Sunday, January 14, 2007

What was never meant to be !

Hmm ok so am going down my list, and ever since i fixed up the template am using here i was wondering if i should include my sketches or not. i.e. my sketches for the header of this blog!
So for the lack of better things to do this morning, and the inability of me to structure up a sound argument I will do just that.

<-- So this is one of the first. I actually done this while attending the microsoft security seminar (obviously you can see that some habits die hard) btw this was done with pencil, i just quickly colored it as wildly as I could. I still like it. So this is the second attempt and something I really wanted to get on the header. I even started coloring it ! but then I just had a better image in my head and went with it

So that brings us to the implementation before the last. This I spent sometime working on, I was semi content with the coloring job, and I really liked it as a whole. two problems stopped it from making the cut. First it was too big and i didn't want to chop it up. Second I couldn't figure out a way to fit in the Tag of this blog. So the only thing that was left is the bullet :)

p.s. I wonder if people can figure out the words in the header, and the other word that is spelled out ?
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  • I guess you are asking my opinion here!!!
    i like the very nice colors on the first picture..i like bright colors and this type of drawing..really really nice-Picasso type of art! but i would like to see more red, orange and yellow!!
    the third picture is really detailed, love the tie! you gotta add the "Bam Bam world" on it and it will be perfect. i cannot really tell that you spent more time on the third picture or more time than the second one, because they both look very it is up to you what to use!!! Gee..i am a big help!

    By Blogger Summer, At 14/1/07 13:57  

  • Hey thanks as always for your opinion.
    Hehe i guess am due for a explanation here. what i actually went with is what i currently have
    these are just the steps along the way that i took to arrive to what i have.
    Tho i might include some of it in future :)

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 16/1/07 20:16  

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