Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Weeds Season 3.... pre-air preview

Well another show for the fall season that has made its way to the layman's network. Is this the latest in viral marketing and buzz engineering ?
Weeds is back for another season of our lovely suburban community, with Nancy Botwin(Mary-Louise Parker) with the cliff hanger ending of last season its anyone's guess how this one will start and frankly no need for that just go watch it.
The plot in a nut shell is the struggle of Nancy, a single mother of 2 boys, trying to make ends meet by becoming a weed dealer in the suburban community of Agrestic.

One of the things to look forward to is the inclusion of Mary-Kate Olson as an evangelist that is the new love interest of Nancy's eldest son, Silas.

The allure of this series is not just the theme, or how close to reality the depiction of the story is. It is the top notch acting by Parker along with a great assembly of actors that do this story justice.

The series will premiere officially on August 14th.

Now practicing on cats was fine to celebrate the return of dexter (though it will mean the stray cat population in Jordanian streets will drop drastically by September 14th), I wonder how I should celebrate the return of this series appropriately ..... HMMM

After thought 1: I think I should start adding weekly what to watch list since I do view alot of things during a week
After thought 2: I think I should lay off the filler posts of a while, haven't had a meaty post in a long time and i know exactly what would do the job.

Edit:Episode 3 has been added thanks to severus.

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  • Thanks for helping a satellite-less expat stay in touch with with what he pop-culture is exporting.

    By Blogger kinzi, At 24/7/07 20:45  

  • Just watched Weeds S03
    that nancy is one hot MILF weed

    By Anonymous Severus, At 24/7/07 23:18  

  • I love the fillers :D

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 25/7/07 04:47  

  • I can't but agree with severus, Mary-Louise Parker is so friggin hot!!

    By Blogger Who's-sane!, At 25/7/07 08:06  

  • whosane & severus Haba haba haba :]~
    Kinzi & 7akiwill keep them coming then

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 25/7/07 09:47  

  • Oh and satellite is so over rated and useless. Do what you want cause a pirate is free, YOU ARE A PIRATE :D

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 25/7/07 09:49  

  • hey dude
    guess what
    weeds S03E03 is out
    here it is

    By Anonymous Severus, At 26/7/07 07:42  

  • Yeah i watched it last night...
    poor nancy :(
    thanks for the heads up and check claymore from what i read on ur blog u should love it ;)

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 26/7/07 08:43  

  • here is weed S03E04

    By Anonymous Severus, At 28/7/07 12:57  

  • How come I haven't heard of this program before :( I will sure to look for it.. Why you are not updating your music ??

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 30/7/07 18:03  

  • hey severus yeah i don't get it how they are releasing so many episodes, but i won't be complaining about it :D

    my bad for the lack of updates here just got caught up with doing a bakers dozen of things so scouts honor i'll get to it first thing tomorrow noura, and check out weeds on showtime if u get it there, totally worth it but watch the last couple of eps from the second season before u start

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 30/7/07 18:21  

  • la ma fee, update hala2,hala2..no,am just kidding,looking forward to listen to it..:)

    I don't have showtime but I found season one at the public library..I will get it.thanks :)

    By Anonymous noura, At 30/7/07 20:38  

  • This show is as good as it gets. without any other a kind of clone. i thoroughly enjoyed this show...download
    weeds episode

    By Blogger shalini, At 6/11/08 12:03  

  • Season 3 is a great season of the show.I have been watched all the episodes till Season 4. But now i am Looking to Download Weeds season 5. I have seen only few episodes. Hopee i will get it soon.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 23/7/09 12:07  

  • you are right. weeds season 3 is very inserting.i also this time watch weeds season 5.season 5 episode 6 is very interesting.

    By Blogger dorsey, At 30/9/09 12:36  

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