Sunday, January 14, 2007

One Lucky S.O.B.

I couldn't help but post this as soon as I read it, that is one lucky person. Off to buying a lottery ticket would be the first thing to do after this ! (btw funny thing is i didn't read the comment below it but it turns out there is someone that thought of the same exact thing, using the same words)

Now, first, you have to realize that the truck is facing the wrong way. Look at it.: it’s facing towards where it first crashed.

The truck must have hit a barrier or two, launched itself off of a guard rail, jumped! Jumped a massive storm drain! And either spun or tipped or both, in such a way that it was facing the other way. Somehow it wound up sitting on a ridge, and not at the bottom of whatever that ridge sits on top of…

Which is…

this is off of dailyirrelevant

Listening: DJ Tiesto - Forever Today (a song I think is worthy of a cake show in a wedding, the intro atleast)


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