Monday, August 20, 2007

Fall Season Roundup

Summer is over and regardless of how ironic it is that am doing a roundup of the Fall season while am in Jordan ( I love my torrents) this season so far seems to pack a big punch and there are quite a few new shows to look out for. So here is the round-up per day

Green is a new series - Red is a returning one
Monday (translates to Tuesday nights in our Case)

Battle Star Galactica
(October 1st) - The final season and probably the best well around series, I hope it goes out with a BANG! me wants smashed toasters...

Prison Break (September 17th) - should be remained to break in & out & back in again & hopefully out or something but will keep me tuned

Heroes (September 24th) - well the more Hiro I get to see the happier i'll be. The best new show of last season is back for another run of the best super hero sweetness on TV !

Weeds (August 13th) - that is if you were waiting and didn't see the Pre-Air episodes

Chuck (September 24th) - now this quirky drama laced with witty humor according to the previews is a flip-flop. the premise is a geeky twenty something downloads goverment secrets into his brain is seeked out by the CIA to lead a double life as a sales man and secret agent. the download to brain part is the only things worth mentioning about an otherwise pretty cliche plot so will check out the first episode and see how it goes from there.

Honorable mention - K-Ville(September 17th) - a drama about a bunch of cops in post Katrina New Orleans worth flipping through when commercials are on ...

Tuesday (translates to Wednesday nights in our Case)
House (September 25th) - Dr. Gregory House is back again, rude crude and always so for us he always keeps us coming back for more.

Carpoolers (October 2nd) - a comedy about Four men ranting about life, relationships, money & work for 30 minutes on their way to work. might be a good time waster after a long day at work.

Reaper (September 25th) - A 21 year old whose parents sold his soul to the devil has to pay up and be a bounty hunter for Beelzebub. Oh and thats a comedy by the way so also worth a glance.

SouthPark (October 3rd) - Well I personally can't get enough of 'em

Bionic Women (September 26th) - Those who remember the show from the 70's will be surprised that other than an accident and bionic parts there is little else left of the series. from The preview of the first episode it was entertaining enough and had the feeling of watching a hybrid of Buffy the Vampire hunter and Dark Angel so far so good. Oh and the first bionic women is the nemesis this time.

Honorable mention - Dirty Sexy Money (September 26th) - Cluedo meets falcon crest, a drama thriller.

The office (september 27th) - one word... SCHRUTE ! I wonder how long they'll keep Pam and Jim playing footsy.

Supernatural (October 4th) - Sam & Dean at it again, both have already died for god's sake what will it take to kill them off ? Armageddon that might do it, so we'll get to see the writers try that out

Honorable Mention - Drawn Together (October 4th) - quirky comedy of a "not so super" heroes, never checked it out so this might be the year.

Nothing! Enough TV all wee,k go out and have some fun. If you stay in there isn't anything worth the time, so go open up a book or something. Though Real Time with Bill Maher(August 24th) might be worth checking but on a different day.

Saturday & Sunday
Dexter (September 30th) - can't say more than what I said here.

Never got around to enjoy Simpsons(September 23rd), Family Guy (September 23rd one-hour premiere special) , or American Dad(September 30th) since I got too used to just flipping channels and stumbeling upon them but those got their fans. Now if I get to see more Stewie then i might tune in to Family Guy. I never really understood what's so great about Desperate Housewives (September 30th) either.

Lost (3 more seasons till it's over), 24, Jericho, one-tree hill, lipstick jungle(think ala sex and the City) and a bunch of other shows will not premier until early 2008.
One hottest new comers is 'Sarah Conor chronicles', yes if that name rings a bell am sure you have grin on your face right about now, thats the post terminator 2 story should be interesting to say the least.
Also lest I forget, The IT Crowd(January 1st) is coming state side which is based on the British comedy that you can watch here , if you are slightly involved in IT then its a must watch !

Over & out.
ENJOY the season!



  • 3 posts!!!!!

    I haven't raed them yet but liked to say that ... hehehehehe... inno you don't write forever adn hten 3 posts, 7aram 3aliak

    7aki goes to read now.

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 20/8/07 21:00  

  • This was cool, thanks!

    Hero's, House and Family Guy are my faves...o o and the office.

    Tab what happened to my name is Earl?

    Prison break is so lame, for real only the first season was cool, like , they already broke out tab w ba3dain? ,.. ooh that sounds like a cool title for a show .. lol .. w ba3dain

    By the way, 2 other shows called, "brothers and sisters" and also a show called "shark", are worth checking so check them out

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 20/8/07 22:14  

  • make it 4 7aki :P
    sorry for not mentioning my name is earl(september 27th).
    hmm prison break is entertaining still in my opinion what i can't stand any more is lost ...
    hey 7aki you gave me a soap and another legal drama to watch ...yikes
    but since u recommended them i'll give em a shot.

    Oh and since u like the office check out the IT crowd episode link up there

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 20/8/07 23:29  

  • lol at soap, HAHAHHA da7aktni, but I liked it, well I am a gal and you are a guy , so maybe you won't like it :D , yeah I guess it's kinda soapy, but it's funny, but yeah I can see why you might no like it.

    And shark, I like the leading man, he's a great actor, but then it is a legal show, a dime a dozen so yeah, I can see why you might not want to watch it...I only watched it twice anyway myself . hehehehe.

    And I too hate lost, inno for real it needs too much thinking and I am tired all day of thinking and I get lost while watching it so no thank you I'll pass, they are losing their fan base anyway

    Ok I'll stop now ... hehehehe .. is it like a post or a comment that I’m leaving.. cos i have no clue what i want to post about in my blog, I am clueless I tell yah CLUELESS but I have a lot to say on other people blogs.

    Ok I'll really go now...but before I go, is there anything you want me to blog about? For real, ANYTHING .. HELP!

    Ok ok byeeeeeeee

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 21/8/07 05:20  

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