Sunday, July 01, 2007

Facebook sold my soul to the devil

Well close enough, I wonder how long it will take for us to realize it's not a smart idea to put so much personal information for any preying eye to see.
It is funny how much information you can find online about anybody, ranging from views, how they look like, where they live, how much they make, their CV's, down to what they have under their bed.

For someone nosy that can develop into an obsession. We all heard the stories about the firings and scandals due to your avatar being too much of a free spirit.
What is scary is that unlike real life where crappy human memory aids in forgetting mistakes the internet never forgets !
Posted something that you want to take back ? no chance, you can manipulate google search results in some scary ways !

Referring to 7aki's talk about toppers, those are actually the most fun type of people online. There are so many quirky details about them, and quotes that someone needs to start a company to do collect them and release a "best of" collection.
Funny its that exactly those type of people that say there is nothing that could be found.

Now does that mean to cocoon, and became a distanced observer ? no not really. Just be careful on what you disclose, how and where. Seriously it makes little to no difference what you say about your self or what your name is, its just how people react to what you say.
I guess it helps to have a multiple personality disorder to maintain everything separately and neatly.

What you do is just absorb as many aliases for different situations, I think only a couple of people here know my three major aliases (no you don't get a prize for disclosure) , with 3 sets of passwords to maintain security for those accounts. Plus i register my nick on the 3 services to make sure there is no mix up :D

Thats the tip of the iceberg, maybe i'll need to revisit that one day. I'm happy am not attractive enough for mobile paparazzis *hehe* cause I don't know how you'll be able to stop that short of a fight. One final thought, veil, head, and a mobile phone that records video is about the worse that could happen *mwahahaha*

Ok I know pointless post sounded like a good idea(more like i like the title), but whatever the real intention here is that the playlist is updated and I really like those songs listen to them :D
(imogen Heap - Hide & Seek, Out of Phase - Desire, Yokko Kano - final vision, Ani DeFranco -F*** U, Control Machete - Amores Perros, Primitive Radio Gods - Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand)

ENJOY! (am gonna trade mark this now that I noticed it becoming popular, and earn my royalties)

Coming up next:

How to utilize the internet at work when you have an Admin from hell (watashi desu) and other quirky tools



  • Yup, Enjoy has become popular;P
    But hey paris hilton tried to trade mark "thats hot"..
    In my next step I will try to trade mark "what's up"


    By Blogger Mohanned, At 2/7/07 03:16  

  • I have no comment but thanks for the tip about having multiple personality disorder to maintain everything separately and neatly!
    always good to read from you!
    have a great Monday.

    By Blogger Summer, At 2/7/07 12:17  

  • Enjoy is for MTV!!

    hmm, figuring out too much about people is not quite hard =D a little bit of search and common sense, blogging and facebook and all these social stuff could put you at the risk of identity theft, but i dont think its applicable here. population is controllable plus where you come from still matters..

    the new playlist is great =D i liked final vision so much (soundtrack for a movie?)

    By Blogger Tala, At 3/7/07 00:54  

  • mohanned really now ? i think "just do" her should do.
    am sick of hearing her name
    summerthanks the videos are really nice! yeah not much to comment on really. let us call it a filler post.

    talais it for MTV ? no, no. the effect in Jordan is not identity theft, but gossips and harassing and blackmailing.
    ya final vision is from a movie "escaflowne - girl in gaia"

    JOY! xD

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 3/7/07 01:15  

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