Sunday, November 26, 2006

Is this just a hyperbole Reality ?!

I am confused am I seeing things were I shouldn't.or is this is spider web of intangible gibberish means something ?

The US treasury is printing way too many dollars and with the US national debt(ironically china has decked a large sum to that) at an all time high, and Russia moving to trade oil in the ruble is the US economy heading into a depression that will make the 30's the joke of the 21st century, recession and consolidations in the real estate market is not helping either which was keeping the economy afloat for the past decade.

Canada the valentine teddy bear of the north developing a voice in the international scene ?

Israel wanting to have a cease fire with the Palestinians (ya i used that since am not sure who represents what there).

a Coup d'etat in Lebanon, where some sectarian wounds are starting to fester again, all to the benefit of its neighbors, while the Lebanese people are foolishly ( I honestly hope not) being lead down a snake and ladder game YET AGAIN !

A pope voicing a political agenda against a multiple personality Islamic or not state, just because he can't perceive having a mostly Muslim state as part of Europe ?

A channel that you can scratch the label off it and it will read BBC is claiming to be the international voice of the middle east and Arabs, while not even diverging from the mainstream even a bit ! I just hope it exposes its sister company as the emotion stirrer for higher advertisement revenue channel that it is.

newspaper daily being filled with more tatter than content ! as mass idiotic scheme starts, for god's sake it was the only medium the people who claimed to read were reading.

The world cup is getting fixed like an old Charlie horse race.

The self loathing stock brokers are still dealing in a stock market that looks as lively as an Egyptian mummy. while still fooling them selves that there is a good chance to make money.

A monopoly that is starting to claim all the transportation needs for the denizens, it reminds me of sex with a hooker its nice in the beginning then you end up cleaning the mess for years later on.

Classes a driven across the wall, while the sheep are trying to maintain their status. I wonder how long the banking industry will hold on.

A Real estate bubble thats begging to be burst.

Thanksgiving being celebrated as the day the native and settlers ate together, disregarding the fact that they were handed small pox, chicken pox and measles among other things to aid in the most obscured mass genocide and turned that day into the gluttony day of the year where you get stuffed and play tag football in the backyard of your suburban house.

I guess my mind is hazed and my vision is blurred better get me a couple more glasses of Hard A to rectify the situation and join the masses !

after all as Einstein said
"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."
I don't know why I even bother about thinking about these things after all I have my home, my family, some of my friends, and my 9-5 job and the daily grind should keep me busy. with a good dosage of Zoloft and I'll be set for the happy life. then all I have to deal with is lack of "HM HM" rectifiable solution. Thankfully they created another one for that and now it lasts up to 36 hours! just in case your plans get interrupted.




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