Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Things That stuck with me

Well this is just a jabber blabber

"Just like water a human heart sinks to the lowest depth"

Faced with a refugee problem, and economic depression the goverment set out to establish a matial law state to enforce a military-industrial complex economy.

To maintain a sustainable military-industrial complex you need an unvincible enemy that is under your control.

Without a leadership figure to guide the masses the commons will create chaos, so all that is required to create chaos is to jam communication channels between the top and the commons.

If you can switch bodies what constitutes you ? is that what we call a soul ?

The UN will always be a tool of delay imployed by goverments.

A person can strive to achieve an ideal, but he will lose touch of reality.

a puppet can do a reversal of control if he chooses to do nothing when provoked.

All previous lines are from or inspired from a 30 minutes(22 to be exact) cartoon

A person can get than 3 months of jail time for killing somebody in Jordan all you have to provide is that he is blood related and that he fucked somebody (you can claim that part, so go kill your most hated blood relative or next of kin :D)

Liverpool LOST YAY, but we certainly handed these barca's asses on a platter to their fans.
I call for public lynchings to be reinstituted.

These are part of the thoughts from last night



  • Inspiring, amusing, fun facts and funny!!
    thanks for sharing as usual.
    are you a kid at heart? read my last post!

    By Blogger Summer, At 7/3/07 13:10  

  • hey always a pleasure to see u here :P i read it but forgot to comment since u had the word "kid" with reference to your post.

    ENJOY Xp

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 8/3/07 22:41  

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