Thursday, February 21, 2008

An example of where Quranic Science might get you ?

OK, maybe its a bit uncalled for there, but the fact that he found a podium to honestly discuss things is what makes me more sure that not all voices/ideas should be entertained equally.
It's making me grind my teeth that am linking to a memri video, one of the most ultra zionistic unprofessional organizations that translate selectively for the only purpose of shedding light on Arabic ignorance and twisting things in Israeli favors but this video was just too much of a WTF moment to let it go unposted
I bet Galileo is turning like a maniac in his grave at the thought of people in the 21st century still arguing for the earth is flat idea. although I kind like having earth on a big giant turtle, it's cute eh ?

Just to be fair... he's not the only one to be arguing for such a hellish idea


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  • Sheesh..For a moment I thought she was talking about friedman's book, then I realized that they wouldn't read such a thing..

    As for the dude..Well, for a momonet I became the swearing charachter in south park, you know the one that keeps saying sh!t?

    By Blogger Mohanned, At 21/2/08 16:36  

  • damn...where did my comment we go again...
    is this guy on something making his brain cells shrink?? havent this been settled so long ago and now with all the pictures taken from space there is no room for arguing...this is pathetically funny!

    By Blogger Sam, At 21/2/08 17:34  

  • Oh my god! Where did they dig out that old fissile from? Goddamn it .. In fact it was Muslim and Arab geographers who eluded to the curvature of the earth and how to deal with that in flat maps. (check Al-Idrisi "The earth is round like a sphere and water adheres to it through a natural equilibrium which suffers no variations.") here and here

    The interesting part is that the scientific guy they cited (about the mass of the moon) didn't answer it correctly either :) Earth is about 81 times more massive than the moon(or moon is 1.23% the mass of earth). While the sun is 333000 more massive than the earth! I have no idea where they came up with those weird numbers.

    Anyway, memri just enjoys finding these nut cases it serves their agenda.

    By Anonymous Qwaider قويدر, At 21/2/08 19:47  

  • mohannednope you are really giving her too much credit there. hehe and cartman would rule that argument

    sam sorry that u lost ur comment sam, well maybe it's proof of radiation contamination in iraq ? i don't but it was really something to see a person not just argiong that but on a satellite channel non the less

    Qwaider yeah am sure they had to dig deep to find him, and how memri caught a glimpse of that is beyond me. I never even heard of that channel.
    true the scientific guy there was horribly weak and inaccurate, it would have been a better argument on his behalf if he just held a picture of the earth from space.

    By Anonymous bambam, At 23/2/08 15:11  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger, At 23/2/08 23:41  

  • I personally think that the holy books are right since they are undeniable truth but the fact that the modern science discovered new things that are totally true since god gave us the knowledge and told us to improve ourselves and not to remain on our knowledge so I think that the guy in the Arabic video who still thinks that the earth is flat ... he should flat his a$$ that's I would say.
    I mean where did all the facts the proves go?
    the photographs the videos the astronauts who went and saw these stuff with their own eyes?

    By Blogger, At 23/2/08 23:59  

  • the channel is iraqi it broadcasts from dubai and might shut down, it has funding issues and problems with the united states for political views.

    By Blogger Tala, At 24/2/08 14:29  

  • qwiader pythagoras said the earth is spherical and eratosthenes calculated the circumferences pretty damn close to our current number over 2,500 years so yeah ... way before arabs and muslims. i had to go back and double check the facts before i replied to it
    tala thanks for the info ... it better be closed for airing this thanks for visiting and commenting

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 24/2/08 17:48  

  • That is right, phythagorus et al knew it, but I thought an Arab and a Muslim might pursuade this guy.

    Anyway ... thanks for the additional info. You're right, they have discovered (or theorized) about the spherical earth since phythagorus

    By Anonymous Qwaider قويدر, At 16/3/08 12:08  

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