Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Emotional Disconnect

One of the major distraughts I have with the media these days is that they fuel the emotional disconnect between humans and the event.
(by the way Babel draw a very immaculate image of this)

They talk in labels, general themes, and they simplify things. Plus the fact that their reporting style of "Bad Vs. Good", "Us Vs. Them" mentally numbs the audience.

Whats even more heart wrenching is that people take their world for the world we live in. they take their talk as holy, that in turn makes anyone that questions it a heretic. Some of you might think am talking about the western media, though this might apply to them but to a greater extent this applies to our region.

Since the conception of the Internet it has been a well of information dissipation, it reinforced a humans ability, and taught him to distinguish for himself the accuracy of any data he stumbles upon. Most importantly it enforces questioning. The media doesn't !

Its so much easier to put people under a label, when they are placed under a label they are lump summed under that label with no emotional attachment, individuality or core. That makes it so much easier to move the commons in which ever direction the head moves.
We as humans need to tackle issues as humans first, then think about conflicting ideologies, personal convictions and vendettas. As humans we are define by our behaviour and emotions we should never judge a person as part of a group, and we should retain the individuality of that person. We must revive the person to person interaction to overcome the hegemony that absorbs us today.

No more terrorists, Sunnis, Americans, Shiites, Europeans, Jordanians, Palestinians, Muslims, and Christians. More Moh'd, Steve, Ali, Asma, Jean, and Mary's. Lets reconnect back to a personal level, what better tool to do that than the Internet, and what better epitome to who you are than a Blog.

Well that was actually just the introduction, am not the best mover of the crowds and am too much of a dreamer and pessimist to make this go anywhere. I just wish SOMEONE moves this forward. Toward connecting on a personal level here is a great report from the other side of things, I just felt my heart skip a beat after reading it. Regardless of what we have been told to think the soldiers shouldn't be treated that way, in no way should be used to drive the masses depending on how bad of a shape they are in.
The manner that their sacrifice has been demeaned just touch you on a persona level. Now I am gonna get flamed saying that they choose to invade as Americans, but let me put it this way they were programmed to do so.
Same way a rat reacts when faced with a carrot and stick experiment, they where put in a situation where the imputes was given to resurrect patriotism (9/11), the current environment they were in wasn't sustainable and they were presented with dreams of shangri-la if they join (most of the new recruits are from the poorest neighbourhoods, and most of them were in a dire economical situation so being recruited was the only option they had or to struggle with poverty. too bad that ideals don't put bread on the table).
They were simply fooled on a person to person level, and on a national level. Now I'll leave the projection of that scenario to you as to how it pertains to our region.

Read this article Please ! (

As Always ENJOY

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  • I totally understand, and agree with what you say.
    Unfortunately, I myself have been guilty of doing that.
    You see, sometimes it's easier to direct your ideas towards a group instead of a single person. It just doesn't put you in director confrontation with him/her.
    Abstraction in general is a very positive way to allow scientific approach to deconstructing a problem and devising a solution.
    Unfortunately, it might not have a touch of humanity to it because, as it says, it's Abstraction! But it does work...

    Some people take it to the extreme, and deal with life in this way... I'm not going to judge them, but apparently it works for them and satisfies their needs

    By Anonymous Qwaider قويدر, At 7/3/07 21:09  

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