Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Why would they cut the internet --- a tinfoil theory

Internet underwater cable don't just get cut by themselves, nothing short of an attack by a militant nessy would cause four of them to be cut off in the span of a few days. All in our lovely region of stability.
The first rule of modern warfare is to disrupt the communication, which raises the question of foul play. So that makes you ponder who could possibly do it and why ? then a light bulb just burns bright in your head .... IRAN !

So why now ? Mr. bushy was here at a peculiar time in his presidency and surely it was to instigate a new botched up peace process you know, in the last year of his second term. For me it was all about embezzling some friends at gun point to front up some money (20$ billion you might say sounds like a nice sum) and more importantly to bitch slap some sense into them into forgetting about ever dreaming about removing their pegs from the dollar, like that idiotic folly of broadcasting a private meeting of OPEC discussing just that. Also to get their mouth pieces working to reassure the people that sticking with the peg is for the best. All you have to do is tape your eyes, plug your ears and stuff your mouth shut and bend over for some kinky time with big bro inflation which is at a two decade high in most countries. that should do the economy some good.

All that occurs at a time when Iran is about to launch "Iranian Oil Bourse", which is the first bourse in the world that will deal petrol in non dollar currency and undermining the last crotch to the Dollar. The petrodollar would be under even more pressure, as if it wasn't already. So when was it launching you ask ? well during the period of February 1-11th, interesting eh ? now you would think you want to delay that, dontcha ?

It gets even better, who just happens to be holding war games around this month. well non other than the Russians , the french, the emiratis and qataris. Really now ? you don't say the Russians will hold exercises for the first time in 15 years in the area for nothing.

Now I remember another country that messed with the petro-dollar before and within the span of 6 months it was kaboomed back to the mongrel invasion. So you don't say he would ? It must have been god speaking to him again you know. It is funny how when normal people start hearing voices we place them in mental institutions but when its a bushy they make him a president.
Alas for after all its just seems like am the one hallucinating since there is no way in hell no one would have been talking about it by now ? meh, either way welcome to our fun filled '08 strap you safety belt tight for it's gonna be one hell of a ride.


h/t : Mike Whitney ICH



  • I came to the same conclusion last night and am wondering whether the war has actually already begin with the cutting of the cables.

    By Blogger atlanticwriter, At 5/2/08 14:48  

  • Sorry, I may be a bit thick, but I don't see the connection.

    By Blogger Hani Obaid, At 7/2/08 20:47  

  • atlanticwriterwell now there are 5 of them ... and maybe this is just a test drive for the real thing.

    hani they won't to test the ground and to disrupt the opening of the bourse and then to attack it eventually cause it will not be in their favour for the bourse to be open.
    the connection is in wars information has a higher value.

    By Anonymous bambam, At 9/2/08 13:40  

  • During the Iraq war, Iraqis were using Sattelite internet because little else was available.

    From a strategic point of view is bringing down the entire region's internet access really that valuble in a move on Iran ?

    By Blogger Hani Obaid, At 9/2/08 13:49  

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