Friday, March 02, 2007

Bloody Fastlink ..... That is the last straw

Yesterday I receive a message from Fastlink telling me they are deducting 1 JD from my account as an education tax, never mind that i can't find the connection between the two, and that they valued my line for 15 JDs. I Flipped, what kind stupid ass tax is that !
Now i heard that this was on the table for the best part of last year, and the verdict was that fast link was not willing to enforce this tax and the collection fee will not justify the cost.
That makes me wonder, what made Fastlink change its mind and enforce it, cause reality states that if they were against it, they are the market holders, it will not be enforced. Since the license doesn't state such a tax it can't be forced unilaterally, and also its not exactly a tax more like a TV tariff.

So now essentially for letting another tax be enforced in Jordan, yeah we are being taxed close to what Canada taxes without the benefits, being a huge rip off when i go romming, and not answering my call center calls (they placed every prepaid card on a longer queue) my phone line is going to be fastlink no more.


ps. all what i said is what i think happened if some one got some concrete info please let me know
pps. i think am gonna hang a banner for that, just like world peace or end hunger kinda thing :P



  • Not in defense of Fastlink or anything like that, but I am sure the 1 JD was forced to be taken by them and given to the government. This is what I assume...usually money like this is not taken out of the blue, and there has to be an agreement between the gov. and the company, also it is a regulation issue that the regulator already approved...when I get better information I will let you know! In the meantime, give them the benefit of the doubt!
    By the way, this has been a hot issue in the blogosphere...check it out on Qwaider planet and the Jordanian blogs...i have not written anyone because I do not want to be accused of anything personally.

    By Blogger Summer, At 2/3/07 21:49  

  • Both Mobilecom and Umniah users had 1 JD deducted from their account as well.

    This doesn't change that deducting 1 JD from subscribers is a shameless act from the Mobile companies in general and the government as well!!

    By Blogger Devil's Mind, At 3/3/07 09:25  

  • One more thing, it also shows how the Jordanian society in general is so lame, and is lead as SHEEP!! In a civilized society, this kind of action would be brought to trial and prosecution for the people behind this kind of ripping people of their money, Yes, and even the government itself should be held accountable when ripping people of their money!

    By Blogger Devil's Mind, At 3/3/07 09:31  

  • Hmm I dont really care if they increased the original tax, since I already pay a tax on my calls anyways .
    What pisses me off is that its an extra fixed tax that they claim its going to be used for education so i would expect that next years educational budget is the current one plus the extra 3.5 million they cached in.
    If that is the case i wont mind but i doubt that it will increase by that much

    Devil's Mind
    I am not the person that apreciates being talked down to, so if thats all you are capable of doing please FUCK OFF
    And i dont appreciate you talking about civilized societies and taking jordan out of it, when you experience a different society you are allowed to make such a statement. till you actually manage to experience you are not allowed to make statements whether something is or isn't based on second hand knowledge

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 4/3/07 13:59  

  • I don't see why you got all defensive. I am a Jordanian myself... And I know that I am a third world country citizen.

    No one can deny that we are a third world country!! It would be irrational to argue against that!

    I don't need "experience" to realize that I have grown up in a fucked up place!

    By Blogger Devil's Mind, At 4/3/07 19:05  

  • By the way, the 1JD was taken out also from Mobilcom and Omnia customers it does not make a differnece if you stay or leave your provider...this was enforced by the jordanian gov. and it was agreed by the regulator too...the cell providers tried not to do it but they have to abdide by the enforced the customers can do...but for sure the members of the jordanian gov will get richer next year!

    By Anonymous summer, At 4/3/07 20:05  

  • missed point

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 7/3/07 12:17  

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