Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Are we feeling silly again ?


Well usually when am thinking about alot of different things at once i turn into a bipolar personality so this post is along that line :

These emoticons are sooo CUTE

"hehe 2im7adirlak 2im9ibe7"

"show me the money ! "


"le7 ya rabi "

"shnoo bigool ?! "

"bidi al3an.....$#$#$"

"YAi habbibi (3othri that is :P)"

"F'n computer "


"biddi CIGY "

"ma 7azart"

So on the other hand i feel burnt out and i need a break !
no seriously i need a break from life and thinking ............... So depending on the mood cycle am going to be UBER silly or A manic depressive and crabby

thoughts are along the lines of what does being special mean ? ? ??

so till i figure out how to write about what am thinking of u'll keep on seeing silly


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