Friday, June 22, 2007

A Piece of my mind, if you don't like complaints don't click

If you are reading the preview don't bother and go move on the next one. This is just as the title states its not about anything other than whats going through my head right now, since I feel like its going to implode I wanted to try and put it into words.

Lately its been a hassle waking up, been sleeping so much lately that its not even funny(maybe a tseetsee fly stinging me ? ). Mainly its due to an extreme lack of motivation a very heavy head of thoughts, not having my mother around since she's at sis, and shouldering some more responsibility. So what has been on my head is really just disappointment of alot of things.

Reading all those posts about the situation in Palestine where we got a couple of asses chasing carrots on sticks, and people being so complacent as to not overthrow them both ! they are not politicians so why are they being given the benefit of the doubt. They are a bunch of corrupt and sorry excuses for adults, they come off as more of kids screaming "he punished me first".

No wonder I don't bother with Arabic politics much since under any measure they don't qualify as such and they are the testimony for why we are being ridiculed on the world scene.
Then we got the talk about the confederacy between palestine, egypt and jordan. honestly neither egypt or jordan are willing to shoulder the burden of hosting either gaza or the west bank. For the record I think the palestinian are a 100% with this because with all honesty they have just had enough of their government, they has enough of the arab people telling them to hold their grounds, while at the same time not willing to get their hands dirty.

they tried the Islamic way, they tried the secular way, they tried the democratic way, NON WORKED. so they will be willing to try just about anything, hell if Israel is willing to take them back they would probably gladly welcome it.

Reality says something all the time, but somehow in this region we always go in whatever direction that is opposite to that. So following that reasoning I see the united federal state of Jordan forming in the next 10 years, whether we like it or not is irrelevant. Then we have the sorry excuse of a PR stunt that orphanage pictures that got released a few days ago, come on did anyone buy that ? sound eerily similar to a certain viet stunt I recalled, usually that preceded the genocide there. Anyways younger kids there days are better off dying than living in them, for all they have to look forward to is just more suffering.

Governments in their inception are supposed to be the embodiment of the spirit of the people, since it is far more efficient for the people to appoint other to handle their well being rather than have a Greek democracy. The people are still responsible to keep them in check.
When have we lost that idea in our heads, when was it that we have been so overburdened with fear, debt, lust after money, and illness that we have became so complacent as a world culture that we never shift a limb to express our outcry to the injustices being dealt not out side our borders but affecting our daily life everyday. Not just the middle east region (though we earn the award of the most stupefied nations in the world for the dedication of being a 40 year old complacent culture) look at France with a conservative president that speaks to the fear of the people not the hope of the people, look at Germany with Mercal. god knows what abomination we will get in the US of A or england. the prospects that are favored are not really something to look for, and to boast they have quite of few comedic candidates that if elected might topple the poodle and the dimwit of their comedic crowns.
The people of the world are being enslaved, they are cowering in the corner. They still believe the lies of free market, a rosy view of globalization, and soon enough they wouldn't mind a global currency. purely and simply we are getting sold defuncted outdated ideas that have been rejected in all of the industrialized world except for the champion of it, the United States of America.
Which at this point resembles as much of a fascist state as Italy in the 1930's.
now a common misconception about fascism is that its just the little bully brother of a nazi regime. By definition its the rule of cooperations and business owner to format laws for the enslavement of society and the benefit of big businesses if that doesn't describe the states I don't know what would be a better description ? maybe the lighthouse of democracy of the world, nah...

Essentially the country is on a set course of enslaving the people, they are readily being turned into a debt ridden consumerist superficial society. Which really makes them much easier to control, why don't we take notes from southern America, why don't we strike up deals with them.
Their models are proving to be much more efficient than whatever we have adopted, and they came to us with open arms many times before. We are just probably waiting to have another Argentina on our hands, for the upper class to wipe us all clean and leave! (i just hope i can secure my share of the pie in that case)

It has been 5 years since inflation hit the country hard, and till now salaries haven't followed the trend, soon enough we will be paid slave wages with no benefits. Look at the taxes, compared to what we pay (last calculation i did it came out to be 54% of the income is paid as taxes of which 20% of those taxes are unspecified).
is the government trying to pay its debt to the World bank on our backs ? are we really getting anything in return ? or is it just the price i have to pay for being accepted in this country while others are allowed to loophole out of those ?

That aside, it doesn't bother me as much as the work environment. Am still in my twenties, there is a little disappointed idealist in me. Why is the work status static, you are not allowed much room to move up and learn, no one is willing to be a mentor of the younger generation.
The people at the top are incapable to run a ba2al (minimarket) never mind a multi million dollar group! they lack management skills, they lack authority, and most of all they lack vision.
I worked with quite a few companies in my history and the common thread is that they never have a clear vision or plan of what they need to accomplish to move on. their idea is always adding on to their head count with not addition to the quality of the people.

