Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Z ..... well for the Zodiacs of course "sheesh"

(mental note about 4 days before this post i would have been the first to comment on this as absurd, end note)

Well I like reading about alot of topics, mostly skimming and taking foot notes kinda reading. I might start with reading a movie review and end up reading about the Algerian war of independence mind you the movie might be animated (actually its GITS:innocence a good movie). mind you there is always a bread crumb trail that ties all this reading together (HINT:Fanon)
on the other hand whenever it got to the topic of astrology (the pseudo science) and horoscope i would always dismiss it as absurd and never even bother reading.

Until I got to meet a very sweet fri
end of mine that somehow managed to peak my interest enough to give it a shot and just read up on the next day while i was bored at work.
went through a bunch of sites -- yare yare --
when you are stargazing this weekend in the middle of the field you will see an asteriod and at that instance you will fall in love with the love of your life
-- just in case ur wondering thats made up to hyperbole the fact that it was utter BS --
that is until i came across a site, weird this has a very long page structure am used to seeing like silly 3 liners to describe my whole existence. wait it looks different there are no lucky numbers or days, and no love or romance section. sounds very interesting lets give it a shot aint got nothing better to do anyways.

so I start reading and boy was I hooked, I was smirking at some points, gigilling at others, and down right saying "WTF" at some others.
what really intrigued me about this site is if I would have sat down to describe my self with as much honesty as I could possibly it wouldn't be half as accurate.

non of it was about the future or luck, non of it was bounding. on the other hand it wasn't vague or the conditions that could apply to anything depending on the way you interpret them. non of the cheap tricks. actually it was down right scary the more i read the more i felt my individualism being shredded to pieces and my deepest secret about how i behave exposed to the public to catch on to !
on occassion i would smirk to myself and think "now if we could only get together, me and my doppleganger(s). gather in one location we could gather enough shrewdness to take over the world MWAHAHAHAA"

anyways to take it short i think i read most of that website by now, had the same feeling on my mom, dad and sister. brother was the only one non conforming really.

without further a due here is the website

and hope you have as much fun as me, tho even after saying all of this I still think horoscopes are silly ! so no checking my luck today anytime soon.

Hence the reason I included cancer in the Header.



  • i do not get what you posted on my blog:"ps. jordan isn't in Utah, and Amman is not in Cali" i thought about it and i cannot get it!!
    what did you mean by it?
    Thanks for the link, i will read it all, for fun, i also think that horoscopes are silly! but in a way fun to read every once in a while. take care!

    By Blogger Summer, At 21/12/06 00:19  

  • it was just the fever acting up, and was a reply to lisa (i think) since she asked about where amman is

    nothing too deep :)

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 21/12/06 11:26  

  • i thought it was something to do with Lisa's question...i emailed her and hope she knows now. have a great day!

    By Blogger Summer, At 21/12/06 12:25  

  • Wishing you and your loved ones a great holiday season and a very happy 2007!
    May 2007 brings us all Health, Wealth, Happiness and much needed Peace on earth.

    By Blogger Summer, At 24/12/06 17:12  

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