Tuesday, January 16, 2007

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I should be sleeping right now since I have a busy day ahead of me again, but just like every once in a while thoughts and ideas just strangle the sleep out of me.
A single word that people parade shamelessly everyday, on every issue. JUSTICE
everyone demands it, everyone defines it, everyone fights for it.
What I wondered was why the urge for each one of us to play the victims, why is it we always seem to take the easy way out and blame it on circumstances.
Why can't we just take responsibility for choices, paths, options that we took in our lives. give each person his own share of the burden.
Is justice really achieved under any circumstances ?
For example in the case of murder, am not gonna go all cliche and say "it's not gonna bring back anyone".
what am trying to say is that in that case, after the accused has been convicted in what is perceived to be a fair trial, the victim's void tends to fill up with a sense of gluttony.
They get the feeling that they are obliged to help other's like them! they find it hard to accept the fact that there is no justice, just contempt.

If we can't keep our emotions in check they will manifest demons in ourselves that we could not fathom in our pasts.
The Human mind is too fragile, maybe we need to be Ubermen.

p.s. no clue where that came from, why, or what the hell i was trying to say. I guess its just one of those wee hours of the night flip moods
EDIT: I Seem to have hit the wall with this one so i'll give it another shot, thought I hate to give out my opinions on bases of answers rather i prefer to present them as questions

The idea is that Justice is platonic and is not an earthly ideal. In the human eye justice will always be flawed.
If a group will seek justice and attain then the group that lost some of their rights, privileges or whatever will in turn seek their own justice. this vicious cycle will only cultivate bigotry and solve nothing. on The other hand if Justice is not attained it will also cultivate bigotry, and over time this bigotry will turn into a dues Ex Machina for everything involved in that groups life.
The only outlet I could think of in this situation is a reasonable compromise (i use reasonable as a term since it would be reasonable at a point in time). In this case no one can claim to be a clean cut winner, and that way it can cultivate trust on one hand for future renegotiation. on the other hand it will allow a certain degree of confusion which will hopefully paralyze the collective rather than segregate them into Yay and Nay.



  • Interesting thought. You definitely should be sleeping by now.
    Although I used to be a supporter of capital punishment, the non-fair ruling systems (no matter where you are in the world) made me cast doubt about my belief.
    I was once with an ex-judge who quit his job because he kept getting ideas about, someone who looks guilty, and all evidence are against that person, yet, he is truly innocent. That person gets the death penalty because of the skillfulness of the DA or the bad representation by his lawyer. That made me really think about it .. and probably change my acceptance to it. Yes, I totally belief it's the fair punishment, but what makes us so sure that the person is guilty?? I have no idea.

    Anyway, catch some sleep

    By Anonymous Qwaider قويدر, At 16/1/07 04:09  

  • Actually It was more about the quest for justice rather than comprise.
    the idea of one being honorable and the other contributing to demise.
    but as for capital punishment(am still not sure where that was drawn from) I am against it.
    The view regarding the assertion of guilt is flawed(IMHO) not for the case of false conviction but for case that it enfuels the idea of justice :D

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 16/1/07 14:42  

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