Monday, July 02, 2007

How to utilize the internet at work when you have an Admin from hell (watashi desu) and other quirky tools

Well network administrators are a tough bread, a person whose job is to be annoyed by imbeciles. So naturally he fights back by closing up all their sources of fun at work.

Now the funny thing is that most of those thing can be by passed by a whole slew of options and tricks.

First off for blocked websites:
need to access one of the social websites or some other news website that is normally blocked ? even by pass a countries proxy server ? No facebook, blogger fix?
use one of those sites to browse:
(there are so many of those that it is impractical to ban them manually, but if he is a smart admin he will block them based on usage, so alternate them often enough so they meld into the log)

They Don't allow us to use an IM at work:
No problem, there are two favorites in this category. This is perfect if you want to log on to an IM and you don't want to install it on the machine.
You can access yahoo messenger, msn, gtalk, AIM, ICQ, and jabber. personal favourite)

or install
Need To get that [song, video, clip] that you want and P2P's are blocked:
you can download bittorrent, and go to one of those sites and search for it (warning is to limit the download and upload limit so that you won't get busted)
(for copy right enforced countries it is important to use Peer gaurdian 2, safe peer, or ipfilter.dat to block snooping RIAA IP's, also this summarizes it pretty sufficiently )

Or if it is a quick song that you really want then you can use
Then just use google to find it and locate open ftp locations, here is a site that does it for you.

Files that you want to download are blocked
hmm so far this is the most manual of all tasks, just ask a friend over IM to download it and send it to you.

Can't utilize your profile on your local computer the way you want to
just use you webOS, although these are still in infancy but they are shaping up quite nicely

Laws were made to be bent



  • Check out the Global Hosted Operating SysTem at It works with all Web 2.0 applications out there on the Web –for example you can run Google Docs, Meebo, games on the desktop from any browser, any time and for free.

    By Anonymous Rami, At 3/7/07 09:46  

  • man great one to add !
    certainly helps in you it comes with a music player too.

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 3/7/07 13:56  

  • nice post...

    By Blogger M Kilany, At 24/7/07 21:37  

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