Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Michael Moore's "Sicko" .........Watch it!

Ok did I say watch the film? I'll say it again, watch it. oh but its pertaining to issues of the US health care system.

Hmm not really, Moore's film touches on a personal and human level. Whether it is in the USA or Canada, or France or UK, even Cuba. He places his argument very eloquently without going into head crunching theory!
It touches on so many levels that are not exactly health related (though they are morbidity boosting;) ) So many ideas are floating in my head...

So Watch it, I haven't given a review or anything like that i just want people to watch and tell other people to watch it too. If you have relatives, friends, or are living there please watch.

The movie was gladly leaked on the net and according to the rumors(more like his statement) with the blessing of Michael Moore. Even though you would see it for free it would be great to donate a cinema admission cost or even more to Michael Moore, or anyone who is possessed by the same spirit of change. We have to reward good honest people that are willing to forgo monetary wealth in pursue of their goals (or so the didactic side of me says)

You can watch it online here if you would like too.
(on a different side the homeland security was threatening him because he filmed in Cuba without a permit, now it seems the cage has been rattled and I hope it will be a butterfly effect)

Edit (july, 18th) : didn't realize the link is dead on google video, so here are a few more options
option 1 a b c d
option 2 (direct download)

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  • Cool.
    I've seen the posters all over the place. I'll check it out.

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 20/6/07 01:52  

  • Michael Moore is an outright propagandist, and not a very good one at that. There's a reason the U.S. leads in health care, and he's doing his best to destroy it, competition! Socialized medicine does not work.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 20/6/07 15:53  

  • YAY I got my first troll post. EVER!
    omedetoo to me :D

    well not to more serious things,
    yes moore usually offers a one sided argument only because the other view pointed is so widely presented that it doesn't warrant mention.

    The US doesn't lead in health care under any measurement, they have the worst health care compared with industrialized nations, highest infant mortality and still manage to spend the most per capita on health (its called either robbing or inefficiency depending on how republican you are)

    now competition, interesting ! the definition of a free market and competitiveness is the transparency of options in terms of health care do you really look at the options before picking to do shop around for the best price when you have a stroke. is there any doctor that offers a price sheet freely ? so when you have those you get competition. just to stop a further comeback, yes i know and i experience the American system of healthcare it works for flu and stomach ache issues anything more dire will cost you an arm and a leg with insurance.

    socialized and federalized systems do work better than the money hungry systems that feed of the misery of people. it will not affect the research money which is what the united states excels at and where its strengths lies

    Go watch the movie please since you haven't yet!

    Wait am replying to a troll, oh well i got too excited for getting a troll comment

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 20/6/07 16:08  

  • wonderful no angel! thanks a lot for sharing man! :)

    By Anonymous Who-sane, At 21/6/07 20:42  

  • The US health care system is anything but leading. It's ranked as 38th in the world; a little before Iran. Us Jordanians have a higher life expectancy than Americans (I read the article on Time.com). Plus, Moore focuses more on why the health care insurance industry isn't giving treatment to enough people; he is not criticizing the cutting edge technology or technical practices of the health care system. He's arguing that health care should be provided to everybody and that it shouldn't be limited to only a small portion of society.

    I enjoyed the film a lot the same way I enjoyed most of Moore's other films and books as well.

    By Anonymous Pheras Hilal, At 6/11/07 02:39  

  • wow you really are a fool aren't you. I guess you haven't been here before moorewatch.com and if you actually read what the site owner has to say about what has been said about him in "sicko" or his side of the sotry you will find that michael moore had alot of skeletons in his closet (so to speek) oh no wait he is a socialist and agrees with communist ideas.. then yeah probably not so to speek at all.
    plus you should really check out these awesome (sarcasm) forged articles that were shown in farenheit 9/11. by the one and only michael moore himself.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 24/4/08 19:56  

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