Monday, November 20, 2006

Well Somethings never change

Whenever i attempt to write a serious post and it has an excerpt of my opinions it usually ends up rotting in the drafts:
reason 1. I take so many words to write about the thing
reason 2. usually its crappy on the first run, and I never come around to revise it

So am gonna stick to my rants as usual.

I am working on the header and design of this page (am an illustrator designer of sorts) managed to finish up the draft, inking scanning coloring and resizing will follow.

Lately (as in for the past month) I been contemplating two different paths, and it has been a very depressing time. Oh well the current advice has been go with both and u'll decide later and thats what am doing.

My Reds have been so shitty lately and team spirit seems to be at an all time low, I just hope we can sort that out before the end of the season and I hope we dont end up losing Gerrard b/c Rafa is uber stuborn with him :(

GEEKS w/ Comp skills only
on another note this site has been so funny to me (ya oozing for flaming discussions about the 1337 k0!)N method) but seriously WTF

make sure to check it'll suck u in The Daily WTF

Oh god I MISS DANCING (too shy to dance in jordan)
it has been almost 3 years since i danced freely "to dance like no one is watching"

Current mood : chuggin along (i.e. DGAFF)
Listening to : Cheb Khalid, Rachid Taha, Fudel - E-Rai

lol funny thing is no one is listening so i guess i better bring in the sex in jordan trump card soon XD


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