Sunday, July 30, 2006

Amman ... Amman sweet ol' Amman

Well I guess a little Intro is due here. so lets see.
I have been living here for 24 years minus 6 So am on my two year run now, going at a fairly stable deterioration rate of social interaction, and highly combustable attitude (seems to be brewed by the enviroment).

So how is related to Amman in any way if its just the rannting of About a social degenerate, who found bloggin as a venting space.

--- by the way I am the only allowed to call myself that ----

Well Amman sort of has the bigger share in where I am now !

you ask how well lets examine some evidence;

- I am a fairly friendly person, I admit am not the type that you will like the first time you see me. That aside I got blown away by the competition here. Can there atleast be a single non abusive, narcistic, back stabbing, double faced shadow of a human being in Jordan ?!?

Why is everyone you meet for the first time start bad mouthing you like they know you for ages ?

so how is this helping change the situation in a few ways:
As they put it in rehab "Admitting you need help may be your toughest decision." so people atleast admit that your way of dealing about things is wrong and try to think before you blabber.

NEWS FLASH ! contrary to popular belief not everyone is out to get you in Jordan (although alot of people fall into this category) so dont treat them as they are!

And since I ranted (thats what happens when your write creative writing for the first time since highschool) I will cut it short and say "people stop sucking up to your bosses so much and ask your self where it got you so far. if the answer is "it got me far" then keep up the good work"

Watch Boondocks & dont drop the Soap in jail


Tenshi Rules

Ya Where should I get started; this is my first expose (ya right) so setting a few rules for any flammers out there before I start.

- first no spelling, grammar, and punctuation bitching.
- NO byzantine arguments, AND I MEAN NO!

other than that flame away