Wednesday, November 29, 2006

La Mala educación - san

that is I guess a short brief of my education in Jordan!
now I don't really know how to do this since I wrote all those parts in one sitting and am hacking and slashing it right now... lets carry on then shall we :)

now to the comments and views I developed through that period and later on.

1. the teachers are under qualified to teach here, I understand all the comments about the public schools and their situation and I do sympathize. here I am talking about the so called "elite" schools per say. Teachers in these schools fall into to categories in my opinion:
-old school: ancients that are as fossilized as much as the material they teach they want the attention of the class and are so frustrated and take it personally when someone proves them wrong.
they also lead the students on the path of you either do it my way or no way !

-new age teachers: these for the first 2 months of school honestly come in to teach, and these are the ones I supported during my school years, although most failed to live up to my expectations. they come in to try new things and due to pressures from the archaic principles and peers, and the rowdy students are forced to adopt a nonchalant attitude of "it's their responsibility to learn ." the only successful teacher I have encountered of this type that was a young red head girl that was teaching physics and was actually getting through to the students for different reasons.

To thwart the underpaid teachers legend here is a fact ! teachers that barely have a clue about the material are hired for 350 JD to teach a two 45 minute classes a day , if you work it out thats being over paid not under paid.

Now for the students, honestly this is normal but I always felt that teachers pets do more harm to the class than good, and teachers encourage this attitude out of the students. a huge fire eats up all the small fires it comes across, those student tend to set a standard for other people that makes it really hard to keep up with. this causes the students to give up.

As for the material am sure its dated and all, and the claim that the tawjihi is a ride through hell and back is one that i can't really relate to since i didn't go through.

what i can say is that what i learned as topics is much more in depth than what was taught to my peers in the tawjihi, and the way they presented was much easier to grasp. my quarrel is that memorizing has been so ingrained in the system that by the time they get to tawjihi they don't know how to study otherwise !

in my opinion memorizing is essential in the first three grades of elementary, after that the students have enough basic to be able to think on their own and start forming opinions which should be the focus of the next 3 grades. then continue with a mix for both.

but education as a whole hasn't really evolved in Jordan, all through my school years i have been a failure at three main subjects: Arabic, Religion, And French. (should i add too lazy to go to P.E.)

Can find the common thread here ? Yes its the emphasis on memorizing that these classes required. Arabic, Religion, and French you had all these poems and grammatical rules and names that you had to memorize without even comprehending !

I always wished that I was able to take core course on these since I was sure that when the time comes these three subjects will be the ones I least use !

honestly i am not sure how this will read and i apologize if it was a tough read sorry :)



  • Good thoughts and opinion. I do not mean to sound like a teacher grading you on a paper!! :)
    I got my lowest grades in religion and Arabic when I had my tawjihi exams. I just could not write down what I tried to memorize for months and I got a low grade, but a passing one thankfully! now that I am older and wiser :) I read Arabic literature and poetry and I enjoy it and I read religion topics and I understand it. How hard was it to be taught when I was a student? I look back now at the teachers I had and I think that the only reason they worked as teachers was to make ends meet and for sure not for the love of teaching or raising future generations! The education system needs to be re-created and re-evaluated in Jordan, even in the so called elite schools who I think are money hungry and NOT much better than public schools. I believe they have no interest in education itself but to make money..they are catering for the elite “wanna be” due to the sick mentality of our society. Oh, I am getting off the subject, but nice post again! Thanks for sharing.

    By Blogger Summer, At 29/11/06 07:50  

  • Always lovely to hear from you.

    Regarding the "elite" schools they are money hungry, thats why they are scarce on activities there for students. they cost money :)
    i loved this line "they are catering for the elite “wanna be” due to the sick mentality of our society" that just made my day

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 29/11/06 13:14  

  • this is a reply i had to post here for you on your comment to Bo3Bo3..
    i laughed out loud reading your comment, naive again(fingers crossed)...really funny!
    Amjad AKA Bo3Bo3, did a lot of soul searching and he had to rearrange his priorities in his life to get to this point..if you had not read his posts before, i suggest that you go back and read them all! long story but full of images, full of thoughts and not mind his grammatical and spelling mistakes, you would understand at the end what he wants to say..but I enjoy going there and reading his posts.

    By Blogger Summer, At 30/11/06 18:29  

  • thnx summer actually am an avid reader of those particular posts of his I like them alot.
    I just had to say that line in comparison to what I read before I think he was naive again(or is it called falling in love ??) so I am hopeful.
    take care

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 1/12/06 20:09  

  • Hi No_angel.

    can i suggest u use the following dimensions for ur page? I noticed that the links are far down in the page.

    Go to ur dashboard and click on [templete] to view the code. Then scroll down a little and you'll see

    [page structure]

    use the following dimensions:

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    so you see that 240 + 700 is less than 960. Try that and change those numbers and look at the preview..and if u like, save, if not, keep changing and previewing till ur ok.

    Just thought u maw wanted to know that..because i struggled when started blogging and someone helped me

    By Blogger Bo3Bo3, At 2/12/06 03:16  

  • hey thnx bo3bo3 ! I haven't really messed with the design at all (been lazy plus haven't made the header yet :( ) but i can't say i totally understand. Okay i guess you meant that my posts are too long hence the comments page requires you to scroll to the bottom.

    I can promise you one thing, I will fix it up and i hope you will like it.

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 2/12/06 22:34  

  • Yalla, i am waiting for you to write some more!

    By Blogger Summer, At 3/12/06 07:44  

  • No Angel, you have been tagged on my blog. check it out. i highly appreciate your reply. Have fun with it.

    By Blogger Summer, At 3/12/06 19:24  

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