Monday, November 13, 2006

Feeling down !!

YAY Republicans had their ass handed to them (pun intended) , too bad too many demo-repubs made it through ! even the evil witch of the east has made it, poor man he definetely deserved a better wife no wonder he had to settle for ugly Ho's

Liverpool is getting their ass kicked every time they are away ! freaking Rafa stop the bloody rotation dammit we're not the blues. ok can i also hint at playing people in their position do u really wanna drive Gerrard out of the KOP !

Wimpy UN resolution to condem the Beit Hanoun was shoot down by the US-real vitoe ! can the dems atleast fire John Bolton ??!! atleast a new puppet outfit will makes happier for a whole 30 seconds :?

The freaking SMTP relay server is down and not working such a pain in the ass .

my friends are dropping like flies ! marriages , divorces, uselessness, and charecter evolution are the main contributing factors

HSBC is a retarded bank that doesnt even know how to change a "freaking " address, after 3 visits and atleast a dozen of phone calls. six months later they are still sending my mail to my old company now why didnt i file privacy negligence charges :P

oh well, atleast Green Bay Packers improved to 4-5 with a win over Minnesota Vikings last night, but regardless our defence is still SHITE

ya this is the quote on my msn "SLIVER :Sucky life is a very entertaining rant"
and my mood is that of a tool

ya i know tough read as usual "but who cares no body checks this anyways", maybe when I feel better i would get something coherent out there


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