Thursday, March 15, 2007

Samui ---- Utsukushii no Yuki

I like the weather today !
It is snowy and am warm, the only down side is am still at work
but the snow is so nice, been a while since we had white snow instead of slushy filth :P

Oh well there better be some interesting topics to come across today since work will be slow.

Let me leave !

Well weekend is ruined SO .....

Hope you ENJOY the Day

Ps. if ur wondering what it means, the title that is.. "Cold --- beautiful Snow"



  • here in kuwait today it is about 28 degrees , for some reason it feels a lot hotter in the sun!! the AC is on and i could not wait to get home and be in doors!
    strange that snow is hitting amman today!! but i think it happened about three or four years ago when i snowed in April! enjoy it and i hope the weekend will warm up.

    By Blogger Summer, At 15/3/07 14:29  

  • yup summer its a wee bit late for snow, and unlike the usual filthy slush we get this time there is a real chance that we will have snow

    I bet its nice, 3 days ago it was 25 here.
    that is crazy :P
    enjoy the weather there for now, and split before it turns into a 50 deg. blast furnace

    ps. btw the post that got remove is there its the one before the big one :)

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 15/3/07 16:12  

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