Sunday, January 14, 2007

About JP & qwaider - Been a WHILE

Well its been a while since I posted anything here, and just when I mustered up enough ideas about something to write about, I find out that the blogger website is down !
So ya needless to say I lost that energy and i have to settle for this post.
I am still frustrated with the fact that jordanplanet is "bye-bye" its not fair. now I have to dig really hard into my memory to remember which blogs I liked !
Though its an admirable that stepped up but I am still not quite adjusted myself to the notion.
there are alot of things I don't like there:
  • The Template for the website is just bland and booring, I offer to help out on that. I am willing to do a more lively one.
  • The content of the posts (i hope i don't offend people too much here), seem to lack substance. They are mostly bubble-gum rants :( one thing i miss about JP is that i used to find some nice posts everyday, while on there I can't find any posts I like. So is there a way to categorize blogs ? somehow to sort them by topics discussed in those blogs ?
  • btw there are a few things that don't seem to link up well (mainly the comments). Also the date should not be repeated on everypost.
  • the buzz tag or something (to the top right) is too big and needs to be reduced
Oh well i didn't have the energy to write about things I wanna talk about and here i am bashing someone (I just hope that was in a constructive manner). BLOODY HUMAN NATURE

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  • Nice of you to pin point what you do not like for Jordan planet, I have no idea what was there, I never checked it out!! Now you made feel like i missed a lot by not have visited there ever!
    I will forward your post to Qwaider himself, or better yet, I will post this post on my blog and I will appear on Qwaider planet!! Mr. Qwaider might do something about it! Or he might get back to you with even stronger criticisms!!! Who knows how he will react or what he will say!!! Ya Mama Mama!!
    Your One and Only reader

    By Blogger Summer, At 14/1/07 13:41  

  • Hello, I think you should check out as an alternative to JP.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 14/1/07 16:40  

  • Hey Summer thanks for forwarding my post (I was split between leaving this here or there or i'll do both :D) as for the old JP here is a cached view
    and thanks for the warm sentiments again.

    as for me i'll be ready with my fire extinguisher For the FLAMIN am about to get. I'll double ur final words "Ya Mama Mama!!"

    hey Anonymous thanks for the link, it looks nice :) isn't that the one started by palforce ?

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 14/1/07 19:41  

  • Hi No Angel, thank you for the lovely ideas, which I totally agree with you on.
    Unfortunately, all these things take time and energy something in short supply these days. But rest assured something will be done.
    In any case, Please allow me to also welcome you to Qwaider Planet, so that I don't miss this fantastic feed back in the future.
    I'll answer your concerns in my next comment one by one (I like the more personalized approach to ideas) :)

    By Anonymous Qwaider قويدر, At 14/1/07 21:23  

  • Template:
    I'm happy that you offered to help, and I would love to collaborate with you or or anyone who's willing to help. It's actually a very nice gesture of you to do this
    There's little I can do about the content people add. It's mostly what people think of and want to share. QP is not a dictatorship and tries to be as tolerant and diverse as possible.
    You can however categorize as you like and browse based on tags or search results. In fact you can have customized search results returned as an RSS feed so that you're up to date on anything that interests you. You probably need to explore these cool features a little bit on your own :)
    Many people post something, then change their minds, and move things around ...etc . I try to keep these in sync but it's no easy task and some will slip
    You're right, absolutely, no need to show the date for every single entry
    Those are very helpful for people trying to find things. Now since most of the blogs are bilingual this lead to me having to make these tag words around 500 to include both Arabic and English. But if you think it's too large, then maybe I need to reduce that. But remember. This is out of 5000+ articles so far, it's not like on users blogs where number of articles is in the 10's or 100's

    At the end, I really thank you so much for your feedback, I want you and everyone to know that your feedback is always a treasure to me and is very valuable and appreciated. The good and the bad, I take it with open mind and will to improve in the future

    Sorry for the really long comment

    By Anonymous Qwaider قويدر, At 14/1/07 21:36  

  • WOWZ pleasently surprised about two things; I imagined u'll be a bit more protective.
    The other thing is that u changed the template around, that has alot more focus ! Thanks for taking my comment with an open heart.

    :D just to clear out one thing, what i said about the posts I wasn't aiming to establish a totalitarian presence on the net ! everyone is entitled for their own space, and they are free to post about whatever they want.
    what i was aiming it is a method to filter it.
    for example i go to the daily irrelevant for random rants, slashdot for some tech stuff some other place for some other.
    what i like here is the multitude of ideas available.
    but at this point with that many poster's a day ur vision gets cluttered pretty quick.
    so here is my thing, i know those tools but they mainly depend on tags and words used. most people personalize their tags (have u seen mine ?)
    So the only solution i could think of is two folds.
    either have blogger attach "universal" tags to their post.
    -- this will be a hassle and am the first person that would forget such a thing.

    the only other thing that occurred to me is to expand those tags you have on the right to major categories. that way you are not narrowing ur scope that much.
    (btw how is that filed under thing resolved ?)

    oh well one reason search and customize news dont work that well in my opinion is that people like mystery and finding something new, so when news is customized it will lack that unknown factor and be tedious and repetitive in a way

    and on here you should never apologize for long comments. that will save me alot of apologizing for my comments and posts

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 15/1/07 00:56  

  • Glad things went Okay!! and glad i put you together guys!!

    By Blogger Summer, At 15/1/07 11:30  

  • You're absolutely right and have a pretty good point about the quality of the posts. That's why I have employed the services of a dear friend to actually write down a guideline (not rules) for people who would like to join in. I think QP is at a maturity stage where I will need to pick and choose the blogs that are included. And maybe, the posts too

    The idea of QP, is that unlike toot, posts don't linger for a long time, it is a fast paced dynamic community. That will make many people happy on every single visit. You missed something? that's alright there is plenty to go around, And articles are moved and archived for people to search, brows by tags .. and so on.
    I don't like QP to impose rules and force strict bylaws, just a simple thing that is one click takes you to the original post and QP is out of your way. The idea is simple really. I don't want to popup things and remain in the back ground or anything ... Just simply connect ... and get out of the picture. You'll come back if you like that ...
    Additionally, you can just grab the RSS feed right from QP and do whatever you feel like, just syndicate the news, possibly even to your own site and poof you got all the latest and greatest posts from everywhere. The point is .. I am trying to keep this as light and as transparent as possibly can

    As for filed under, I'm not sure I got your point. Maybe you would like to expand on that.

    Thanks again for the wonderful feedback and rest assured things are changing to the better. What I would like you to continue to encourage you to do is to go ahead and keep finding issues and bringing them to my attention. Your efforts are highly appreciated.

    By Anonymous Qwaider قويدر, At 15/1/07 23:28  

  • hey thnx again. I understand where you are coming from.
    what am trying to say with that part regarding.
    The filed under as i understood it is the category in the person's blog that he posted the entry under. The tags to the right seem to be a combo of tags and keywords used.
    the introduction of so many of those introduce a sort of paralysis of choice (so many damn choices, i dont know what to pick, so i dont pick any kinda situation)
    So what i was trying to suggest is a different format of grouping them under 6 or 7 major categories using the tags on the right mainly, and incorporating some of the filed under options.
    That way there is less choice and more clarity to the choice being made.
    and hence more transparency.
    I hope that made that part a bit clearer. I will always try to be of help if am able to :D

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 16/1/07 03:51  

  • And you'll always have a listening understanding ear, and a lot of appreciation for everything you say

    By Anonymous Qwaider قويدر, At 16/1/07 04:11  

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