Wednesday, July 04, 2007

An excellent Brief on US post WWII foreign policy

Noam Chomsky is certainly a great at highlighting critical points clearly and breaking a convoluted world of politics into key areas that require full comprehension by the people.
This article is very interesting, no brilliant disclosures nothing that was not evident but the fact that it ties in alot of the nuances of politics and economics is what made me reference it in here.

The knot that ties this article together, in my opinion, is this paragraph
We might note that these events illustrate the actual meaning of the “Wilsonian idealism” admired by Western intellectual culture, and also provide the real meaning of “free trade” and the “open door.” Sometimes that is even officially acknowledged. When the post-Second World War global order was being shaped in Washington, a State Department memorandum on U.S. petroleum policy called for preserving absolute U.S. control of Western hemisphere resources “coupled with insistence upon the Open Door principle of equal opportunity for United States companies in new areas.”9 That is a useful illustration of “really existing free market doctrine”: What we have, we keep, closing the door to others; what we do not yet have, we take, under the principle of the Open Door. All of this illustrates the one really significant theory of international relations, the maxim of Thucydides: the strong do as they can, and the weak suffer as they must.
We as a region need to be fully aware of what the IMF, and WTO are meant to achieve and who they really are. We should take heed of the steps taken in South America with Venezuela spear-heading the efforts of reform.
The tipping of the scales is upon us and the way things are right now it seems like we are riding the titanic and enjoying that we made it just in time to earn a ticket for the ship

To read the full article click here

ps. if you were surprised by the use of the word brief on a lengthy article it is because that information could easily go on for volumes and volumes to get a clearer picture but that is just the basics to start understanding the situations we are faced with today

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