Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Things that make me a "Cynical Monstrosity"

I truly don't like being the mean guy, but sometimes am so frustrated with people that it exorcises my demons and unleashes them on the culprit.
when that happens i turn into the cynical monstrosity that you don't wanna mess with

some of the common cases that I face on nearly daily bases

Case 1:
culprit: Hello "no_angel" can you come do so & so for me ?
No_Angel : sure i'll come right down
--so I go down and start working on the issue--
culprit: no thats not how you do so, & so
--I ignore, and start counting one Mississippi ... two Mississippi ....
culprit: no you are doing it all wrong, you need to do the following ..... and he starts doing it
--in the meantime am boiling! Why the hell did you ask me to do what you were already too lazy to do and then start doing it.--

CURE : next call from the guy be politely rude and skeptical, you will hear less from him :D

Case 2:
with out uttering a word of English and meeting the person for the first time and the first line out of his trap

culprit: shoo kont fee 2amerca leish 2irji3et ?
no_Angel: (interesting) keef 2i3rifet ?
culprit: 3arabeetak 3'areeb7, ma 2oltilli leish 2irji3et
no_angel: I just didn't like it there, so i came back to work here. anyways the economy is shit over there so wasn't even worth the trouble
culprit:3'areeb 3ad 2illi sa7eb bsoo2 truck 7'odar honak 2o mabsoot
--mind you am an electrical engineer so I guess he found it suitable for me to be a "trucker"--
Cure: make him ur sadistic pleasure plant a mine and enjoy the fireworks

culprit: shoo 3indak rannat 3all mobile
no_Angel: none, my mobile doesn't support them. it's a motorola c51
culprit:shoo maznoo2 3ashan heik ma 3'ayart mobilak, 2il Nokia N73 bijanen nizel 2ijdeed
no_angel: no its good enough for me it makes clear calls when its battery life dies out i'll change it
-- and that is the culprit&Co highlight of the day ---
Cure: none, Do I really have to be an airhead to fit in this society?

I don't how my joking abilities will be met by the masses(the whole "one" of them) but anyways hope I at least got a smile out of you :)

as for me the number on my"be cynical with" list is expanding exponentially so back to teasing my sadistic pleasure MWAHAHAahhahaha


  • So much to catch up on! been busy with Thanksgiving and cooking..check out my blog, i think you will like it..maybe..I will be back to read again. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Your loyal and only reader, Summer

    By Blogger Summer, At 24/11/06 23:15  

  • OK, i read it...funny and it did make me smile (your one and only reader) :)
    feeling cynical in Jordan!! is this what living there doing to you?? count your blessings, i think moving to the Gulf or Saudi would be much worse! have a good day.

    By Blogger Summer, At 25/11/06 00:29  

  • hehe no angel! They used to ask my parents why they came back from USA too and they used to ask me too...it gets seriously annoying...

    By Blogger Saned, At 26/11/06 08:43  

  • lol summer, i actually attempt to be positive as much as i can.
    am glad that it made you smile, and btw that feast that you made on thanksgiving looks delightful hope you got some sweet memories out of that night.

    on a side note, i was born in saudi arabia so i guess i have perspective on that

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 26/11/06 18:58  

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