Sunday, February 04, 2007

A gem on earth that am glad I came acroos

been a while since I posted here, and I apologize (summer). lately life has been really buzzing along, and either working, over exhausted or out partying. so its easy to say that I missed my quite evenings at home messing around with the PC.
Bahrain is treating me well so far, the place is small but its packed with excellent restaurents and some really exquisite fish markets, that part i enjoyed. Tho one thing I learned is to not cook fish when am lazy, cause it will stink up the whole house if u dont take out the garbage imidiately.
On the other hand I have been enjoying the fact that am living away from home again, I am relishing the moment.
I didn't have much time to even check my email, so the other day I came across this link in one of them. It was so moving that I had to Put it out here!
This sister lays it down, and punctures some ears doing so. I have to note, I felt so glad that she said the arabic words in arabic.
I'll double her words " I don't give a fuck about Bin Laden!"
without further ado ....

and here is her website if you want to learn more


  • Strong...really strong!! i wish more people can see it...
    i love: "Holy Books, Hooded Men and Death" part.
    really thank you for sharing.

    By Blogger Summer, At 5/2/07 12:06  

  • hey its always nice to have you around here, and yes I wish more people would see/hear this. it is moving

    U R Most welcome

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 6/2/07 17:21  

  • Are you still in Bahrain??

    By Blogger Summer, At 7/2/07 21:25  

  • yes am still in bahrain, though i should be heading back in 10 days time. thats why i have been unable to visit any blogs, or post much on mine

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 8/2/07 00:59  

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