Tuesday, January 23, 2007

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Hey my posting is going to be even more sporadic :)
well I am currently in bahrain for some business. though i won't be talking about that now
am going to jot down my first impressions of the place!

So I been here for a few days now (4 I think), although its really small its packed with places to go to.
So far i have been unable to go anywhere but places to eat, one place in particular was very nice. The place is called monsoon it serves east asian food (chinese, thai, japanese and viet). it has been a while since I ate some good authentic asian food, non of the arabisc style asian food.
its an old villa that has been renovated and the setting is awesome.
I heard the owner has a few more restaurents in that area so i'll be sure to check those out too :)

for a proper review of the place and to give it its due go here monsoon

As for Bahrain I think I like it so far, it seems like part of saudi arabia (red light district of sorts) rather than anything. Though still i wouldn't want to live here yet (maybe that will change in the future).

I still need to go the suq, and check out the fish market ! I wanna cook some nice food here.
I am also interested in a couple of events this week i just hope am not too tired to attend them.

Anyways in general this place is much better that Dubai and more active than Doha, its perfectly chilled back. the only draw back is the fact you will hear about 20 different languages/accents in a single conversation.

Till much later, ENJOY


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