Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Me Vs. I : Ramdan & Eid

Now that both Ramadan and Eid are over i feel a bit at ease about posting this without being lynched since everyone has been so lovey dovey about Ramadan and Eid I didn't want to ruin it(or risk getting lynched for that matter).

As I was growing I had high hopes for Ramadan, you gain a lot of "points" in that month plus u get to earn money at the end... SWEEEET
Now its just the biggest month of hypocrisy, you pretty much know that the religious mask that everyone puts on is just for this month.
Even though pretending to be pious for a whole month does take its toll on their system so they naturally translate their frustration into anger !
so you end up with a month full of over zealous angry people who are just starved and parched instead.

Oh Boy! I love the already religious people in this month too. I'll give it to them that they are less hypocritical Since they are devout year round, but they don't fair any better. Not to be outdone by the former group these guys literally flaunt how religious they are during this month, they find it their right to give you a piece of their mind of how utterly condemned and corrupt you, "fa 2allahoma inni sa2im" is like the priests repentance writs in the middle ages. ABSURD!

Really I like to fast, some how it is relaxing so you don't have to think of all the essential and instincts for half a day and that clears your thought. what i don't like is the way people become oversensitive little twerps that feel the world owes them something because they are being "good Muslims".

Then we have Eid, oh lovely Eid, Really why bother trying to connect with a seasonal family ? for what selfish reason do people do that when in reality you can't rely on them in times of need the way you rely on your true family !

I guess all that matters in our world is to be modest and save face in front of others for the sake of others

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ps. you might win the lotto with those !



  • I really dont care how hypocrite people act as long as I enjoy the shorter working hours :P

    Actually I like socializing. It is good to interact with people you dont always see. Maybe you wont find them in crisis, but you never know how would you benefit from such relationships one day.

    By Blogger The Observer, At 17/10/07 09:03  

  • thnx for the comments brov
    for me it gets to my core when i see and deal with hypocrisy so thats why i was ranting :)
    as for the socializing bit i don't mind it, but the general rule of thumb for me is that if i can do something w/o resorting to family connections i prefer to do it that way. since it always comes back and bites ya

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 17/10/07 09:09  

  • 18 5 12 9 7 9 15 14 9 19 15 22 5 18 18 1 20 5 4.

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 18/10/07 18:19  

  • 8 9 7 8 12 25 9 15 1 23 1 25

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 18/10/07 18:47  

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