol Mohanned.

    No Angel, I actually enjoyed reading this post , as always, your ideas are always interesting :)the more "non coherent " they are the more fun I have reading them.

    And 7aram the "my day in Music" blog, it feels very neglected :(.

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 9/8/07 22:43  

  • mohanned LOL, you know i don't exactly agree on you with that issue especially, but what got churning is the way she carried on the conversation and keeps on doing it. so far am enjoying it but it won't last long .... she's boring

    7aki hey i gave it some good loving today, sorry that it slipped my mind last week.
    a always glad you enjoyed it :)

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 9/8/07 23:24  

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