Friday, March 02, 2007

Rehersals for a global economy collapse

Haha the chines and the east Asians are testing the world market stability, and from what it seems the test was a success !
The World market is as stable as two legged table !
400 hundred points drop from a ripple in the Asian market WOW !
It two 2 towers and over a 100 lives to get that kinda effect on wall street, No wonder they got scared shit less and ran for an exit as soon as they heard the Chinese are rocking the boat

The current status of the world market is that the US housing bubble is fizzling very quickly, the US economy was kept afloat by Greenspan's reduction of interest rates and creating a faux demand on housing which kept the economy afloat since 2000.
now that has created a crazy national debt, and a faltering economy, add to that a surge of foreclosures and an overprinting of bonds by the federal reserve to fuel a rogue presidency.

So the current situation is bleak, and the greenback is about to be worth as much as the paper its printed on.
I call end of September early October as the date to go on the epiphany.
Oh yeah if ur living in the states start buying lands and guns !
for everyone else buy silver and gold and save up on euros.

This has been a public service announcement given to you by a rogue & delusional NO Angel (aka Bambam)

pps.this was not gonna be a long or in depth post, but just a reminder for myself so i can say "I told you so "


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