Sunday, December 03, 2006

Golly I been Tagged

While I have been peacefully doodling my silly header i have been Tagged by Summer . I thought they banned this game in the US ! (turns out its just Jersey Dammit !)
Will I get the Scabs ??

Oh well can't help but follow the rules, which are ;
Grab the book closest to you-Open to page 123-Scroll down to the 5th sentence-Post the text of next 3 sentences on your blog-Name of the book and the author-Tag 3 people.

(why do i always complicate things, most of what I read is online ! so what defines closest ??)
--router manual def. doesn't have 123 pages NEXT
--manga hmm nope doesn't qualify as a book either
--dammit I gotta go to the end of the room to find me a BOOK

--After 15 minutes of looking I found two things that could loosly qualify as books , a Japanese book, and a learn hebrew (min '3air mu3alem) الدكثور ربحي كمال
so i guess I'll pick the later :P

*Shivers with excitement*

חדר הזה לא מצא חך בעיני

هحيدير هزي لو متسا حين بيعيناي

هذه الغرقة لم تعجبني

Phew done, and i think i did enough work for the next 3 so am gonna relief them.
thanks summer for reminding me that i haven't read a book in a ages
ps. Hebrew is read the same way as Arabic from right to left and this was the most tiresome tag ever, thanks for the exercise :)

no clue what the last word is b/c i can only read i dont understand much though am much better with japanese lol


  • No Angel, thanks for your hard work!! I have not read a book in three months too!!
    it seems like it was a bit much for you to do..walk around the room to find a book and then found the "right" book , opening it , typing what’s inside...too much work..but you know what? I enjoyed reading your analysis of added humor to it and it was fun read!! Thanks!!
    You forgot to tag three other people!! :)

    By Blogger Summer, At 4/12/06 07:40  

  • ani lomidet h evreet fi dar seifer!

    ma nishma no angel?

    By Blogger Saned, At 13/12/06 11:36  

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