Monday, June 18, 2007

Destiny Dribble

image by i lovegravy(hope she/he doesn't mind me using it)

Voice 1: if we had no knowledge of preordained destiny we would be making less excuses and committing less sins

Voice 2: Nope not really, since If we Don't have any knowledge of destiny(it not existing in our realm of thought) there wouldn't be an all knowing quality for God because it wouldn't make sense. So If you follow your chain of thought without being all knowing, people will think some sins will be unseen and hence more sins will be committed. That is if you consider that our morals are based on us being punished and not being intrinsic to our humanity which is notable but beside the point.

Voice 1: Hmm I don't agree.

Voice 2: why ? which part?

Voice 1: not sure, no reason it just doesn't feel right

Voice 2: :D no way am i going to start arguing against faith, I would never win

Haven't lost it yet! but this one was real, thought I'll be random with it.

more randomness my latest drawing (a commission or a favour or a gift not sure what to call it) Hello John......

ps. music play list update (rue de soleil - angel eyes, deepak ram - night in lenesia, zero 7 - destiny, Moloko - time is now, phish - billy breathes)

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  • Nice drawing, you have a talent there :)
    your fingerprints show on the drawing ;P

    By Blogger Tala, At 19/6/07 21:01  

  • thank you :D better restrict it to a smaller size since u have noticed them, and thanks for enlarging it.

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 20/6/07 08:59  

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