Monday, November 27, 2006

Things that make me laugh (this time they shouldn't)

today and yesterday i came across so many things that made me laugh, while other people were gazing at WTH(trying to be PC here) is wrong with me.

here are a few ;

I was asked to lookup a new channel for my brother-in-law called "Al nas" which is supposed to be a religious channel so I look it up and give him the details, curiously i stumble on the website
and look and behold what I read ~translation of Arabic~
"A channel that takes you to Heaven"

holly ~~~~~ can I sue for false advertising

after coming back from work I watch this promo for Al-Jazeera how they had their offices closed in a bunch of Arab countries and Afghanistan, and here I am naively thinking that they are in it for the money. IT SEEMS that Al-Jazeera is a revolutionary as it gets in the region WOWZ

I shown this clip to a bunch of friends, its :The office: a funny show (IMHO), and no one seemed to get the "funny" part of it.
one even asked "how am i supposed to react to this ?"

now on the other hand i admit that this is silly !

and OH MY GOLLY can I get some of the stuff the Microsoft marketing team were smoking when they approved this ?
oh I bet that they believed that their sales team are still teething and could relate better to this than .... I don't know.... something MATURE !
I can't w8 to see the rest of those.

The labels were hilarious, works on vista translates into ~ only if ur lucky it works(how assuring is the Grey color for god's sake).

Another interesting choice of color is that murky brown they used in their new Zune, its totally
speaks out about the quality of a product that they describe as "squirt" according to Steve Ballmer .
and of course with M$ the user comes last so don't excpect to be able to do what you want with the songs you bought.
Now lets all say it together " what is a thing that is murky brown, and squirtable "
well of course its .................

and I'll end with this !

p.s now that I have 2 readers YAY ! thank you summer, and thank you Saned (I wonder is it that you have become sane ? or is it the name sanad am confused)



  • i agree the second video was kinda silly..i have never seen this show, maybe i will give it a try if they ever start airing it in the middle east..or do they? I think it is geared towards "younger" viewers and i might not get all the humor in it!
    Al Nas tv..i think i do not get it on my satellite tv, but if i do i do not think i will be watching it.
    You are welcome!! :)

    By Blogger Summer, At 28/11/06 09:12  

  • hmm i think its geared toward the frustrated work force :)
    and na i don't think that you will be able to get that channel there(you should be happy about that)
    or if you are really curious you might wanna check TBN for the feeling
    Take care

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 28/11/06 14:45  

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