Wednesday, July 11, 2007

UTUBE hopping

Just some crazy videos on utube that are worth revisiting later on...

A whole bunch of Haruhi otakus dancing in the street till the cops break them off (talk about choreography)

Remember the test when stimulants were given to spiders to observe their web building... this is what really happened

More crazy asians dancing

Something that might happen one day, although am not sure on which end I will stand it in

Finally some squirrel skeet

I just had to take my mind of the little girls video that has been making rounds around the blogs lately, I have no clue how I would be of any help (translates to not enough contacts in the medical field for me to make a difference) hope justice gets served.

Edit Missed one:


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  • Super lol at the spider one and OMG at the last one with the engineer, AMAZING.

    hey, and those crazy Asians dancing in the stadium were not too bad either

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 13/7/07 06:42  

  • haha no love for the flying squirrel ?

    Glad u like em 7aki

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 14/7/07 21:24  

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