Tuesday, November 06, 2007

How deep is the abyss

Really week after week the USians seems to out do themselves in their quest for the boor's holy grail, A while ago when someone told me a person could change so drastically in the span of 5 years i would've been atleast skeptical. After witnessing a whole population and country change so drastically during the span I can no longer believe in that things remain the way they are even if they managed to last unchanged at the core for 230 years.

Really has contempt for the document that single handedly defined the US's course through history for more than two centuries that we are witnessing a surreal discussion right out of the world of idiocracy of whether water boarding is torture or not ? and we are not referencing a philistine here but the candidate for the highest judicial position in the US. What is even more sorry that we have a spineless chairman of the democratic committee going against the consensus of his party to endorse such a partisan candidate that has been a long time supporter of the republican party. What we have here is a wide open eye of justice looking only one way and that is up to god" and his mouth piece. The scary part is that he seems much more capable of obscuring his lawlessness than Mr."i don't recall", and during the session that proofed anything but evident.
Let that go through and we may be heralding the age of King George the VI, on his empire of theocracy with his trusty side kick, I know its unfair to make it look like he's harmless, the guy that even google couldn't dare to display his residence, that set up just has such an uncanny resemblance to one Louis the XVI.
So we have King george playing the same 6 year old broken record of war, and upping it up a notch with the fear mongering term of World War III, promising to deliver us from the great satan just like he promised to deliver us from him and show us the scary WMD's he had stashed up.
Of course the situation is nothing like six years ago, never mind that his approval rating is similar to that of the spice girl's reunion. The US economy ran out of bubbles to run on, the housing went bust, the national debt and trade deficit is just gargantuan, consumer spending is bleeding, and manufacturing jobs have rotted away in favor of outsourcing.
After all that we have Bernanke dropping the interest rate again seemingly oblivious to what even a super blond model managed to realize, you are obliterating the confidence in the DollaR$ Foo.
He seems still trying to wish on a star and give the banking industry a piggy back to the financial institutes hoping that they fair their injuries instead of letting the system correct itself. Even with that they manage to be knee deep in shit , and the big cojones are dropping like it half off mutt's nutts sunday !
All that and boy does the next presidential term get much better than that ! We have the bonified '911 every other word' cross dresser, the women of the race is trying her best to reduce the differences between her and the men (damn she's hot tho.. ) , and what sounded like the sanest one of the bunch, if you can put aside the fact that you might be voting for a leprechaun, has gone coo coo saying he saw a UFO during a presidential debate. Hell, when a reference to november the 5th is the motto for a fundraising run that manages to raise more than 4 million dollars in 24 hours you know that sheeple are shaking from their slumber.

Hey and the lovely thing is that i haven't even stepped on whats happening within states or even the quagmire that is US foreign policy.

Now i'll go back to my fypigs watching for am certain am bound to catch one soon given the reality am in right now.

ps. for the uninitiated fypigs is the most recently discovered species of flying pigs, they are to be observed under the afternoon stars of the peaceful part of iraq .

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  • I know you will love to read this:



    By Blogger Mohanned, At 6/11/07 19:20  

  • lol yeah that is a good read, after all man it could be worse !
    hey am just asking to see, did u click through the links in the post ?

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 7/11/07 13:31  

  • bambam: the abyss of my boredom is very deep and dark, BLOG something ..heheheheh

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 9/11/07 05:04  

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