Monday, July 28, 2008

Prices only go up in our version of the the "free" market

cartoon by payne

I told u so ... prices only go up in our version of the the "free" market
So the prices for gas have been priced at $140 per barrel in jordan and it took them like 10 days to actually price it at that after it hit that mark ... now after 18 trading session of falling petrol prices and it being at $123 (a 16% drop from the peak) we are told that they might think about lowering the price and fixing things if it hits $90 a barrel! &@ck#%% $#^! $u^& licking ^%$&* #%^&#%&^ #%#&%^ @#!#!@#
This concludes our short report of "you should've known betta!"

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Disturbia p.IV

haven't done this in a while and this one is different since its only one site !
go there for a dose of truly disturbing whispers --

sample 1:

Sample 2:

Sample 3:


2il 3asfora 2alatli (the lil robin told me) ...

Sick and tired to having to pay your bills for water and electricity ? are you tired of being to have unlimited access to water and electricity and then paying for it (sometimes optional or heavily discounted) ?
Well soon enough you won't have to! introducing the pre-paid electricity and water system coming to Amman by the end of the year. no more worries, need water at mid-night because your water quota has been consumed ... you should have known better beaver, you should have been prepared and kept some pre-paid cards reserved.
Welcome to the new utility horizon !

So diesel costs for the winter are going to be a pain, gas ? not a chance you might as well take out those Romos and sell them while you can ?
So what are the people supposed to do ? well easy turn to electricity and wood... so hail on the new deforestation age and illegally cutting trees for timber (yeah thats like so last year). Actually the interesting phenomena this summer, i believe that it will get worse in winter, is that people are actually stealing electricity from the main lines and overloading the stations in the process (because its not just 1 or 2 people it is the whole damn neighborhood). so come winter expect this piece of news to make its rounds.

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The future of the internet, will you bend over please ?

This is what they are trying to do, kill off the free medium of expression that we all have and cherish. If you think "meh... this is canada its not going to affect me!" then you are wrong ! once the model is applied in one country, other ISP's will be slobbering to cash in. They already started that with mobile internet websites and soon they will embark on decimating the internet.
Stand up !

Source - Ipower

Extra Reading - Article by mike finch

ps. while this seems to be a hoax its still a viable future ...

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jordan; a 110% behind entrepreneurs. sho bitgol ?!

Nassim was Talking a while back about issue blogging so I thought I'll pitch in to the cup, what I want to talk about today is a fairly simple issue; how regulations, the blessings system and bureaucracy blocks and crushes entrepreneurial spirit in our community. It really is interesting for me to be living in a country and always hearing people say that they are a 110% backing entrepreneurs. while, in reality, they are just paddling backwards when it comes to it.

well the story goes like this, a group of Jordanian individuals came up with an idea that had a lot of potential, something that would raise the level of services in the public schools.

The idea was to centralize the food production for schools, to arrange that all the food that will be provided for the public school to be produced and packaged in a central stations located in proximity to a group of schools and delivered fresh daily to the schools. each meal will compose of a balanced diet, the centralization of the meal will reduce the cost on the students and there will be subsidies and aids. Even 10% of the profits will go into a scholarship & aid fund for the students, without effecting the current break-ups. The element that will be effected is the system in which the teachers at the beginning of the year cut a deal with the falafel store at the corner of the school to provide the cafeteria with sandwiches around the year .... YUM !

So since the project involves the public school system you have to go do the rounds of blessings from various people and more importantly the department of education.
So you go and do your presentation rounds and the atmosphere is mostly reactionary... they will attack you on every front if they feel that you will curtail on their authority, reduce their income streams or be a serious competitor to anything on the market. On the other hand if you have a genuinely profitable idea that hasn't be implemented then you will certainly be blocked, without a reason or justification for that rejection. It's the attitude of "2i7na awla" (we deserve it more) that prevails.

By the way if anybody has the leverage to implement the idea, please make haste and hit the ground running. It's already in the pipeline.

ps. this was supposed to be one of those long posts that dissects things but it kinda never made it there.

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