Sunday, November 26, 2006

La Mala educaciĆ³n - ni

This is the second part, if you didn't highlight while reading the first part it might be worth it.

For the first part of my education;i.e. till 12th grade. lets summarize by saying that i switched 3 schools in my history, and all three of them were notably boring !

As a kid~still am~ I was not really interested in the facts since some way or another I was able to obtain them on my own, what i was more interested in is to discuss my ideas and thoughts with others (yes, and i still am trying to this day) .

so I was frustrated by sixth grade and decided to start my little rebellion on the system.

first of to test the theory that "I have to study to get good grades".

So on the math final I didn't study, I got lower than what I was used to but i was happy since I didn't spend as much of an effort. so that succeeded.

On to the next major phase; lets test "the teacher is always right" theory.
This is were i bloomed since I always written off from a discussion for just being a student. my rebellion was in full blast ! I was waiting for them to slip, and oh boy they did (I actually feel sorry for my math teachers they had it the worse).
so it was a daily mission to thwart every teacher (except for the very few that i liked) into a know nothing bastard. MUAHAHA

My success was proved by the fact of getting ignored by the teacher, and rarely being quizzed during the class. This developed a weird relationship between me and the teachers, a few truly respected me, and in exchange I respected them(and still do).
So my rebellion was a success and I literally was operating on a different plane during school hours.

Now this draws such a bleak picture of me during my school years, to be honest this attitude was only displayed to the arrogant "I control your destiny" teacher who have been teaching diligently for the past 20-years or so. These guys/gals used to instill fear in their student to be able to teach.

On the other side of the fence we have the fresh teachers who came with the honest intent to teach, and wanted to challenge the stereotype of a teacher. I supported those, and i tried to the best of my abilities to encourage them.
too bad the rest of the class were to eager to take advantage of the lax enviroment they created, more often than not they were reduced to tears, and didn't last long.
Among the victims were a twenty something cute chem teacher who had too much faith in the maturity of the students.

An English teacher who thought being "the macho man" will command the male's population admiration , Ya right took about 10 days to get him weeping like a six year old.
Another English teacher that took the nice route of dealing with student till she found a kid jerking off in class (am not BS'n here that was a popular dare back in 8th grade) then turned in a tyrannical Medusa but i don't blame her.
To top it off a religion teacher that introduced the class to kick boxing more often than religion, and was the proud proclaimer of "I can kick anyones ass in this class, I know kick boxing".

I think it was 10th grade when I had a teacher that truly spent the effort to teach, he was Iraqi and his name was Munir. He taught us O-Level Physics, but in actuality it wasn't what he was good at.
He was the person that would start the lecture with optics and end up discussing the interaction on photons with atoms.(no kidding, totally of the wall lecture)
needless to say the class was a mess, and almost no one listened to him, but what I truly appreciate him for is listening to the crazy ideas of a 15 year old. He was truly brilliant I wish we had more of him. definitely beats the social studies teacher that was surprised that December and January had 31 days ! (where the hell did they get teachers)

Towards the end of my school years (I spent the last 2 years in a different school) the teachers seemed to lose hope, they regurgitated what they had to and then leave. you had the good teachers were everyone was utilizing wasta to be in his class, so you ended with the attentive people in one class, and the "Hamals" in the other. I seemed to mostly be placed in the hamal's class.(not that I cared)
At that point I did enjoy the surge of over qualified teachers we had due to the iraqi situation. my favourite was a couple of doctors, one taught me Human biology(hardly a class it was like 5 people) and her husband taught chemistry. they were such sweet people and was one of the few classes I enjoyed :) I wish them the best of luck, they truly were over qualified.

-I think one more to go, this is a biography of sorts and i appreciate you if you read so far ! i dont really think there is a point for posting it other than that i like it to be documented somewhere.
as i also like to read other's school lives



  • did i miss reading part 1?

    By Blogger Summer, At 27/11/06 06:09  

  • ya summer, I think u did. LOL there i was introduced to my second reader.
    am feeling so special !
    thanks for reading as always

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 27/11/06 13:48  

  • Ok, now since i missed reading part one, where do i find it?? or maybe i will look around your blog, it must be there..right??
    You are most welcome!

    By Blogger Summer, At 28/11/06 09:13  

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