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Hey muslims are Making headlines ...... AGAIN !!!

So Muslims are in the headlines of the Herald Tribune (shame seems we are moving down the scale now in media haute couture) . This time it is to remove a depiction of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) ... either go to Wiki or here (Close your eyes now I wouldn't want you to be "offended")

Can somebody please explain this to me ? we never went around banning and petitioning Britannica as far as I remember. Look if you ever want to be genuinely accepted in better light stop being so antagonistic about every single little thing. You want to recreate your image then recognize that you have to play according to the rules, it's like the 12th player on a football field cursing his mates for not passing the ball sheesh.

If there is anyone offended by seeing a picture that was drawn in the 13th century please tell me how you are offended by it. Now I draw, and I have always drawn characters and people thats what I enjoy drawing. So I remember the issue being brought up to me back when I was in school early on. For one, even as a child I thought it was absurd and irrelevant to our day and age. I am not gonna end up idolizing my drawings and praying to them ...

So here are the hadiths and the futwa on depictions , since Quran doesn't mention the issue;
الرسم له معنيان :
أحدهما رسم الصور ذوات الأرواح ، وهذا جاءت السنة بتحريمه ، فلا يجوز الرسم الذي هو رسم ذوات الأرواح ، لقول النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم في الحديث الصحيح : " كل مصوّر في النار " وقوله صلى الله عليه وسلم : " أشد الناس عذاباً يوم القيامة المصورون ، الذين يضاهئون بخلق الله " ، ولقوله صلى الله عليه وسلم : " إن أصحاب هذه الصور يعذبون يوم القيامة ويقال لهم : أحيوا ما خلقتم "

ولأنه صلى الله عليه وسلم لعن آكل الربا وموكله ، ولعن المصور ، فدل ذلك على تحريم التصوير ، وفسر العلماء ذلك بأنه تصوير ذوات الأرواح من الدواب والإنسان والطيور .

أما رسم ما لا روح فيه ـ وهو المعنى الثاني ـ فهذا لا حرج فيه كرسم الجبل والشجر والطائرة والسيارة وأشباه ذلك ، لا حرج فيه عند أهل العلم .

ويستثني من الرسم المحرم ما تدعو الضرورة إليه ، كرسم صور المجرمين حتى يعرفوا وحتى يمسكوا ، أو الصورة في حفيظة النفوس التي لا بد منها ولا يستطيع الحصول عليها إلا بذلك ، وهكذا ما تدعو الضرورة من سوى ذلك ، فإذا رأى ولي الأمر أن هذا الشيء مما تدعو الضرورة إلى تصويره ، لخطورته ، ولقصد سلامة المسلمين من شره حتى يعرف ، أو لأسباب أخرى فلا باس ، قال الله عز وجل : ( وَقَدْ فَصَّلَ لَكُمْ مَا حَرَّمَ عَلَيْكُمْ إِلَّا مَا اضْطُرِرْتُمْ إِلَيْهِ ) الأنعام 19/ 1

visual depictions refers to two types:
The first type is referring to depictions of creatures with souls(all living creatures except for trees) and that is forbidden because of the prophet's(PBUH) saying "every depicter is in hell" , also quoted saying "[one of] the people most severely punished on judgment day are depicters, those who compete with god's creation". finally adding "the authors of those depictions are tortured on judgment day and are told: give life to your creations"

And because the prophet (PBUH) cursed the usury, her agents, and depicters. that points out that it is haram (forbidden). The people of knowledge explained that this prohibition applies to depictions of anything with a soul.

Depictions of the soulless is the second, that includes trees, mountains and other inanimate objects. There are no issues in this regard and it is permissible.

The exception to the depiction of creatures with souls is in cases where it is deemed necessary and helps in protecting the muslims from harm.

Reading the above, it is not particularly depictions of the prophet per se, although those are deemed extremely offensive. It is anything and everything that has a soul. (I wonder do viruses and bacteria have one ? and poor trees are singled out ... dammit, sunflowers look happy in the sun to me, they even lean forward to greet it )

So there you go, for anyone that ever took a photograph of his friends, drew a cartoon character or did anything that is loosely related to illustrating anything that would have a soul. I'll see you in hell for the remix !

ps. i picked depiction so it will include sculptures, drawings and photographs. even though its not a proper noun, so if anyone has a better word for it am welcoming suggestions. plus the translation is my own so if there are any mistakes please do point them out(I omitted some because i got bored).


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  • Oh, wow! It was not a good week for Muslims in the media, period.

    I think if more Muslims stood up against this amazing stuff (Like Teacher Lady did on the hand washing thing), there would be more respect n the West.

    By Anonymous kinzi, At 6/2/08 23:36  

  • Yeah I never understood what the offence about depiction is, and always thought the boycut idea was uncalled for.

    I especially resented the fact that a Jordanian journalist was arrested for publishing the cartoons eventhough he was publishing them to criticise them.

    I remember watching Al-Risala (the message) movie and thinking it sucks because you can never see the main character.

    If an actor agreed to play him, I'll bet Iran would put a price on his head!

    By Blogger Hani Obaid, At 7/2/08 20:58  

  • kinzithe difference between this case and that is that this is a clear cut objection while the lady teacher case is just personal over zealous

    hanihmm so u don't think they should be offended by it ? yeah and as for an actor agreeing to play ksa wouldn't be outbid and will declare that they will cut his head twice :P

    By Anonymous bambam, At 9/2/08 13:35  

  • To be honest, I haven't seen the cartoons in question to be able to judge, but based on the objection to the wikipedia, the objection is to any visual depiction of the appearance of the prophet at all, whether positive or negative.

    That I do object to.

    By Blogger Hani Obaid, At 9/2/08 13:43  

  • You know what. I've been reading practically SHIT on the Jordanian blogosphere for around 6 months now (don't make me call out names!) This is the first post around this place that actually has a point, and that is original.

    By Blogger Pheras, At 9/2/08 16:36  

  • Bam, I didn't check to see if you were already tagged, but thought you would add a VERY different take on the "Six Things To Do Before You Are 18" tag that has been floating around.


    (Pheras, is it really that bad?)

    By Anonymous kinzi, At 17/2/08 15:38  

  • Bambam you are tagged :)

    By Blogger Tala, At 19/2/08 12:09  

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