Monday, August 20, 2007

Guys & Dolls.... I am scared for life now

bored, and not doing so good and I just had to stumble upon this. Am disturbed, really really disturbed now. Has it become so hard to live life that there are people that resort to this :S

absolutely and utterly speechless. I just hope one of those dolls pulls a Cherry 2000 on them.



  • What the Hell man! i didn't watch it, but took a look!Again what the hell man!

    By Blogger Mohanned, At 21/8/07 00:19  

  • I heard about realdolls before. I only watched the beginning of the video, but this guy not only has sex with an oversized pillow. He gave it a name, and talks about having a relationship with it.

    I cosnider myself a liberal, but some of this is too progressive even for me !

    By Anonymous Hani Obaid, At 21/8/07 01:10  

  • WTF!

    What a bunch of freakzoides :S

    This world is soooo weird, WEIRD.

    Well I am disturbed too now...3anjad what the hell!

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 21/8/07 06:22  

  • allah yigrifak!

    By Blogger Globalorama, At 21/8/07 11:22  

  • hehehe shock and dismay resumed ....

    hani that is the most disturbing part and its not just the name and the make up and what not, it is the affect that he uses terms like "we" and "she"

    glob lol ma7ada darabak 3ala eydak to watch, and when something shocks me speechless it is guaranteed to be utterly disturbing :P

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 21/8/07 11:38  

  • I watched some of it on mute coz i am at the office and i don't have headphones, but i am not shocked about the idea coz i have seen it on T.V. Do you watch Boston Legal? it is brought up in one episode in a funny way.
    Again i haven't heard what these guys have said, but i am not shocked abou the idea.

    By Anonymous wonders, At 21/8/07 12:32  

  • wow....this is disturbing...i watched some and these guys look weird..maybe if the cleaned themselves a bit and not look so darned scary they might find a real woman...this is sick..but i guess to each his own..

    By Blogger Sam, At 22/8/07 09:31  

  • I thought I've heard it all.. I was about to have my breakfast,I don't think I will be able to hold anything in my stomach until probably tomorrow this time!! and I only watched 3 minutes..
    Well,not only you owe me two tylenols,I think I might need some type of therapy..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 23/8/07 19:11  

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