Sunday, February 25, 2007

Homecoming - Delayed

Well I made it back to Jordan, and just got nailed by so many tasks that were due in the past week that I couldn't breathe. Also getting down with a cold didn't help.
So this is my Homecoming post a week delayed.

Coming back from Bahrain I had to draw comparison with Jordan, so here it goes.
Bare in mind that this is the first time that I been to an Arabic country with a non-tourist intent so my Point of View (PV) was drastically different.
Bahrain was actually a pleasant surprise, when i went there i expected the normal khaliji attitude which utterly disgusts me (offense intended in hope of them noticing). I knew its a small place so i expected to be bored off my wits, and with all that Shiite Sunni crap i expected some tension (come on my name is enough for me to expect that).

I was proved wrong on all those, Bahrainis are definitely the most pleasant people of the gulf that i interacted with, they are peaceful. regardless of what they would think of you they will give you your space, they don't have the same arrogance of other people in the gulf. For the most part they want to live and let live.
The amount of diversity that is tolerated there is astounding, you have a lively american, english, phillipino, thai, and indian crowd. plus the normal amalgam of arabic nations the palestinian the lebanese, some syrians, bahrainis, Saudi's (mostly on weekends to get trashed and watch movies) some kuwietis, and even persians (according to one of them their sin is being narcistic and I would have to agree).
all those people seem to be living on their own, though its a small country they still managed to divide the pie nicely.
While in Jordan that seems so hard, or maybe am drawing my conclusions too hastily since the majority in Bahrain don't quite like the ruling minority, although it being known to be more liberal than other countries around new movements in the parliament are trying to change that too.

One thing i noticed is that some areas will be too loud to raise kids and have family, but on the other hand for single expats like me those places were a blast to live it (Juffeir is kinda of a middle ground, Seef was certainly a blast, and some of the older neighborhoods, Adliya comes to mind, is pretty nice too). The nightlife is varied and fun, alot of scenes to check out. A healthy live band scene, nice wine and dine places, and very fresh cultural scene too.
what i think is different than jordan is the fact that to me much of the scenes here are either prothsetic (cultural, night) or stale (wine and dine, cafe's). the people that hit those places are mostly too dimensional to keep anything for chance on any given night, every night you'll hang out with the same crowd and end up talking about the same thing or hear others talking about the same thing. THAT LEAVES ALOT TO BE DESIRED WHEN GOING OUT IN JORDAN.

I was flabbergasted by the way people drive there, they recognize lanes, they use signals, you won't hear a horn for days, the roads are comfortable to drive on even when you are drunk, and best of all you don't see many cops around.

So in my conclusion if you had to stay for a couple of years in a country and the choice was between jordan and bahrain i think bahrain would be a much more satisfying experience.

Did mention that the people there are friendly, they smile, and in a good mood in general.

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  • Good to read from you! glad you liked Bahrain..i could not live was way too much routine for me there and i hated the weekends with all the saudies there. i hope you will still like it when it is boiling hot and super humid in the next few weeks!! you think you will be moving there? best of luck to you if you are. hope to read more from you soon.

    By Blogger Summer, At 25/2/07 22:40  

  • Hey Thanks Summer, the weekends could get a little hectic. As to whether i will like it when the weather sucks am not sure, and it doesn't look good since i can't stand heat and humidity.
    as for the moving part, i might :D

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 27/2/07 10:31  

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