Thursday, October 11, 2007

Me Vs. I

bambam: What are you doing at 3:30am writing couldn't this have waited till tomorrow dammit ! i got work tomorrow you know.
No Angel: *crack* * crack* damn those fingers feel a bit rusty, this has been a pretty short Ramadan, but i feel inspired for some reason...
bambam: yeah yeah try to get it done with quickly the pillow is calling me
No Angel: Anyways, was watching the daily show and something brought a smile to my face and warmth to my heart. It was the last part where they had the interview with Tiki Barber the RB and he was talking about a story that touched him and the words "Jordanian fugees soccer coach" where just bolded in my ears. So I just had to find out a bit more so thats what am doing here, as for why now well it just sounded like the right thing to do at that instant. It has been so long since i heard someone genuinely speaking of anything coming from our region that was not just positive but quickly wamed up my heart.

So i started reading about it the team, the kids, and more about coach Luma mifleh. I was really grabbed by the whole thing. I was even more pleased when I stumbled on a post by Natasha (mental mayhem) , i missed that story somehow, but soon i became dismayed by the comments. We have become so xenophobic of media and read a bit too much into the wording that instead of having admiration about what this jordanian woman was achieving some got stuck on the way they mentioned her origins and religion(islam) and even a hint at how she had easy in her life which felt like it was a stab to her integrity in some way. The way the story came out to me and the need to clarify the origins of the team is to put into perspective that this is the south, Atlanta to be specific, these are people who live in bubbles and hate to have them disturbed. The reason the origins of the team matters is because they would/have/are being fought on all the levels, if you have a rosy lovely imagine of white suburbia in the US when you are part of a minority then please dispel it.
bambam: wait wait .... aren't you doing the same thing your are criticizing by reading too deeply into their comments, then again so far all this sounds pretty rosy to me. Hell its too damn rosy, it is even mentioned that there are talks about a movie they are going to be rich !
No Angel: Ya Ya, that aside now you are looking at things skin deep, what she did is truly inspiring to me at least. Here is someone, who with no doubt in my heart, faced her fair share of discrimination. Who still happened to stumble upon her place, where she is at home. she went beyond coach and metamorphosed into a mother to a family of 120. here are a bunch of kids, into a totally foreign environment that is not exactly welcoming them with hugs and kisses. two things are tying them together, their miserable past and they passion for soccer. this women has been able to go beyond all that required to go into really taking care of the families, even starting a small business to help raise the family's earning potentials beyond minimum pay. We all say that we like to help, some of us actually do help but only a few are able to truly help others and that is what is remarkable about this to me.
bambam: Chill out on the dobey there, what next you dissecting Jang's theory ?
No Angel: don't mind that, thanks for the heads up :P but don't digress dammit its already 420 u know !
What am trying to say is that some go out and help out a family, some go and feed an orphanage full of kids, some more do some more of those different things. we go do those and feel good about ourselves and head back to our little bubble. What Ms. Luma Mufleh did is glue families that have been snatched out of their trees and thrown on the ground to practically fend for them selves and give them a fighting chance. she didn't just stick to coaching, she didn't just help the kids out, she didn't just discipline the kids and teach them self reliance. She made their problems her own and their happiness her joy, she is them and they are her ! and here is the shocker, she didn't do all of that on ramadan's only.
You know bam what really left a chill in me, is that the one thing i found common among the Fugees. They mainly came from Muslim countries who were torn from conflict, and instead of stepping up to help, really help, we belittle ourselves by being worked about how they talked about us, how they are not giving us a fighting chance, how they belittle our culture with their caricatures, mainly incoherent angry talk.
bambam: True dat, I just wish u didn't miss the irony that as far as i know ur only good at talking too so just get me to bed and lets lay the philanthropist attitude to rest now.
No Angel: BASTARD !

ps. the puzzle of the post is among the lines



  • No_Angel i missed your posts so much, so much and this post is very inspiring xD >< (^^) im so happy you are back, this is just amazing :)

    and yes you do, i know that you do, and no one could be better at it & loooool at fashakeh :P

    nice nice.
    welcome back :D

    By Blogger Tala, At 11/10/07 15:06  

  • Hey welcome back!

    And yes when there is a will there is a way

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 11/10/07 17:28  

  • Good to have you back!!
    nice post!and happy eid to you and yours!

    By Blogger Summer, At 12/10/07 22:58  

  • hey Tala, 7aki, and summer Thanks for reading :)
    hmm might give it a shot u know :P

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 16/10/07 19:44  

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