I work with people in 5 different countries, all of the people that hold the position in the same department at the other countries are years ahead of me in experience, with a better prestige(reads title) than me(I am an Ass. BTW) . Of course they all get compensated better than me, now you would expect me to be taking the back seat to them.
The problem is they are a bunch of stuck-up idiots that if I didn't know any better I would have thought they have other responsibilities, and not that they got there by bloody nepotism.
Some of my co-workers are not that much better. They are the type of workers that accepted the status quo, you work your job from the day you start till the day that you retire without pushing yourself to perform what your job entails, and never bothering to expand your knowledge.

What this has done to me in effect is that it demoralized me and am starting to be like them, after coming back home and trying to find a glimmer of hope in my country. trying to start a business, working my ass of for my job and not complaining about being paid in peanuts I have no accolades or achievements that i am proud of nothing, just frustration with the people of the country that take the no glamor no respect attitude. So needless to say that am formulating my escape plan which should be finalized soon. Me 4 years ago must be disappointed, only if he was less naive and more a realist than an idealist.

On happier notes I have one less year to live, and no plan for life yet. I hate this day, I find it pointless to celebrate. In reality part of my ritual of being gloomy on this day started on my 8th year when i realized it's a celebration for others to have fun and not me.
One less year to live and more time wasted, seems to my gloomy eyes that I hit a dead end. No calling, no passion, no home. Better move on...
Hope hell doesn't exist cause it would surely welcome me there, damn do i get to bring my sunscreen or an inflammable suite ?

eh... ENJOY?

ps. Congratulations to me, I hate this day. I feel like a seal clapping to himself, better go back to reading my Kafka atleast I feel at home in his stories.

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  • Happy Birthday man!

    At ones Birthday you start looking back and kind of evaluating youself. Don't be too hard on yourself .

    A job is a job is a job nothing more nothing less, it does not define you. But maybe a change is in order? Kinda refresh you and give that idealist in you some hope; inno the new job is gonna be amazing, Until it sucks again I guess, lol, see, it never stops.

    And screw politics, bala ham bala bateekh 3anjad. I watch the news and my blood boils.

    Anyhoo, happy birthday to yooooooouuuuuuuuu , happy birthday to youuuuuuuuu happy birthdayyyyyyy bam bam , no angel whatever you wanna be caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalled, happy birthday toooooooooooooooooooooo youuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

    Cheer up!

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 23/6/07 02:58  

  • Lighten up!! Take it easy!!
    Happy belated birthday by the time you read this!
    all the best to matter how you feel, life will keep on going on the way it is...just look at the bright side of it, it is not THAT bad! :)

    By Blogger Summer, At 23/6/07 08:08  

  • happy birthday! i get all depressing on my birthday too..ok just the past 2...and the next who knows how many..
    cheer up..nothing is worth it, life is too short..:)

    By Blogger Sam, At 23/6/07 08:18  

  • HaPpy BirtHdaY to yoUuUUUuuUuu, Happy BirtHHHDDAY to YOUUU


    おたんじょうび おめでとう。
    O-tanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu

    By Blogger Tala, At 23/6/07 14:09  

  • Bam bam, wow, that is sad stuff all around. I am sorry this season is so full of despair.

    Does it help to remember that God loves you? You are precious to Him, you life matters and he celebrates your faithfulness when others ignore it. I will pray for you today. :(

    By Anonymous kinzi, At 23/6/07 15:56  

  • habby birsday!
    I am not going to argue with you on this one-just because its your birthday;P

    By Blogger Mohanned, At 23/6/07 21:18  

  • Happy Birthday Bam Bam, I have a terrible day on my birthday :P, Hope yours been better!

    I guess that we can only control our own spaces. Cheer up! :)

    By Blogger The Observer, At 24/6/07 09:12  

  • Thank you all, reading those comments certainly cheered me up :D

    7akiya i try to keep it on 18 month periods before switching jobs so its about time, as for politics am an arab so its in my blood in a way.
    summer true true, but i disagree on "life will keep on going the way it is" noooooooooo, i'll always try changing it to the better ;)
    samhaha no i wish it was just the last 2 :( more like the last 16 mwahaha
    talaありがとうございます (Ariyatou gozaimas)
    kinzi glad that i made it to your prayer list, i wonder if its under noangel or bambam :/, either way thank you
    mohanned which one ? why bdays suck ?
    observeryeah read about that, and no in all honesty it has been bad at all, just a bad state of mind :D

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 24/6/07 14:14  

  • Belated as it may be, Happy Birthday!

    I happen to believe that just like the feudal states grew into nation states, the world will soon witness nation states merging into larger economic and political structures.

    Il Coroporaso is not the same as what the multinationals are doing these days. They are more of an efficient organizing principle, far from slavery, although they do push the limits at times. It’s all part of the sway of libertarianism verses nationalism. Nothing more.

    The keys to changing one’s plight are education, vision (your own), not another’s, and systematic pursuit of this vision (AKA strategic planning).

    Individual freedom in a democracy such as ours is difficult to understand unless one lives it, and understands the many nuances it presents.

    BTW Michael Moore fails to present a balanced picture of any issues in his films. He is so politically biased, and uneducated, he could not give an accurate presentation if he desired such.


    By Blogger Winfred Mann, At 28/6/07 14:51  

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